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The Icy Fingers of Virulent, Barbaric Russian Anti-Americanism

On Valentine’s Day, the Russian newspaper Vedemosti wrote a tough-love letter to the people of Russia. It pointed out that one-fifth of the Russian urban population has no hot water in its homes, and that one third of the population, nearly 50 million people, have inadequate hot water supply.  More than 20 million Russians have inadequate heat, and over 13% rely solely upon their stoves for heating (a massive fire hazard, one reason Russia has one of highest fire fatality rates in the world).

These facts are reflective of Russia’s continuing backwardness compared to the Western nations with which it would compete. Russia ranks #130 in the world for life expectancy of its citizens, right behind Bangladesh and Philippines.  It ranks #53 in the world for per capita nominal GDP, behind Uruguay and Equatorial Guinea.

So why is this backwards, impoverished nation declaring war on the United States, the world’s only superpower? The evidence shows conclusively that is exactly what is happening.

The United States had to scramble fighter jets at its major military base on the Pacific Island of Guam last week. The reason? Nuclear-armed Russian bombers were aggressively challenging U.S. airspace.  The U.S. almost never takes actions of this kind in regard to Russia, but such actions from Russians are common.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spent the better part of a week trying to get his Russia counterpart Sergei Lavrov on the phone to discuss North Korea’s latest binge of nuclear testing. Lavrov repeatedly snubbed Kerry, refusing to take his calls.

One of Russia’s many English-language propaganda mouthpieces, Voice of Russia, ran an extended article last week openly threatening cold war against the United States if it dared to continue support a missile defense system for Eastern Europe.

Russia banned imports of meat from the USA on frivolous grounds, right on the heels of banning adoptions by U.S. parents.

An article appeared in The Ukrainian Week, documenting the Kremlin’s efforts to use such tactics as energy blackmail and the exploitation of ethnic disputes to destabilize the governments of former Soviet republics like Ukraine and Georgia in order to bring them back under Russia’s neo-Soviet umbrella. As if to prove the thesis, Russia announced criminal charges against a member of the Georgian government, whom Russia accused of supporting the work of opposition political groups in Russia.  And the Kremlin announced (Russian-language link) that Russia is forming vigilante groups to persecute ethnic minorities within Russia and reviving the Stalinist system of “propiska” registration (Russian-language link).

And then, of course, Russia took one of the most barbaric actions in its entire history when it decided to put the corpse of Sergei Magnitsky on trial.  Coming only a short time after the U.S. imposed a blacklist on the corrupt Russian officials who tortured and murdered Magnitsky, this neo-Soviet show trial speaks volumes about the true nature of the Putin regime and the extent of its visceral hatred for all things American, regardless of the extent to which Russia alienates itself from the civilized world.

All that in just one week in February 2013.

Seasoned Russia watcher Pavel Felgenhauer published a column last week in which he argued that such aggressive anti-Americanism and nationalism reflect the Kremlin’s neo-Soviet ideology.  At a recent speech, Felgenhauer says, Putin openly declared war on foreign NGOs and foreign Internet content, calling upon the KGB (now known as the FSB) to use all its powers in pushing back against these foreign toxins. Felgenhauer writes:  “Putin announced that last month, FSB officers got a 40-percent pay increase, that 11,000 free apartments were handed out to loyal agents in 2012 and more bonuses will be in the offing.”  Ironically, some of the leading proponents of anti-Americanism also have vast holdings of real estate in the USA.

It’s really quite breathtaking how willing, even eager, Russians have been to see the apparatus of the old USSR reinstalled.  It seems they are even willing to stomach the feverish, embarrassing neo-Soviet lies. When a meteor crashed in to Siberia last week, frenzied reports claimed that this was a test of a terrifying new weapon (Russian-language link) by the evil Americans, and then that powerful Russian technology had shot down the meteor before it could make landfall. Both reports were absolute nonsense.

And of course Russians have been willing to embrace handing unchecked power for life to a proud KGB spy named Vladimir Putin.  Putin infamously called the fall of the USSR and the breakup of its empire a “catastrophe” and “tragedy,” and quick as he could he brought back the national anthem of the USSR, which was written to glorify Josef Stalin. It now plays for Russia at the Olympics and elsewhere.  He’s sought to rehabilitate Stalin himself, and regularly tells Russians that their Soviet past is something to be proud of.

There’s only one way that Putin’s tilting, Quixote-like, at the American windmill might not be thought irrational and absurd:  That would be if he believes Barack Obama will let him get away with it.  Throughout Obama’s first term, there were many signs that Putin might rationally entertain such hope about Obama, who ignored Russian belligerence and anti-democracy crackdowns and helped Russia win most-favored nation trading status and WTO admission.

But now there are signs that even Obama is appalled by Russian backsliding, and is moving away from his “reset” policy towards one more grounded in reality. It may well be that just like his Soviet ancestors Putin now has Russia on the fast track to national collapse.

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  1. Rod Farley ⋅

    Putin has Russia on the fast track to national collapse?? Russia has been in a state of collapse for over 20 years, only recently under Putin are there some signs of life.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You’re simply wrong. The only thing that has changed is the price of oil. Without that, Russia would have collapsed long ago. Putin has not diversified the economy, he has squandered oil revenues on cold war politics and personal corruption.

      • Rod Farley ⋅

        You’re simply wrong. Russian economic growth is being driven by the expanding service sector in Russia.
        This is all from Wikipedia:
        “As of 2009, income from the oil industry and related services accounted for 17 per cent of the gross domestic product of Russia.”
        “The IT market is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Russian economy.”
        “The Russian fishing industry is the world’s fourth-largest, behind Japan, the United States, and China.”
        “In its push to diversify Russia’s research and development in emerging technologies, The Putin government has announced a massive $7 billion investment program in nanotechnology”

        • larussophobe ⋅

          You’re simply wrong. The Russian stock market tracks the price of oil precisely and is utterly enslaved by it because the economy has not been diversified.

          All you are doing is repeating Putin’s frivolous neo-Soviet propaganda.

          “Announcing” investment is not the same as spending, much less producing results. Any moron who walks into stores knows there are no Russia products in world commerce except vodka, and even there Russia is not a leader.

          Your lies only help Russia slide further into the mire.

          • Rod Farley ⋅

            Russia exports all kinds of heavy machinery and weapons. Stoli is Russian vodka and one of the best, if not THE BEST vodka on Earth. Russia’s transition to capitalist mode of production has been relatively recent, so in due time you will see Russian cars, Russian fast food chains, and Russian clothing brands, and all kinds of crap all over the world. And Wikipedia is not a source of propaganda! The Russian economy is growing faster than all the stagnating Western economies. I’d hate to break it to you, but within 10-15 years you will have nothing to shriek about! Things are getting better and better for Russians, and worse and worse for Americunts.

            • MCC ⋅

              rod farley, you must remember that Algeria returned 38 military planes to russia- even for Algeria russian junk was unaccpetable, shall I mention the millions of tonnes of contaminated fodder for the animals imported by India from russia and returned promptly. Russia is simply disintegrated – you might look East where China IS RETAKING ITS TERRITORY STOLEN BY THE RUSSIANS – IT IS CALLED SIBERIA..Russia’s humiliation doesn’t stop there – a while ago four russian planes dropped of the russian ‘friendly skies’ in one day, it was more daily crashes that during the Battle of Britain – For all victims of russian murderous barbarity [e.g., tens of millions of Ukrainians starved to death and replaced by the ethnic russians, millions of Polish innocent people murdered – the latest the political murder of the Polish President in April 2010, by Monsieur Putain, the whole nations destroyed and moved to Siberia – the list is long indeed] to feel vindicated go and visit russian capital moscow – you will enter CENTRAL-ASIAN MUSLIM CITY – 80% of moscow’s inhabitants are non russian. It is truly poetic justice… By the way, Rod Farley, while ‘things are getting beter and better for russia, ANOTHER russian flying coffin crashed – Tupolev 154 – Don’t the russians have any selfrespect?????????????????????????

              • Rod Farley ⋅

                Not one thing you just said is factually accurate.

                • Minsky ⋅

                  La Russophobe is not just correct, her opinions are reflected by virtually any educated man or woman on the street that you encounter in either of the major cities (Moscow or SPb).

                  It is incontrovertible that Putin is tightening his grip on society because he knows that the economy is going down the tubes. And it is going down both for the reasons that La Russophone mentions, and also because Russia has been unable to keep up in its fossil fuel exports, which are used to prop up the economy and keep taxes artificially low. Putin is now facing the dilemma of whether to let Rosneft open up an LNG terminal, for example. Sounds like a simple matter, right? Wrong, because it means giving up Gazprom’s monopoly on gas exports, which is good for Putin’s kleptocracy.

                  Which will Putin choose – the option that will increase exports and is good for the economy in this critical moment, or protecting the kleptocracy….stay tuned….either way, someone will be unhappy

                • MCC ⋅

                  All 100% accurate. Visit moscow you stupid baboon and look around…Russia is rotting from within – that how empires cramble….By the way the staple diet of the russian army is still dog food called ‘belka i strelka’ and the wistlerblower Major Matvieev is rotting in the prison. And don’t remember the pictures that were seen all over the world – after the invasion of Georgia -the russian soldiers were stealing toilet sets and black and white TV sets from the Georgian population.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Next to the world’s brightest Pshek, nobody has any self-respect or dignity, mccusa. Where would the world be without the distinguished people we’ve come to know as the Psheks?

                Again, an old favourite:

                It’s April 10th 2010 in Smolensk. For the first time ever, Kim Zigfeld spots Satan himself — Vladimir Putin — FOR REAL; the latter confidently watching the smouldering aircraft and what’s left of its “highly renowned” passengers. Conversation as per below:

                K.Z: — Putin, you swine! You were behind that plane crash! Confess!!!

                V.P: — Sure thing, whoever-you-are. And then what?

                K.Z: — DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!

                V.P: — Damn, damn, damn. I thought YOU were aboard that plane. Pity the Psheks.

                A very interesting corollary question to which mccusa still has to come up with a thought out answer nearly 3 years later:

                How was it possible for the Kremlin/Putin to have all the Pshek State big-wigs happily embark on a miserable Russian airliner staffed by a ditto Russian pilot? By putting up a nude poster of JP II in the cockpit? I mean, somebody as astute and appreciably knowledgeable about Russia and her airline traffic as mccusa would have flatly refused the offer, right?

                • MCC ⋅

                  hey, manfred – russkyie obosranye barakhlo – Let me remind you the way of traveling of your dear leader volodia putain – since the crashlanding in Poland – the russian genius was put to work – volodia the pedophile travels as follows – he boards the russian flying coffin called iliuszin, another emply flying russian coffin iliuszin flies next the the first one, just in case of a crash. And, as we know, that what happened to poor volodia – the dear leader crashlanded in Kazakhstan, walked from the wrack of the plane and boarded another empty flying coffing iliuszin – in the process the poor clown putin crashed his spine hence serious spine injuries….no more wresting, are the little boys off limit too??????

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  Anybody who can help mccusa out in answering my question? I mean, is mccusa the ONLY Pshek who would have sensed the danger?

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                And here’s another one:

                Q: How would Putin have a Pshek happily gobble up a BIG cup of tea with polonium?

                A: He dresses up as a Roman Catholic Cardinal waving the Polish flag and says:

                “Dear Pshek: This is tea with Polonium, the ingredient having been added in reverence of your most honourable, devout Poland. Drink it, my friend”.

                • MCC ⋅

                  Hey, manfred, obosranye russkiye barakhlo – you might remember the ‘reconciliation visit’ to Poland by patriarch kirasha of russia – TOTALLY IGNORED BY POLISH CATHOLIC NATION, but some noticed that the ‘saintly russian’ was touching his genitalia ALL THE TIME. Poland was shocked and amused – but then they realized the ‘the saintly russian the representative of the Third Karakorum whoops the Third Rome’ was just making the sign of cross russian style – FOREHEAD, GENITALIAS, RIGHT ARM, LEFT ARM. GOUSPODIN POMILUI…………

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  And your point is what, exactly?

                  • MCC ⋅

                    My point is simple indeed,manfredzio aka vladzio ruttenburg, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, not only the russian/mongolians hordes are the barbaric murderers; they are also, to the delights of the civilized world, pathetic, stupid, revolting, pitiful, hungry, and drunk clowns… By the way, talking about russian ‘sophistication’ do enlighten us – let’s talk about the logistics of the ‘Magnicki’ trial.. Let me think…russians will dig out the corpse of the accused, murdered with cold blood by the russian barbarians, take the corpse to Lubianka for interrogation, put the Magnicki’s dead body in front of the russian ‘justice’, sentence the victim to 25 years of hard labor and take the body to Magadan or Kolyma gulags where the corpse will serve the sentence… did I miss anything????????????

                • MCCUSA ⋅

                  manfredzio, vladzio, ruskiye obosranye barakhlo – before volodzia start serving tea with polonium, one question; where is volodia? He kept a low profile for a long while…is he under home arrest raping little boys perhaps…???????????? By the way, dressing up is volodia’s specialty ….the best of all was flying volodia dressed as a crane…..

            • larussophobe ⋅

              You completely ignore the absolute empirical data shown by the stock market. If the Russian economy didn’t depend on oil, the rational decisionmakers of the stock market would not act that way. The US exports vodka, that doesn’t mean it’s significant. The Soviets always said exactly what you are saying now, then their entire nation collapsed into the dustbin of history. Think about it. If you can think.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Stupid woman — the Russian economy depends on Maria Sharapova and, as of late, Gérard Depardieu. You’re pissed off about the two of them for a reason, aren’t you?

                • Minsky ⋅

                  ahh…. tell me…why would anyone who loves France or the cinema be pissed off about an offensive fat gorilla (Depardieu) moving to Russia to avoid paying taxes?

                  they deserve each other.

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                    You ask Kim and the rest of her proud acolytes that, mon petit. She is, after all, strutting around with a French nick, mind you.

              • rutenburg

                > You completely ignore the absolute empirical data shown by the stock market.

                “absolute empirical data”? That seems like an insult to the sciences. What do you mean by that?

            • dolly538 ⋅

              Russia has never produced anything in history.
              Let us take for example the cpu industry, the leaders are Intel and AMD. What is the Russian equivalent of those companies?

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Next to a proud producer of Western supremacist blog barfs, Russia’s output pales into insignificance indeed. I suppose the Soviets stole everything in order to delve into space exploration and missile technology. Still, it’s quite funny to see an utter nobody on a silly blog trying to claim intellectual significance by blathering about enterprises he or she has absolutely no part in whatsoever. An alleged thief’s tangible achievements look way more impressive, LOL.

              • rutenburg

                > Russia has never produced anything in history.

                Russia sent the first satellite and the first man into space.

                The periodic table was also discovered in Russia.

                • MCC ⋅

                  And mr. gargarin went to space – he was ‘adored’ by the whole world – the glorious exception were Polish People – here goes the true story…. Mr. gargarin arrives in Warsaw, extatic crowd is in total shock. Gargarin comes out of the plane; limping with broken arms, missing teeth, black eye and broozes. The hidden truth was as follows; Although totally drunk, mr. gargarin put long mighty fight against 30 KGB agents pushing the poor drunk into the rocket……

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    In unison, everybody:

    BOOOO for Russia!!!

    The collapse is now imminent. I can already hear Putin, Depardieu, and Sharapova hulking badly, scared stiff by the wrath of Kim Zigfeld and her proud acolytes. Hooray!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      “sulking”, not “hulking”.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Facts are facts. The article is full of sourced facts and you don’t challenge a single one of them, just moo like a cow.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        You missed out on the big thing, honey: Anti-Americanism is exactly what’s boosting Putin’s and Russia’s popularity worldwide. Of course, such pesky “details” are of little or no concern to navel-gazing, self-opinioned Amurrrkans. But to paraphrase you accordingly, facts are facts. Most of the world’s countries and peoples would be elated to see the US go up in flames.

        • dolly538 ⋅

          How is the U.S. going up in flames? The EU and USA contribute 50% of global GDP and Russia 2%.
          That is the clout ratio, 25:1.

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            I reiterate: Most of the world’s countries and peoples would be elated to see the US go up in flames. Western supremacists are simply too dense and too arrogant to see what’s perfectly clear to their own betters before which they grovel 24/7:

            Regardless of who staged the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon in 2001, it was greeted by immense joy and celebrations all over the world outside the imperialist heartlands of North America and Western Europe (which doesn’t mean there were no signs of malicious glee; just no open celebrations). So 911 — false flag or not — showed eloquently what most of the world’s countries and peoples feel about seeing the US go up in flames. Likewise, the imperialist bourgeoisie got their game of unending war against the world’s downtrodden and oppressed going. Class hatred is 100% mutual.

            • Minsky ⋅

              Manfred, actually you’re about as wrong as you can be about that. I was in the Arab Gulf at the time, and the public reaction was utter shock. The rest of the world too. Even the left wingy, anti-Bush Le Monde ran the headline “We Are All Americans”.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Oh, the renowned”International Community”, “left”, “right”, and “center”. How could I be so stupid to ignore it? But, assuming the overwhelming majority of the world’s peoples did indeed start blubbering out of compassion for the poor Amurrrkans, the corollary question inevitably becomes:

                Why does the Amurrrkans have to bankrupt their Empire waging unending wars all over the planet? Does that really boost the adoration they allegedly enjoy? Grow up, kid.

                • Minsky ⋅

                  taking “kid” as a nice compliment, I’d just point out that your answer has about as much to do with the price of tea in China as anything else.

                  yes, the USA overspends on defense, and yes this money could be much more productively invested in initiatives like a national energy plan to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. I’m with you.

                  instead, the USA is just expanding its fracking capabilities which, among other things, contributes to Russia’s economic woes by reducing demand for its fossil fuels or even competing against its exports. (you see, America really is to blame for russia’s problems…)

                  • MCCUSA ⋅

                    Minsky, we have to remind the kgb and co. here that after the shale gas started being produced on industrial scale in the USA, the prices of russian gas dropped overnight 45%…

                • MCCUSA ⋅

                  For a time being, manfredzio, aka vladzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, this is russia which is totally bankrupt – russian army eating the dog food – it makes russia not only bankrupt but a laughing stock of the world….Hey what about the bulava rockets that can be launched but NEVER reach the target…..????

                • MCCUSA ⋅

                  hey manfredzio/vladzio, obsoranye ruskye barakhlo; I am impressed by the recent development of the russian local dialect – so many new words like Amurrkans, pszek … are these words supposed to be funny insulting or what??? It is clear when I say, sharapova is dump as an ashtray, ugly, and have sex appeal of a fly it makes sense. Or volodia; crossdresser, pedophile and murderer; these descriptions are clear and easily understood by all.. But Amurrkans, pszek.. I don’t know it might have a local flavor and appeal in the russian oblasts – you are so so provincial, poor manfredzio…come up with something else….

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                    Glad to help you out at your own discretion, mon petit:

                    “Amurrrkan” — reflects the pronunciation of “Americans” in certain parts of the world. Where is left as an exercise.

                    “Pshek” — Russian derogatory term/pejorative for Pole/Polish. Just like “Amurrrkan” above, “Pshek” once emerged as an onomatopoetic gibe. Put bluntly: Pshek = Somebody whose parlance is strongly centered around the consonants “psh” — indeed a salient feature of the Polish language.

                    Needless to say (or maybe not in your case), both these words have long since become ethnic slurs.

                    There you go.

                    • MCCUSA ⋅

                      manfredzio/vladzio-obosranye russkiye barakhlo; sorry dearie, those words Amurrkan and Pszek became ethnic slurs in a very small, restricted area that covers moscow’s mauzoleum with lenin’s stuffed syphilitic body; it stretches to the area around public toilet at Kursky vagzal – walls covered with layers of excrements with Lenin’s portrait hanging on the sh#$%ty walls [in your russian dialect – obosranaye uborney; if I am not mistaken..] and ends up at the red square you know that square of annual humiliation of russia – a victory parade – more less it covers about 2-3 square kilometers not much dearie…Do you think that 80% of moscow’s inhabitants – central asian muslims of moscow adopted these two words to their respective languages??

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                      Sudda, sudda, sudda, sudda bort din sura min
                      Sudda, sudda, sudda, sudda bort all sorgen din
                      Munnen den ska skratta och va’ gla’
                      Munnen den ska sjunga tralala
                      Könet har du fått för du ska knulla
                      Sudda, sudda bort din sura min

                      Thanks Pshek for agreeing and laughszczing with me 🙂

            • MCCUSA ⋅

              Manfredzio, vladzio, obosranye russkiy barakhlo, ‘US up in flames’ – it is wishful thinking, dearlie, in the meantime, in case you haven’t noticed – russia is not going down in flames but is rotting slowly and is shrinking and eventually will get to its proper size of russia during the time of ivan the terrible, small landlocked and insignificant…

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                In case I haven’t noticed, it’s most likely because my obsession with Russia is but a tiny fraction of the average Pshek’s 😀

                Do you consider your intelligence to be above or below the Pshek average, by the way?

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      I thought, manfredzio, vladzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, that maria’s little slovenian peasant boyfriend, and the ‘best’ football player in four football ligue in Turkey, dumped her a while ago. Poor maria no luck; she is ugly, she has sex-appeal of a fly and is dump as an ashtray; it is truly win, win proposition russian style….

    • larussophobe ⋅

      We’ve attacked the scumbags like Paul and Buchanan who cuddle up to Putin for years. Don’t care to give us credit for doing so? Or are you just ignorant of this fact, as so many others?

    • MCC ⋅

      vladzio rutenburg – let me remind you that during the early nineties – when russia was facing final total collapse, the russian delegation went to see Senator Lugar; those poor russian bastards were kneeling in front of the American Senator, crying, begging America to save russians from starvation – you must remember this vladzio, dearie…russia without honor, dignity and selfrespect………

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        If Russia’s collapse was “final”, then what’s a Pshek half-wit fussing about more than 20 years later? Clearly a case of PMDO — to wit, “Pshek Mental DisOrder”. It’s sort of fascinating to come across people whose entire lives are dedicated 10000% to Russia. Hell, imbeciles like mccusa would hardly notice if somebody raped them right on the pavement as long as they have Russia to whine about.

        • MCC ⋅

          manfred – obosranye russkioye barakhlo – ask people of siberia that is already a part of china….how happy the poor russians are under the chinese rules…They started living like human being…finally….

        • MCC ⋅

          manfred, obosranye russkiye barkhlo, the final collapse will take a while – to liberate ALL non-russian nations from the russian yoke will probably take another bloody civil war; let’s look at Tatarstan, de facto independent country [independence granted by Yeltsin, reversed by putin], a country proper with its own territory, language, history, tradition and totally alien to the russian traditions, being incorporated to russia proper, deprived of their own language, and becoming part of the economic structure of Russia – this mad plan concocted by the madmen called Putin will lead to a total civil war. By the way, what is ‘russia proper’ Russians have never had a country of their own. Kievian Rus is pure Ukraine; in order to find the russian roots you probably should go back to the times of Ivan the Terrible that is proper russia in size and importance….
          By the way, 100000% dedicated to russia – don’t flatter yourself – Poland has been always a bulwark of Christianity, defending European values for the last 1000 years…

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Sorry, Pshek. You’re fooling noone but yourself. Unlike me, you’re simply not enough a Westerner proper to play the game the way you’re expected to. This is particularly embarrassing in view of all the time you’ve spent over here at LR’s, where mainstream Western supremacy is fully in charge and from which you obviously haven’t learned anything.

            To summarise:

            For all its Russia-bashing, Pshek supremacy simply looks too oddball, tribalistic, and religiously ass-backwards to be taken seriously. It’s exactly for this reason that today’s mainstream Western supremacists — usually, anyway — dispense with the Amurrrkan renditions of these mental handicaps. A Pshek supremacist like yourself, however, are too inexperienced in playing “The Humanitarian Game” with compassion for other countries and peoples but your own. Your disinterest even in the world’s Catholic countries speaks for itself.

            PS. The above paragraph is all you really need to know about mccusa (“MCC”, as of late). But it’s great fun teasing him, so I usually stay in touch with him, anyway /DS.

            • MCCUSA ⋅

              Hey, manfredzio aka vladzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo. What does it mean to be Westerner? It means to accpet democracy, tolerance, respect of others; in case you haven’t noticed, you brainless russian baboon, the Japanese are Westerners, the Australians are Westernes and EVERY country that prescribes to the glorious traditions of Europe are Westerners…

      • rutenburg

        MCC, no fruitful discussion with you is possible until you grow up and start arguing like an adult.

        But I appreciate your beginning to understand that in the late 1980s and in the 1990s – under Gorbachev and Yeltsin – Russia was servile to the USA. Not quite as servile as Poland, but more servile than, say, France or Germany. Sadly, that meant that the US military-industrial complex had to force Russia back into the enemy camp:

        • MCC ⋅

          vladzio, vladzio, vladzio, russia is playing the ‘global power’ – even you must admit that it is beyond grotesque – the ussr was called ‘Upper Volta with missiles’ – it is becoming true again….By the way, the true danger of the nukes in russia is purely internal – old rotting missiles all over russia, spitting radiation into the atmosphere and into the soil, especially in Mayak, Czelabinsk and Magnitogorsk areas where generations of monsters were already born…..By the way what would you choose the gulags, extermination russian/mongolian style or European tradition of democracy, freedom and tolerance???

        • MCCUSA ⋅

          Vladzio, Vladzio, Vladzio. Talking about being servile – shall I remind you that russians marched to the gulags by millions with heads down, no selfrespect, no dignity nor honor, like a pigs to the slaughter, courtesy of the barbaric russian governments – THAT IS SERVILE….What is even more servile that the russian slaves deny that it EVER happened to them – it also means that russian lives a simply worthless.

          By the way, don’t make me laugh – russia back into the enemy camp.. what enemy camp, dearie???.. Probablay the camp that includes N. Korea, Island of Nauru, Upper Volta and Russia… .. Russia is deep in its own sh@#$t rotting slowly from within – just in case you haven’t noticed……

          • MCCUSA ⋅

            sorry vladzio I missed such military giants like armenia, belorus and transdniestria – they should also be included in ‘the enemy camp’.along N. Korea, Upper Volta, Island of Nauru and russia….

            • rutenburg

              That makes for a long list of Poland’s enemies. If it had any scientists, it would be able to produce nukes and nuke the Island of Nauru to pieces in order to prove your superiority.

              But don’t forget the REAL enemy: West Ukraine and its “heroes” like Roman Shukhevych and Oleh Tyahnybok:

              Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia
              From Wikipedia

              The Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia were part of an ethnic cleansing operation carried out by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)

              According to the sociologist Piotrowski, the UPA actions resulted in an estimated number of 68,700 deaths in Wołyń Voivodeship.[130]

              The number of Polish civilians killed in Galicia is believed to be: John P. Himka: 100,000.[6]

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                And Amurrrkans greet Psheks with Polish jokes. There’s a fairly tangible reason fot this, evidently.

                • MCCUSA ⋅

                  Amurrkans totally ignore russia – the worst punishment and humiliation – russia simply cannot accept that there is ONLY one global power – USA…I can see that is Russia slowly accepting the reality….

              • MCCUSA ⋅

                If you know history, just a little, dear manfredzio/vladzio – obosranye russkiye barakhlo, you would know that in this part of Europe, it was ALWAYS minority of Polish Aristocracy, Nobility, Intelligencia, Catholicism, sophistication, and tolerance, opposed to majority of russian orthodoxy, peasantry, abject poverty, an animal-like way of life, and barbarity, represented by backward russia…And when russian/soviet propaganda called Polish People, Polish masters – Polskiye Pany, trying to insult Poland those communist idiots, inadvertently were paying respect to Polish nation and admitting russian inferiority…..Basically ALL Ukraine wants to belong to free, democratic Europe [it is being opposed violently by russia of course], Western Ukraine considers itself a part of free, democratic Europe already.

                Talking about Polish influence in russia – just in case you don’t know, dearie, the first reigning female tsarina of russia was Polish – Catherine the 1st – born Marta Helena Skowronska, to a Polish catholic peasant family in Commonwealth of Kingdom of Poland and Duchy of Lithuania. She married your greatest tzar, Peter the Great. She was also an 18th century hooker – she followed the troops, cooked, cleaned and provided sexual services to the troops. She was sold to Peter the Great by Menshikov and the rest was history. Peter married her made her a Tsarina of all Russia – [He called her Ecaterinushka, oh God, I am craying already] ….So, Catherine the 1st, Polish illiterate peasant and an 18th century hooker was good enough to your greatest tsar. We in Poland can live with that…

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Fat Fuck Farley sez:

    ” And Wikipedia is not a source of propaganda! ”

    Sure, Freddie, and I have a big bridge to sell you!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      ¿ Qué ?

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Notice that whenever one raises a pertinent point that dumb “Fat Fuck Farley” i.e. ManTurd ‘Limpdick’ cannot answer (on account of his lack of brains,” he always responds with his classic “¿ Qué ?”

  4. The Brooklyn Bridge, Freddie, it’s for sale! Since you buy all the Putin’s FSB crap, just add a big bridge to your stack of follies!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Viktigt meddelande till Ming:

      “Könet har du fått för du ska knulla
      Sudda sudda bort din sura min, olé!”

      (Gullan Bornemark, 1962)

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  7. 01varvara

    “Russia never produced anything”… I have Kaspersky Labs antivirus on my computer and it kicks butt. That comment is much like Truman saying to Stalin in 1945, “You’re too far west!” Iosif Vissarionovich merely shifted his pipe and said, “Yes… in 1814, we were in Paris”. Zapadniki are fond of looking down on Russians. As for Russia “dying”, per statistics, it reached a nadir point in 2009. Since then, its started a slow recovery. We Russians are neither ogres nor angels… we’re just sinful-ginful humans… just as the West is (sorry to break that to youse guys). Do watch out… there be cow pats out in that there field for the unwary…

  8. 靴 ten


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