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3 responses to “Holy Stalin!

  1. Bohdan ⋅

    Thank you LR for another excellent cartoon/caricature by Єлкин, which as his usual art befits, is a priceless ‘work of art’ that needs no words.

    I remember reading retired KGB Major General Oleg Kalugin’s book, “Spymaster” that the Russian Orthodox Church is a branch of the KGB. Where it, the ROC, is referred to – by the KGB – as “little brother”.

    To me that says a lot for a so called church that is supposed to serve the almighty Lord’s teachings for the people’s benefit and to also lessen their sufferings. As under the communist (and Putin’s) regimes, all that it is? Is a satanic cult that only benefits an evil minority that betrays its members to another evil cult that currently, like the communist heathens, oppresses the minions.

    • MCC ⋅

      The last mission of kirasza of russia, aka kgb operative, was a visit to Lebanon and Syria – just before the civil war there, kirasza of russia got the strange ‘desire’ to go Lebanon and Syria and pray with his muslims brothers, whoops, the real mission was to move the reminders of weapons of mass destruction left in Syria; it was the second part of kgb operation; the first one done by genia primakov, moving WMD from Iraq to Syria before the Gulf war. Saddam Hussein though, by gassing hundreds of thousand Iraqi Kurds, proved to the world that the russian WMD were there…..
      Another pathetic mission of kirasha was a visit of ‘reconciliation’ to Warsaw… Don’t they ever learn that THERE NO RECONCILIATION WITH POLAND. Russia is the deadliest enemy of any civilized European country. While on a ‘visit’ in Warsaw basically totally ignored by the Catholic Poland, there were instances of rude and crude behaviors of citizens of Warsaw – mocking the russian patriarch and making sign of rusian cross – forehead, genitalias, right arm and the left arms…Priceless…

  2. Bohdan ⋅

    As an after thought LR! And for what’s it worth.

    I notice that the latest postings with the respective blogger’s monikers, as shown at the very end, has disappeared in its entirety/totally?

    Can they please be reinstalled? As I found them to be useful!

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