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Russians HEART Zhirinovsky

Vladimir-Zhirinovsky-Quotes-1“То, что женщина — определенный момент есть, конечно, потому что сложно отвечать за деньги огромной страны, здесь больше нужны мужские мозги, даже они не выдерживают”, — сказал Жириновский.

“Regarding women, well, there’s a time and a place for everything of course, but it’s rather dicey to put the country’s entire money supply in the hands of a woman, for something like that you’d really like to the brains of a man,” said Zhirinovsky.

In the most recent parliamentary election in Russia, which occurred in December 2011, the Liberal Democratic Party led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky won the votes of more than 7.5 million Russian citizens.  This amounted to nearly 12% of the almost 65 million votes cast and handed Zhirinovsky control over 56 of the 450 votes to be had in the Russian parliament, called the Duma (which means “thinking place”).

Zhirinovsky collected three times more votes than did Grigori Yavlinsky and his Yabloko Party, which did not earn one single seat the new Duma.

Zhirinovsky’s vote total increased gigantically from the prior election in 2007. Four years earlier, Zhirinovsky had collected only 5.6 million votes and held control over  just 40 seats in the Duma.  His vote tally increased by a whopping 35% and his delegation expanded by a stunning 40% over the next four years.

Zhirinovsky is a madman.  He hates women, and there are only two of them in his party’s entire Duma delegation. As his brazen comments quoted above make clear, his hatred of women trumps his love for Vladimir Putin, and he was prepared to attack Putin for daring to name a woman for the job of Central Bank head. He believes a woman is biologically unqualified to hold such a position.

He routinely makes public statements that clearly show he is completely out of his mind. He once famously demanded that the USA return Alaska to Russia, and he spews out venom designed to provoke international incidents at every opportunity.

So naturally he’s a beloved leader of millions of Russians, for whom he speaks and by whom he is admired.  Those who aren’t attracted by a party run by a proud KGB spy or the Communist Party flock to Zhirinovsky in droves, handing him vast power.


11 responses to “Russians HEART Zhirinovsky

  1. People have been dismissing Zhrinovsky as a clown, but this young humorist, the highest-ranking Jew in the modern Russian leadership, is an up-and-comer. Here is the latest:

    Profile : A Clown That Everyone Is Now Taking Seriously: Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s political credo is Russia for the Russians and vodka on every corner. Nobody in the Federation’s political spectrum is laughing at him now.

    December 10, 1991

  2. It gets worse:

    Zhirinovsky started his political career in 1988. Zhirinovsky opposed the Communist Party, calling for profound social, economic and political reforms in the USSR.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma: “Stalin’s place is on the defendant’s bench at a military trial. He should be sentenced to death for all the repressions. There can’t be any other place for him today, nor for monuments to him.”

    Only LDPR! We are with those of you who have been deceived by communist propaganda, who suffered Stalin’s repressions and the arbitrary rule of the present authorities.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky – Stalin was Descendent of Washers and Drunkards
    23 February, 2012

    Leader of Russian Liberal-Democratic Party, Russian Presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky said during a protest held by his supporters that Stalin’s ancestors were washers and drunkards. Zhirinovsky spoke about Stalin’s attitude towards scientists. “Scientist Vavilov could feed not only our country but the whole world. Instead, he was imprisoned and in 1943, the Great Russian geneticist dies in prison. You fight opposition, you’re afraid of losing power, but why do you kill the Russian scientist? The enemy is already ousted from Moscow. So, free the best geniuses from prisons, but this narrow-minded Caucasian couldn’t understand anything. It was not his fault – he was not educated, his ancestors were washers and drunkards, from Gori, near Tskhinvali”, Zhirinovsky said.


    By Ruth King on March 6th, 2013

    Zhirinovsky, like Savely Kramorov, the talented comic actor who played the KGB agent in Moscow on the Hudson, is a comic genius. The difference is that Zhirinovsky plays one in real life.

    Every so often, Zhirinovsky will say something calculatedly awful about shooting everyone who isn’t in his party, dumping nuclear waste on Ukraine or using nuclear bombs on the Atlantic Ocean to flood the United Kingdom. Media outlets will sometimes report on Zhirinovsky’s antics, little realizing that they are dealing with a man whose job is playing Archie Bunker in real life. During the days of the USSR, many Soviet leaders were actual idiots no better or saner than the buffoon that Zhirinovsky pretends to be.

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Now Vlad Rotten Booger is the apologist for Vlad “Adolf Hitler” Zhirinofsky…why am I not surprised…another Pauliac going the nazi route…That Vlad Zeezee is to Vlad Pooty Poot what the Norks are to the Chingchangchongs, a puppet for the dwarfist pedophile trial balloons, a right hand for the left hand, soaping each others…After this Poot Poot action, you are left wondering if indeed Hitler was not really an homosexual Jew, after all..didn’t the Hitler family report that pappy Alois Shickelgruber-Hitler bragged all his life of receiving a pension from his Jewish real father? Maybe not a real Jew according to the Torah, but one for sure for the nazi party of Alfred Rosenberg, their nazi original ideologist…(another Jew, this one!)

  4. Minsky ⋅

    Zhirinovsky can have Alaska, so long as Sarah Palin goes with it….

  5. Bohdan ⋅

    There’s no doubt, none at all indeed, about this idiot! Except of course in Vlad Rotten burro’s feeble mind – and Manturd the limpdick too – that he, Zhirinovky, is a classic case of a Russian imbecile. Can you imagine this idiot shooting Siberian wildlife out of a speeding train window in the freezing Siberian tundra.

    Trouble is that he has drunk so much vodka that his brain is “pickled” permanently and definitely has trouble in thinking logically. Tells you the caliber of the moron’s that vote for him. Or is that another classic case – like Putin’s fabricated votes – of all those phantom voters to support this corrupt dictatorship.

    If all those voters did in fact vote for him? Then God help Russia as she will be beyond redemption and she WILL deserve the dictatorship of that ‘brilliant’ communist – hahaha – who is an expert at falsifying the votes to keep himself and his evil regime in control of this nation of sheep.

    He, Putin, learned well from his paymaster – that mass murderer Stalin – of those tens of millions of his enslaved sheep – and who said “it is not important how the comrades vote, what is important is who counts the votes.”

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Minsky, cut the commie bullshit…Politics in Alaska are just as rotten as in Nigeria or Russia and Sarah Palin is the only honest politician they ever had…of course, the Kenyan Kommunist Kannibal in the White House had to do everything including a Judicial coup to remove her, she did not resign, she was forced to…

  7. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Rosenberg is a common Jewish name in Germany, like Hitler was a common jewish name in the Austrian village of Braunau…half the tombstones in their jewish cemetery had “HITLER” on their headstones…that’s why Adolf had it bombed to smithereens…”for training”…yeah, right!

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