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Sean Guillory, Ignorant Propagandizing Marxist Hypocrite, Should be Fired



You may find it difficult to believe that the two sentences shown above were written by a college professor who holds himself out as a role model for young people and a scholar entitled to judge and even demean the intelligence of others, and moreover to lecture other scholars about lofty academic principles.

But they were. They were written by “professor” Sean Guillory. That’s him after the jump. In a photo he uses to publicize himself at his college. No kidding.

Sean Guillory

Sean Guillory

They read:  “For this alleged ‘crime’ Swartz was looking at a maximum of $4 million in fines and up to 50 years in prison. The great irony is that a few days ago JSTOR announced the release of 1,200 containing more that 4.5 million academic articles to the public for free.

There’s so much wrong with these two sentences that its hard to know where to begin.

Let’s start with the illiteracy.  There’s a noun missing after the number 1,200 in the second sentence so that the reader has no idea what the author is referring to. Then the word “that” is wrongly used instead of the word “than.”  The sentence is, in other words, pure gibberish, completely incomprehensible. This guy is a teacher? He doesn’t seem qualified to be a dogcatcher.

Let’s move on to the substance.  “Professor” Guillory puts “crime” in quotation marks to show he doesn’t believe any crime was committed.  But what the “criminal” in question is accused of doing is downloading millions of academic articles, for which he could not possibly have personal or professional use, and causing a major American library (along with all its faculty and students) to lose its access to a critical database from which the articles were stolen.  For all Guillory knows, the criminal planned to offload this booty and help create a competing database, stealing the effort of those who created the original.  Later, Guillory refers to the victimized database as being a “concentration camp.” He was called out for doing this by a commenter, and predictably didn’t apologize.  The criminal, by contrast, is apparently his hero.  The fact that a teacher would seek to justify this immoral conduct bespeaks further ill for the fate of his students.  Look for no role model for your kids in “Professor” Guillory.  He exhorts your kids to criminality.

Let’s be clear:  Just because there are 4.5 million articles available to researchers doesn’t mean you are therefore allowed to simply take all of them for yourself, any more than you would be entitled to borrow every book from a library at the same time.  Except, that is in the twisted “mind” of Sean Guillory.

This illiterate, reckless and immoral attitude is typical of Guillory, a proud atheist and Marxist. It’s helpful to have this background when reflecting upon Guillory’s recent frenzied tirade against Russian journalist Yulia Latynina.

Guillory recently devoted not one but two lengthy blog posts to the meteor that fell on the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.  Is this college “professor” really not able to find anything better to do with his time? Apparently not, which ought to be a matter of concern to his employer.

In the first post. Guillory points out that both Latynina and Liberal Democrat Party Leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky made statements of opinion that turned out to be incorrect about the meteor when it first appeared, claiming they thought it was a rocket.  But in bizarre fashion, Guillory calls for Latynina not to be published any longer while not calling for any discipline against Zhirinovsky at all, even though he’s a powerful figure in the Russian government and even though his statements risked provoking an international incident because he accused the USA of firing the rocket. That’s right:  He calls for Latynina to lose her job.

We now call for him to lose his job (to be accurate, it seems he’s not quite a professor yet, so it’s probably more precise to say we believe he should never become one).  His linguistic errors alone, to say nothing of his encouragement of criminal behavior and his belief that it’s appropriate to refer to an academic database as a “concentration camp” more than justify this call, in our view.

There’s a simple reason Guillory’s pathological bile towards this reporter: Guillory has a weird obsession with Latynina, as the vicious personalized rhetoric set forth in his blog posts make clear. He expresses delight, pure joy, at the prospect that Latynina might have “admitted’ she is suffering from mental illness.

It’s odd, though. Because the first time Guillory wrote about Latynina, he praised her.  That was back in 2006, when he admired her refusal to accept the Kremlin’s claim of having killed terrorist warlord Shamil Basayev, also praising Kommersant for reporting that he could have been killed by a rival terrorist group.  Guillory must be privy to very special information.  We’re as cynical on Putin as it gets, but as far as we know he did kill Basaeyev, never has been any question about it.

Then in 2007 he quoted her again, this time as she faced threats from crazed Nazi skinheads.

Later that year, he started dissing her, however.  He wrote: “Wouldn’t everything Latynina thinks about Russia be undermined if there is a peaceful transition of power through, albeit flawed, elections?”  Oops! That statement looks pretty ignorant now that Putin has revealed the Medvedev “presidency” was a sham and retaken power for life.  Seems like Latynina was right, and Guillory was wrong. But don’t hold your breath waiting for Guillory to apologize.

By 2010, Guillory was in full froth, ranting against Latynina even as he hypocritically accused her of ranting. And this post is the key to understanding Guillory’s personal hatred of Latyinina:  He sees her as guilty of “hating” and “blaming” the poor, the downtrodden masses he holds so dear as a card-carrying Marxist.  Therefore, Latynina must not just be disagreed with, she must be locked up in mental hospital, the classic Soviet solution.

At least Guillory gives Latynina credit for openly admitting she had been wrong about the meteor. But Zhirinovsky did no such thing, and Guillory ignored that fact. And he then launches a whole new tirade against Latynina, punishing her for her forthrightness, by attempting to claim she had “admitted” she was “paranoid.” This reckless discussion about mental illness is yet a third clear indication that Guillory is simply not qualified to be a mentor of young people.  It’s clear he has not yet grown up himself. Apparently it’s not enough for Guillory that Latynina be unemployed, he needs more than that.

Maybe “Professor” Guillory thinks that if any student any fails any test, he must immediately fail the course and be thrown out of school. That’s the type of standard he seeks to impose on Latynina, who openly admits that living in a repressive state like Putin’s Russia where journalists like her are routinely murdered with impunity makes her a bit jumpy sometimes.  And it seems pretty unfair. Also pretty neo-Soviet, exactly the same type of tactics used by the USSR to destroy its critics. But at least if he is going to impose that standard (which we doubt he himself can hope to live by, given his own illiterate “writing”), at the very least he ought to impose it fairly on all Russians, not just those he personally hates due to his bind Marxist fervor. And he should impose it on himself and resign.

Meanwhile, don’t hold your breath waiting for Guillory to report on other very similar outrages that don’t involve people he personally detests for Marxist reasons, for example the torrent of lies spewed out by the Kremlin concerning the parents of Russian adopted child Max Shatto in Texas.  Russian government officials claimed, impulsively and inaccurately, that they believed he had been murdered.  Now the official report is in. No murder.  Will Guillory call for their ouster? Don’t hold your breath.

But let’s be perfectly clear about one thing:  The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta is one of the most important newspapers in the world today.  Its reporters and editors and publishers are true Russian patriots and heroes, and they have selflessly laid down their lives time and again for their country, in the struggle for truth and against dictatorship.  Latynina is one of those reporters, risking her life, and her editors have seen fit to publisher her fearless criticism of the Kremlin.  She is a significant figure in history, a successor of Anna Politkovskaya, who picked up the torch when Anna fell. Compared to her, Guillory is not even a cockroach. He has never risked his life for anything, much less for freedom in Russia, as Latynina is doing. For him to attack her so venomously, in the classic manner of the USSR, claiming that any mistake disqualifies her from being heard and calling for her to be silenced, for him to assert that his judgment is better than that of the heroic figures who run Novaya Gazeta, is hilarious to the point of blacking out.  At the same time, it’s outrageous, and patriotic Americans should be ashamed to know they must count Guillory as one of their own.  His university should be even more ashamed.

NOTE:  For the record, we didn’t actually want to publish this article and wrote privately to Guillory and asked him to reconsider his grossly unfair comments about Yulia, in which case we’d withhold publication of the above commentary. He didn’t respond to our e-mail, didn’t attempt any kind of dialogue, but simply published this “response” instead on his blog. Hence, we go to press.

21 responses to “Sean Guillory, Ignorant Propagandizing Marxist Hypocrite, Should be Fired

  1. daut ⋅

    Really? Latynina is a success of Anna Politkovskaya? Glass houses, Kim.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Female reporter writing tough criticism of the Kremlin about Chechnya for Novaya Gazeta? If not Yulia, then who?

  2. AK

    Thank you for this Kim, following this affair has been very entertaining, as with most of your work.

    PS. Just to put things in context for the less deranged of your handful of readers, here is what Sean actually wrote as regards the “firing” of Latynina: “It never ceases to amaze me that anyone continues to publish her.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      As you know, our fervent hope is to entertain you, so we are filled with pride. Meanwhile, thanks for the correction. Sean didn’t just say she should be fired by NG, but by EVERY publisher everywhere. In other words, she should starve. That’s barbarism, pure and simple. And meanwhile he impugned the competence and integrity of the NG editors, who are among the world’s leading lights of journalism.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Do you realize that you stated a rule (wrongly), then corrected yourself by stating it again, then violated it? Take a breath before you write, dear, it might help.

      • I am not sure where you found such sequence.

        • larussophobe ⋅

          Read what you wrote idiot. You wrote the same comment twice trying to say people should not try to draw attention to themselves, then you posted a link to your own blog on this one, trying to draw attention to yourself like an advertisement.

          It seems not even YOU read what you write.

          And you STILL have not given us the traffic stats for your pathetic excuse for a blog.

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Of course, Ding Dong Rottenbooger do erase all critics on HIS ridiculous site!

    • Why would i? I enjoy verbally demolishing morons like you. Here is my response to you:

      • larussophobe ⋅

        In order to erase comments he’d first have to HAVE comments, and to have comments he’d first have to have VISITORS and READERS, which he does not.

        • After 2 months in existence, my blog is currently attracting about a quarter the number of commenters that you currently are after about 7 years of blogging. And my pageview numbers are going up and up. How about you? How many different IP addresses visited your blog in the past month, compared with, say, 5 years ago?

          • larussophobe ⋅

            Are you deranged? La Russophobe has published more than 60,000 comments so far and received more than 3 million visits. Take your head out of your butt.

            And stop trying to advertise on our blog. Keep it up and you’ll be banned.

            • I wrote:

              > >And my pageview numbers are going up and up. How about you? How many different IP addresses visited your blog in the past month, compared with, say, 5 years ago?

              Kim replied according to her reading comprehension level:

              > Are you deranged? La Russophobe has published more than 60,000 comments so far and received more than 3 million visits. Take your head out of your butt.

              Exactly my point. At its height the “” blog was getting lots of traffic. It was among the top one million most visited blogs in the entire USA. It had several people working full time, paid with the American taxpayer money. And then the ratings collapsed. The old “I hate Masha Sharapova and her kin!” schtick got too familiar and predictable. The funding was cut-off, and the order came to abandon the “” name and never to use it again. And now you get a tiny fraction of the traffic that you were, say, 4 years ago, Kim, right?

              > And stop trying to advertise on our blog. Keep it up and you’ll be banned.

              What choice do I have if you keep deleting my comments, even though they are polite? I have to publish them on my blog and point your readers to them.

              If you don’t hate hate the freedom of speech, why would you delete my comments?

  4. mingthemerciless ⋅

    You say “Ding Dong Rottenbooger” and immediately Vladimir stand to attention…Anything to stroke the ego of an inveterate narcissist!

    • rutenburg

      Which Vladimir “stand to attention” (sic.) when seeing your drivel, dear merci-less Chinese friend? Putin, Lenin, Bukovsky, Mayakovsky or all of the above? You do realize that your China is about to collapse economically, don’t you? Pray that they don’t kick you out of Quebec, Ming.

      • MCC ⋅

        vladzio, vladzio, vladzio, manfredzio, manfredzio, manfredzio, ‘when seeing your drivel’ – this is pure vintage manfred aka obosranye russkoye barakhlo – dearie, dearie, this is beyond grotesque, you must admit……

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Psychopathic Narcissist Egomaniacs are UGLY, Vladimir!

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