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We Told you So!


Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker website, Kim Zigfeld shows how darkly neo-Soviet Russia has already become and says a big:  We told you so!

And on the mighty Pajamas Media website, she decries the outrageous Chamberlainian appeasement being practiced by Twitter, in giving in to the dark neo-Soviet forces in Russia by censoring tweets on demand from the Kremlin.  Google has fought back against these measures with a lawsuit, but Twitter is eager to curry favor with the Kremlin.

If you want to demand that Twitter reverse its outrageous policy of anti-democratic censorship, you can do so by signing this petition.  You can also sign a petition to demand that the Obama administration speak up for U.S. human rights organizations under assault in Putin’s Russia. That one is here.

Even as these pieces were appearing, as if to put an exclamation point on our perspicacity, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was recklessly plunging his country into a full-blown new cold war.  In precisely the manner of Stalin, Putin launched a wave of assaults by Gestapo-like goons on the offices of human rights organizations across the country. Heedless of the consequences, he attacked such lofty rights bastions as Human Rights Watch, Transparency International and Amnesty International.  When his forces moved against two German NGOs, the response from Berlin was swift and furious.  The German state department all but declared cold war.

Putin’s foreign and domestic polices are dragging Russia backwards in time, into its failed Soviet past.  Though even weaker than the USSR was, Putin asks for brutal cold war with much stronger countries, exactly what the USSR did.  Though he knows the consequences of brutal domestic repression, Putin cannot help but seek to liquidate dissent just as was done in the USSR.  The USSR now lies rotting on the ash heap of history. How can anyone expect any other fate for Russia?

3 responses to “We Told you So!

  1. Minsky ⋅

    Just as disturbing as Twitter’s spinelessness, is the collaboration with the Kremlin that social media website Vkontakte is reported to have engaged in, to confound the opposition in the last elections.

    Darkness in Russia? Worse. At least in darkness, people know they cannot see.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    This is the heart of bolchevism…listen to Noam Chomsky or Vlad Rottenbooger tell us that white is black, black is white, War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength and Vladislaf is a libertarian…The first action of the intelligent mind is to free himself by seeking the truth…The basic principle of the socialist is to mask the truth to enslave humanity…Their semantic is to corrupt everything, as you can see there the yahoo trotskos reacting to Orwell:

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