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Barbaric Russians Remain the Enemies of Liberty

“The attitude of Russians to the abolition of the propiska was more neutral-to-negative than positive.”

That’s according to Russian journalist and novelist Mikhail Loginov, in a long essay for Open Democracy explaining in horrifying detail how the Soviet system of the propiska is being reestablished under the dictatorial rule of Vladimir Putin.

That’s right: Russians actually want their government to tell them where they can live.

In Soviet times, a citizen could not leave the country or even move from one city to another without the Kremlin’s permission.  In those times, ignorant Westerners were led to believe that Russians were civilized people who loved freedom and democracy as much as anyone and who were as much victims of their repressive government as were the people of the West.

Time has shown this belief was totally without basis in fact. Given the chance, Russians have warmly embraced the rule of a proud KGB spy, indeed have given the KGB formal power to an extent never granted in Soviet times, and they have applauded as he took steps to recreate the Soviet state in Russia.  A devastating essay by Russia scholar Leon Aron in Foreign Policy lays out the horrifying detail.

Another Russian, Maxim Trudolyubov, writing about opposition in the time of Stalin in the Moscow Times, echoes Loginov and shows the constancy of Russian support for dictatorship throughout history. He writes:  “One cannot say there was no resistance though. It did exist, but it ran up against perhaps the world’s most advanced mechanism for suppressing opposition and destroying not only dissent, but the dissenters themselves.”

Both Stalin and Putin prospered because they were supported by the people of Russian, not opposed by them. Then as now, Russians turned in their neighbors to the secret police and applauded as they were carried off to prison, or worse. Never once in their history have Russians fought for freedom and liberty, and time after time the world has watched Russia destroy itself. The Russian state collapsed multiple times it the last century alone.

It is long past time for the world to call the people of Russia to account for their support of evil.  As Kim Zigfeld points out on American Thinker, the words of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, whose thirtieth anniversary passed this month, ring as true today as they did back in the 1980s.

Russia is an evil empire.  Not just evil in terms of its regime, but evil in terms of the vast numbers of Russians who support that regime, or fail to oppose it, condemning their children to generations in darkness.

18 responses to “Barbaric Russians Remain the Enemies of Liberty

  1. Madam larusphobe (aka Kim ZIgHeil) remind me of a hysterical dictator from Germany 1933. Same hysterical hateful style, same hateful lies and twisted facts, same lack of education or human ethics, same wild animal senseless roaring and idiotic rants. I’m pretty sure that she might find some followers in US , Arab Emirates , Africa and in the zoo. But most of the people look at crazy lady with disgust.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      So you’re saying writing a blog is the same as murdering millions of Jews? Interesting notion. Have you been inside a mental institution all your life? It’s great that they let you browse the web! Maybe soon you can leave your padded cell and walk the halls.

      Your “comment” is one of the most illiterate and stupid we’ve yet received. Are you aware that this post is merely summarizing the writing OF OTHER PEOPLE INCLUDING RUSSIANS published on various prestigious sources across the Internet? You don’t seem to be, or in fact to be aware of much at all except your own twisted “mind.”

  2. rutenburg

    > the words of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech ring as true today as they did back in the 1980s.

    Here is a REALLY immortal presidential speech:

    • Minsky ⋅

      While I am not with you on the conspiracy theory by which the American right somehow engineered Putin’s rise (the Republicans aren’t even capable of getting a law passed…), I don’t think there’s any argument with your conclusion that the two exist in a symbiotic relationship and need each other.

      what’s the point of being a demagogue without another demagogue to oppose? it’s like being a superhero without any supervillans. if they don’t exist, you must invent one.

      • rutenburg

        Minksky, there is no conspiracy theory. It is Adam’s Smith’s invisible hand again. Everybody works to maximize their own benefit, but as the result they end up helping each other. At the taxpayers’ expense. 🙂

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    The Rotten Boogers seem to proliferate…the moronic deleted comment from Freddie the dumb Sveede is prolly all over the Booger’s sewer of idiocies.(He’s trying to steal traffic from here,
    but one minute at his dump put me to sleep!)

    Kim’s point is that a people get the leader they deserve…I was in Venezuela before Chavez and Hoogo happened because most Venz are sniveling crooks just like him.(He stole 2 billion dollars for himself- yet he his hugely popular despite impoverishing all these Venz idiots)

    Go to Zimbabwe…no wonder a US dollar is worth a trillion Zim dollars, what do you expect from a bunch of semi-cannibals?

    Look at Argentina…the president of Uruguay said about the Argies:” SON TODOS LADRONES!” , so la puta Christina is robbing Argentina of everything, so much that the only thing they have left is their eyes for crying!

    Man! Pooty Poot Putin’s stooges here are really lamentable!

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      I read in Polish newspaper that Putin will be soon replaced by Sergei Shoigu, presently chief military of russia. A native of Tuva region, better known by its proper Chinese name Tannu Suva; the region bordering Mongolia, and since 1757 until 1911 was part of China. After russian instigated separatist movement, totally incorporated into Russia… Mr. Shoigu, being a native of Tuva must be either Shamanist or Buddist, and also a master throat singer. Known also as Tailor-in-Chief – his greatest military achievement to date is the replacement of ‘portyanka’ a piece of dirty clothes with ‘real sock’. He is the one, by the way, who openly admitted russia’s responsibility for Smolensk .. This appointment reflects the ethnic make up of russia and ever growing power and influence of Central Asian muslim, buddist and shamanist. Hence making russia semi-officially an Asian country.

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