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BBC Knocks Russia on the Canvas


Two recent stories from the BBC stand in amazing juxtaposition to each other, throwing prodigious light on the horror of life in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

The first was titled “Max Shatto Russia-US adoption death ruled an accident.”

The second was titled “The silent nightmare of domestic violence in Russia.”

The Shatto story explodes the outrageous torrent of defamatory lies spewed forth by the Putin Kremlin about alleged child abuse in the United States.  The parents of this poor child deserve an official apology from Putin, whose minions referred to them as “murderers” without the slightest scrap of evidence.

And then the second story shows which country in the world really does pose horrific dangers to Russian children and mothers:  Russia itself.  More than one Russian woman, for instance, is brutally murdered by her spouse every single hour of every single day in the wasteland of terror that is Putin’s Russia. That’s over 14,000 women per year.

And the two stories are directly related, of course. Instead of focusing on the true enemies of Russian women and children, Russian men, the Kremlin chooses to focus on illusory “foreign enemies” who pose no threat at all.  The level of domestic violence is immeasurably lower in the USA compared to Russia, so blaming the USA for threatening Russian kids is simply absurd.

It is nothing more than a shameless attempt to shift attention away from the failed policies of the Putin regime, exactly the same tactic that was practiced in the USSR.  Which is no surprise, of course, since Putin is a proud KGB spy.  But ignoring problems only makes them worse, and doing so will destroy Russia just as it destroyed the USSR.

In other news, Britain granted asylum to Kremlin foe banker Andrei Borodin, further tweaking the Kremlin’s nose as it proceeds with a formal investigation into the murder of another Kremlin foe, Alexander Litvinenko.   Russia is catching well-deserved hell from every angle in Britain, and we can only applaud and call for more.


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