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The Face of the Russian Opposition


Александра Духанина. Задержана 27 мая 2012 года. С 29 мая под домашним арестом. 5 марта Басманный суд продлил домашний арест до 27 мая 2013 года

Alexandra Dukhanina. Arrested May 27, 2012 at the Bolotnaya Square protest.  Under house arrest starting May 29, 2012 until May 27, 2013.

If you read Russian, you can find out more about Alexandra here.


3 responses to “The Face of the Russian Opposition

  1. Oleg

    The face is sheepish. And she is a sheep. 19 y.o. college drop out, not knowing exactly if she is a female or male, not knowing how to enertain herself, not willing to work or to study, she decided to play in politics and joined an anarchist group of the alikes.

    • rutenburg

      Oleg, she is female. But Putin is a male. He is very preoccupied with his appearance and gets face-lifts on a regular basis. Write him a love letter, he may return your love.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Putin is, first and foremost, preoccupied with upholding Russian national sovereignty. And the Western petty bourgeoisie — “left”, “right”, and “center” regardless — doesn’t approve of that; period.

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