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More Horrifyingly Bad Economic News for Putin’s Russia

“A 20-year-old man in Russia has just a 63 percent chance of reaching the age of 60, as compared to a 90 percent chance in the EU.”

“The blue-glass skyscrapers of Moscow City — fragments of Russia’s boom-time dream — are visible from the Kremlin walls, within which there was once hope that those towers could supplant the West’s financial centers. When the sun sets behind them, you can see that many of the offices lie empty. In fact, the real hubs for Russian banking are in other countries.”

“Russia’s long stretch of oil-fueled economic growth could be coming to an end. The greater danger, though, might be President Vladimir Putin’s plans to get it going again.”

“Russia’s labor market is ‘practically illegitimate’, 38 million work in its shadow economy.”

How is the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin responding to this tidal wave of bad economic news? He is liquidating democracy as fast as he can, so he can’t be held accountable.


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