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The Evil Empire


In her latest installment on the powerful and influential American Thinker website, Kim Zigfeld commemorates the 30th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech by showing how little Russia has changed since Reagan’s time and how pathetic America’s current leadership looks by comparison.

Meanwhile, Kim’s newest piece on the massive Pajamas Media site focuses on opposition to the Putin dictatorship from a very unexpected source: The beauty pageant runway! Beauty and the Russian beast named Putin.

76 responses to “The Evil Empire

  1. 1389AD

    First of all, Putin isn’t a dictator, and most Russians are happy with him. I have plenty of Russian contacts. He’s responsible for a lot less mayhem than BHO, who truly IS a dictator. Just for starters, BHO has turned country after country over to the Muslim Brotherhood, purely on his own whim.

    Second, the fact that PJM invites someone to write articles who blogs under the name “La Russophobe” shows that PJM has become infected with the same anti-white racism that prevails everywhere else. Apparently, it’s just fine to hate and despise an entire country full of white people, especially if they’re Slavs and Orthodox Christians. You wanna hate me too? I’m a Serb. Go try that one on for size.

    Third, who cares what a beauty pageant contestant thinks? They’re generally airheads who are focused entirely on themselves. In general, they are poorly informed and/or have been indoctrinated with shallow nonsense by some trendoid that they’ve met. You might as well be getting advice from Honey Boo Boo.

    Fourth, I wonder why PJM accompanies this article with a thumbnail of a female whose face has been mutilated with collagen duck lips? Is that supposed to be the “beauty queen”? That’s just plain disgusting. I hope the disfigurement isn’t permanent.

    • Maria Los

      Anyone who kills his way to the top is a dictator. Any Russians who are happy with him is because they are probably living in Moscow. I, too, have talked to many educated Russians who tell me that outside of Russia there is still great poverty. I believe the late Maria Salye who, 20 years ago, warned not to appoint Putin because of his bad record. I’m Greek and unfortunately I do think that the Greek and Russian Orthodox Church are not behaving well; the Greek Orthodox Church has blessed the nazi-like “Golden Dawn”, and the Russian Orthodox Church has joined Putin who is using them for his own gains.

      As for your third point, I totally agree with you.

      • Maria Los

        I’m sorry I meant to say Marina Salye. I apologize.

      • siber_troll ⋅

        russians happy with Putin cause they are natural dumbs. russian physiologist Pavlov confirmed that after he was witness of October revolution and behavior of the russian masses.

        • MCCUSA ⋅

          Russians are happy with putin because all the barbaric new laws introduced by putin have ONE aim only – shared by putin’s government and every single russian – TO KEEP THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE IN ONE PIECE, RUSSIFY, DESTROY THE NON-RUSSIAN NATIONS, CAUSE INTERNAL CONFLICTS WHEREEVER THEY CAN, AND PLAY EMPIRE by basically murdering anyone who is slightly anti-russian, in russia and abroad; look at murders committed by Putin in Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, UK, Syria, and other countries. So, to believe that russia in present shape and size can be democratized is simply grotesque. All oppositions , except some small groups, are created by putin – it s a kabuki theater russian style.. Putin simply decided to slow down the process of russifcation of non-russian nations to avoid another bloody revolution. Let’s wait and see….

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          “Natural dumb” — takes one to know one or, rather, believe to know one. Putin vs. La Russophobe: 1 – 0.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Why do you say “has become infected” as if it was recent? Kim has been blogging for PJM for SIX YEARS.

      Before you talk about what “russophobe” means, did you read our definition? If not, that’s pretty ignorant and rude of you.

      Most Germans were happy with Hitler when he was invading and butchering Russia. Does that make it OK with you?

      Putin came to power in an election that EVERYONE knows was rigged, and has held power since 1999. That’s not a dictator? What is it, then?

      Beauty contestants are powerful public figures. When they speak their statements are reported worldwide. Yours are not. So, who cares what YOU think?

      • siber_troll ⋅

        there is huge difference between Putin and Hitler; german dictator was military novator, brilliant economist, had awards in WWI, and he did not steal billions from his own nation. even for highly educated europeans it was temptation follow him. it’s like to compare production of Mercedes-Benz and Volzhsky automobile plant, too much inequalities. russians do not care.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          And so the hapless Russians are left with their miserable government. Serves them right for snubbing genuinely competent, nay brilliant, folks such as you, ST.

          Corollary question: What are we gonna do about it? A screamfest on a blog, however formidable the latter, doesn’t quite bring about a coup d’état by itself, right?

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    1389AD: Ким Зигфельд полетала над нами и разбилась при посадке написав чепуху на свой ​​блог 😀

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      Is it Serbo-Croatioan???????????????

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        No, it’s Java with a little bit of Perl tossed in for good measure. Why?

        • MCCUSA ⋅

          I am sorry dearie obosranye manfredzio/vladzio you have to understand; russian is becoming less and less significant like russia herself…So don’t get upset dearie you can get a stroke and in russia having a strong it is a death sentence – considering russian hospital being as advanced as those of Uganda sorry Uganda…

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Synopsizing in English, Pshek style:

            >> you can get a stroke and in russia having a strong it is a death sentence >>

            This is part of what I was hinting at earlier about you not being a Westerner proper, however hard you try. Compared to mine, your English is just god-awful. Also, you’re hopelessly incapable of dispensing with overt European racism, quite fitting for residents of lesser countries trying to make up for their own worthlessness by sucking up to Western imperialism.

            Some people would maybe deduce from the quote included that the author in question wasn’t sober at the time of writing, but I for one believe you actually were. A Pshek simply doesn’t have the wits, nor the ambition, to surpass the level of a bumbling alcoholic, thereby rendering drugs superfluous as a means to achieve the characteristic intellectual “stature”.

            Just for a cheap laugh: MCCUSA’s “ultimate insult” to people he doesn’t agree with is claiming they’re Russians. Fine with me — I’ll proudly wear “Russian” as a badge of honour here — but less stupid people than the Psheks would instantly realise how badly this alleged “insult” backfires in MCCUSA’s case. If I’m Russian, then MCCUSA has to confront the fact that he doesn’t even have a tiny fraction of a Russian’s education, skills, and cleverness. Catholic Whoring School miseducation, Russophobia, and racism are no valid substitutes, mind you.

  3. Minsky ⋅

    “most Russians are happy with him”? I suppose that, apart from the polls that show his popularity is at all time low, that only 5% of Russians now trust their government, that the regime is populated with KGB puppets and buffoons, that Russians came out in thousands to protest against a law against their own orphans, that the state TV has degenerated into laughable blather about saving Russians from evil western conspiracies, that virtually anyone you meet moans about being in third world dictatorship…

    apart from all that then, yes, you might find one or two Russians who are not on the take and are happy with him.

  4. Maria Los

    And I also meant outside of Moscow……sorry again

    • Maria Los

      BTW there are plenty of botoxed airheads in Moscow as well…….

      • MCCUSA ⋅

        yes, Maria, they are ‘botoxed hairheads in Moscow, but try to drive 400 km east of moscow [if you can find a road] and you will enter pure 18th century russia the more east you go the more misery and abject poverty you will see. Strangly enough, russian government is totally ignoring half of the population that is treated by its government like 18th cetnury mujicks..By the way, I hope that Greek orthodox church didn’t stoop as low as the russian orthodoxy with patriarch of russia being openly active KGB operative – his last mission was in Lebanon and Syria, moving russian weapons of mass destruction, just before Syrian revolution….

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    And the pink swastika katamites prove again that communists and nazis are the same feces eating dog but with a different collar…neo-nazis are all in love with Pooty Poot Poutine AKA Vlad “The Impaler”, a disgusting little skinny pedophile homo…

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      After putin’s latest crashlanding in Kazakhstan, flying russian coffins called iliuszin he seriously damanged his spine, so no more little boys for a while….

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    No report of this accident on google yet…but better…see, on that google page there is ten “Dying Russia” articles from Kim on how awful Putin’s Russia is!

    Here’s an example:

    Logistics & Transportation
    Fly the Deadly Skies
    Julia Ioffe, 11.02.11, 06:00 PM EDT
    Forbes Magazine dated November 21, 2011
    Russia is the most dangerous place to fly in the world. And the problem is less with its Soviet-era planes than its Soviet-era trade policy.

    On Sept. 7 a plane departed Yaroslavl, a small city about 150 miles northeast of Moscow, carrying the region’s legendary pro hockey team, Lokomotiv. Within minutes of liftoff it plummeted directly into the banks of the Volga, exploding into flames. Forty-three of the 45 people on the flight died quickly. The other two just wished they had. Forward Aleksander Galimov waded ashore, to rescue workers who couldn’t recognize him. “Galimov had no face on him,” a policeman told a Russian paper. “No eyes, no ears, just holes.” He died five painful days later. Video then surfaced of the plane’s engineer, Aleksander Sizov, being wheeled into a local hospital, burned so badly that his lips had disappeared, begging for poison.

    Yet it’s hard to call something an accident when it happens so regularly. Barely a month goes by without something falling from the Russian sky: Rockets, satellites, MiG fighter jets have all come crashing down in the past year. In June a plane crashed into the runway in the northern capital city of Petrozavodsk, killing 44. In July a plane began to break up in flight just outside of Tomsk in western Siberia, killing six. And most notably, a Russian plane ferrying the Polish president and half his government to a commemoration last spring of the Soviet massacre of Polish officers crashed in the fog outside of Smolensk, killing everyone onboard.

    Since Vlad Pooty Poot the dictator know everything, I wonder under what nick he is posting here?

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      mingthemerciless, you covered pretty well Russia’s airspace.

      Here what was and still going on underwater – soviet/russian nuclear submarines

      1960 – K-8- loss of coolant
      1091 – K-19 – two loss of coolant accidents 27 killed
      1965 – K-11 two refuelling criticalities, K-159, radioactive discharge
      1967 – Lenin icebreaker loss of coolant
      1968 – K-140 lenin icebreaker- loss of coolant
      1970-K-8 – power excursion, sunk after fire 52 killed K-320 – uncontrolled startup
      1979 – K-116- reactor accident
      1980 – K-122 – fire, 14 killed, K-222 – uncontrolled start-up
      1982 – K-27-scuttled, K-123-loss of coolant
      1983 – K-429-sank due to improper work at shipyard, 16 killed
      1985 – K-431-refueling criticality, 10 killed, K-429-sank at moorings
      1986 – K-219sak after collision, 6 killed
      1989 – K-278-sank, 42 killed, K-192-loss of coolant
      2000 – K-141 Kursk sank, 118 killed
      2003 – K-159 sank under tow, 9 killed

      While not all of these were reactor accidents, they have a major impact on nuclear marine propulsion and the global politics because they happened to nuclear vessels. Many of these accidents resulted in the sinking of the boat containing nuclear weapons on board, which remain there to this day….

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      Let me remind you that putin had two serious crashlanding one in Poland and one in Kazakhstan…..

  7. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    1389AD is quite likely laughing his/her ass off, smugly inviting the good ol’ crowd over here to a wild, ecstatic screamfest Bohdan-style 😀

    The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie never ceases to amaze, eh? And, speaking of Bohdan, could it be that 1389AD’s post was the final straw which broke the silly Ukro’s back? He would rarely have missed out on such a formidable occasion to vent his anger unless he went totally bonkers, not even capable of typing.

    Bohdan: Are you still alive…?

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Ooh yes El raving Stupido, aka as Manturd, I am.

      I have just been on an overseas holiday and what a refresher that was not having to put up with that brainless (AND LYING) mumbo jumbo shit that vomits out of that stupid, yes indeed very stupid communist indoctrinated pea brain and mouth of yours!!!

      The sad fact of life, is that you were born a retarded commo, and as such you will die. With totally no possible medication in existence to correct your gross brain damaged malady.

      Other then that comrade commo, the comments of the sane bloggers of this magic site are still an enjoyable delight to read. Thanks to the Almighty that we have the superb LR team to print the truth about your beloved, and corrupt to the core, and evil dictatorship of Putins. It must really get under that thick skin of yours? Aye comrade retard?

      Back to the dark ages of your RT (i.e. Russia Today) and Pravda .ru – where you will find anything but the TRUTH! Says much for your beloved communism, does it not, comrade retard?

      PS comrade I do not rave, I leave that up to retards like you. So don’t judge me by your sub standard values! Got that little point straight, comrade.

  8. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Sincerely, I must give the team due cred for having made — albeit inadvertently so — a truly outstanding work of art to address the subject matter of this thread: The caption “The Evil Empire” right on top of a big picture of Ronald Reagan standing in front of the US flag. Absolutely stunning — keep up the fabulous job!

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Well ManTurd Limpdick! what can KaGeBist (Russian pronunciation of the initials of that evil ‘KGB’) Putin show for his “so called” wonderful communism?

      Pictures of the millions of children, women and men that they slaughtered in the GULAG extermination/horror camps dotted over the freezing Siberian wastelands?

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Make that “quadrillions” in order to keep up with the inflation-infested propaganda of the bourgeoisie, little Ukro. “Millions” just sounds ridiculous/childish. US imperialism kills at least that number of people in one frigging year’s time. Courageous, honourable, and intelligent people such as Stalin and Putin seem to be anathema to you. How come?

        • Bohdan ⋅

          Listen you commo imbecile! What’s the matter, the truth about the greatest murdering tyranny in the history of the modern world – your beloved U.S.S.R. hurts, right comrade bird brain!

          And as for your utterly ridiculously stupid comment that “intelligent people such as Stalin and Putin seem to be anathema to you” borders from the sublime to the ridiculous!!!

          Your only strong point is the endless lying propaganda that emanates from that pea brain of yours!!!

          Next you’ll be telling us that Putin (and Stalin’s) pigs could fly? Yea sure, right comrade TURD brain.

          Face the simple fact of life comrade baboon – YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A WASTED SPACE. Back to those beloved trash rags of yours, you know RT and – where you will find anything except the TRUTH.

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Bohdanito: Your awesome pet phrase “You are one hell of a wasted space” — was it any effective in the good ol’ days when you were “The Boss” ? How does your fabulous wife react whenever there is a little matrimonial quarrel? Or is it maybe your wife who passed this judgement onto her beloved husband?

            Next to Stalin and Putin, you are one hell of a silly old fool, mind my words.

            • Bohdan ⋅

              Listen baboon commo bird brain ManTurd, my wife and I DON’T ARGUE – we discuss things like civilized humans. To put it mildly the win ratio is approximately 50:50 between her and I. So don’t judge my by your barbaric and stupid communist indoctrinated self!

              And when I was a boss I never, ever yelled at a worker. You ‘gotta’ be uncouth – like a commo idiot – to yell at a worker.
              You may find it strange to understand this simple point, but a discreet private talk person to person in your office works miracles. Works a lot better then me shouting and banging my shoe on my office desk – get the point straight comrade ‘Khrushchev’, right baboon!

              No don’t answer that simple point, as it will have gone way over the top of that brainless communist eggshell of an empty head of yours.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Bohdanito, you’re so calm and cool and verbally sophisticated one has the eerie feeling you belong to a higher species. Trigonometry, after all, isn’t that important, admittedly.

              Considering your profound patience, tranquility, and dignity I, for one, am quite curious about what you’re like when you get outright furious 🙂

              • Bohdan ⋅

                Aah hahaha! Your stupidity and brainless ‘mumbo jumbo’ knows no bounds “dear” commo stooge ManTurd, the Limppenis. Believe it or not, but you’r so naive that you are good for a laugh every now and then. The rest of the time you are simply PATHETIC!!! I am 100% certainty that your motto is “stupidity is a virtue”.

                And as for your “am quite curious about what you’re like when you get outright furious.” For your information stooge, I learned at an early age that “getting angry is a total waste of precious energy”. Or as the Ukrainians are wont of saying “to have ONE argument, you need TWO idiots!”

                Study my words of wisdom carefully retard, as you may learn something useful from them. But I seriously doubt it as the rot in that pea brain of yours has settled in and is far too severe – so instead return to those imbecilic propaganda trash rags “RT” and “” You’ll feel more at home there. Bon apetit, comrade.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Spot on, Bohdanito — indeed, my motto is exactly that: “Stupidity is a virtue”. Why do you think I’m attracted to this blog? Conversely, however, the Ukro proverb you cited seems somewhat, ahem, counterproductive in your case. Basically, it leaves you with these two — mutually exclusive — options:

                a) Bohdanito agrees with Manfred to the effect that stupidity is a virtue


                b) Bohdanito is an idiot, as is Manfred

                There you go, honey.

                • Bohdan ⋅

                  Ooh what an imbecile you are ManTurd Limppenis. Thank you again for proving what a brainless communist piece of human excrement you really are!

                  And in answer of your stupid and naive two conclusions, I can only say:
                  a) I will never agree with a retard of your caliber, as here you
                  are asking for the impossible!!! and,

                  b) It is a gross mistake comrade baboon comparing me to an
                  imbecile like you.

                  There simply is no comparison in both instances.

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  You forgot to add: “You are one hell of a wasted space!!!”. Disappointing to say the very least, silly Ukro.

        • MCCUSA ⋅

          I share manfredzio’ vladzio’s love, admiration and animal devotion to those ‘great’ soviet/russian leaders.
          Apparently there is happy news; putin will soon open the gulags and march russian slaves there. You, manfredzio/vladzio, will be rewarded for your total devotion to everything soviet and russian; you will be in the first transport to the gallows…

          • Bohdan ⋅

            Ooh yes please MCCUSA! If and only if, Manturd could “be in the first transport to the gallows…” in his beloved Siberian permafrost GULAGS.

            What poetic justice this would be for this communist “untermensch!”

  9. rutenburg

    If you wonder what pro-Putin and anti-American disinformation in Russia is like but don’t know Russian – don’t worry. You can experience it simply by reading Ms. Kim Zigfeld, who employs the classic methods of the Soviet-era propaganda, only taken to a grotesque length. The current article is an example of that.

    Recently Kim almost exploded from indignation when her Russian counterpart – Pavel Astakhov – rushed to judgement in accusing Laura Shatto of murder of one of her sons adopted from Russia. Yet for many years not only she but even leading russophobes have falsely accused Putin of various murders without a shred of proof. However, in her article yesterday, Kim returned to her wild accusations and lies. Here is the full expose:
    La Hypocrite

  10. rutenburg

    Those interested in more serious accusations against Putin, should read the series starting here:
    Путинские заказные убийства

  11. siber_troll ⋅

    if Putin cute american mole then any healthy-minded person should help him.

  12. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie ”

    A pleasant experience indeed…Freddie the soft dick say it as if it was a bad thing.

    Contrast with the rancid odor emanating from Fred, Rottenbooger and Putin’s company of filthy subversive racaille and rabble.

    These islamo-commie skunks do stink up the googol…

  13. mingthemerciless ⋅


    • BTW, why have you been banned from FFrance?
      This user has been banned permanently
      Member Status Banned
      Comments 1108 total 10.97 per day
      Looking for personal information regarding CaptainMorgan aka JFrom
      CaptainMorgan is interfering in some people life. I have collected some testimonies. This guy is pretty fucked up. If FFrance fails to keep him banned, we should move on and take every available action to make him stop.
      Captain, I don’t know yet who you are but be sure I will pretty soon. And I DO like when it turns nasty

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Ming can ONLY have been banned at Vladimir Putin’s explicit discretion. Small wonder he keeps spamming over here at LR’s. Maybe Ming will eventually become a promoted icon courtesy of West’s Corporate Media one day. His lack of talent along with his utter vanity makes him an all but perfect candidate.

  14. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Speaking of promotion…nobody beat Pooty Poot Poutine!

    Look at what HE did:

    (Appreciate the typical russian weird stone age rusty advertising equipment!)

    In Russia, a political party (United Russia, which currently controls the government) decided to erect some billboards to celebrate a February 23rd holiday (to honor the creation of the Red Army in 1918). Party leaders approved a billboard showing a modern tank roaring by in the dust with a soldier in the turret waving in a manly fashion. The text said simply “Happy Defender of Fatherland Day”. No one noticed, until the billboards were in place for all to see, that the tank was an Israeli Merkava 3 and the waving soldier was an Israeli. Actually the soldier may have been Russian (or born in Israel of Russian parents) because over a million Jews (and some non-Jewish kin) moved from the Soviet Union to Israel over the last 35 years. Now the “Russians” comprise about 15 percent of the 7.9 million Israelis. In any event, the error was embarrassing, not least because the Merkava is considered (at least by non-Russian experts) to be superior to Russian tanks and even Russians will admit that Russian Israeli soldiers are better that Russian Russian ones.

    One would think that Freddie Fred and Rottenbooger would regard being banned from that monkey feces tossing site run by a gay ballet dancer from Viet Nam( would be a badge of honor!
    On the other hand, with their endless nonsensical blathering
    they would be a much better fit there than here!

    • Ming,

      By “monkey feces tossing site” do you mean the FuckFrance site to which you were married for 100 day, posting 11 fecal posts per day, until you were banned for lifetime? How do you get banned from a site devoted to monkey feces tossing? What did YOU toss? Dinosaur feces?

      • That’s “days” not “day”

        • 100 days? Are you kidding? I’ve been chewing you nazi-commies asses for ten years there…but it is dead now, only idiots like you left…boring to death now…I was JokerHaHaHa, Captain Morgan, Sheriff Pat Garrett, Radisson, Islamic Rage Boy, Zog Mossad, Flat Fatima, JFrom, Jorge Zimmerboon, Lord of the flies, Drieu La Rochelle and a few more I forgot…I have been banned a thousand times…something a suckass like you sniveling toadie do not know!

  15. A telling comparison between Soviet socialist food stores and capitalist ones:
    Сталин и колбаса
    Stalin’s sausages

  16. Cut the bullshit, moron…anyone that’s been there know that the shelves were empty all the time except for these propaganda pictures…never happened, you fucking imbecile!”

  17. One exception…I was in one of these store in Warsaw during Jarujelski…in one room, there was a pile up of Cuban cigar boxes right up to the ceiling…Romeo y Julieta…nobody was buying at $3.00 …too much for the locals(It was $300 in Canada)
    i bought half a dozen boxes…same with caviar, same price as sardines, still way too much for the starving Soviet Polacks…
    During that same time, we learn now that Moscow was mobilizing in secret to invade Poland like they did in Hungary, but at the last minute, the Politburo decided that full mobilizations was needed but it would bankrupt and collapse the Soviet Union at once…so they shelved the whole idea…they did collapse anyway over the Afghan invasion…good riddance of bad rubbish!

  18. Rottenbooger’s site is the Trabant of the internet…he recycle old Soviet Regime idiotic propaganda! The communist two stroke cardboard car!

  19. Vlad the Impaler, you would foster better comprehension if you used something else that this Chinese graffiti of yours on your site…

    Poor Freddie Ledur, you will have to forget Leninism and submit to RottenBooger’s Putinism…

    But not to worry, give Pooty Poot five years and Poutinism will be
    identical to Stalinism, your preferred religion!

  20. I have added amazing high-resolution photos of top food delicacies from around the world to my blog article on the advantages of capitalism:

  21. Vlad, my boy, your “Crony Capitalism” has nothing to do with real capitalism or free trade where prices reflect real demand, not your poutinesque command economy…the results of your poutineries are that most Russians outside of Moscow are actually starving to death…The stores reserved for your KGB’s nomenklatoura have always been chockfull of goods especially during the holomodor…By the way, your displays are downright toxic, guaranteed to give you food poisoning! You just dont store meat that way…guy scratch his balls and his ass them grab meat at random…how Russian!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Haha, Rutenburg should by now have got the message straight: However hard you try, as a Russian, to parrot the dogma of the ruling Western imperialist bourgeoisie, that will not confer any bourgeois respectability on you unless you’re willing to become an all-out traitor to your country — indeed, that’s the “Party line” adopted by Western supremacists towards ANY nation Western imperialism has a problem with. Sure, Ming is an outright imbecile but that’s no problem in order to become a Western supremacist and he knows it. Hence, as a Russian, you’re duty bound to explain to the Russian people why Putin should be rejected in favour of some Western traitor.

  22. Fred Pissette Molle, the term “Party Line” usually refer to YOUR party line, the bolsheviks’ string of idiocies mouthed by the apparachiks of the nomenclatoura of the soviet communist party.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Sure thing, honey. But less illiterate people than you would have noted the quotation marks.


      “Könet har du fått för du ska knulla
      Sudda sudda bort din sura min, olé!”

      (Gullan Bornemark, 1962)

  23. An example of the mentioned apparatchiks is Xi Jingping, whose fortune amount to a trillion dollars…money stolen from the slaves of the Chinese communist party who have to live on ten dollars a month.

    Communist corruption:

    He make the curious “suicided”

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