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What did Vladimir Putin Know, and When did he Know it?

In September 1999, Vladimir Putin was catching hell for horrific human rights abuses in Chechnya.  Then two apartment buildings were blown up in Moscow, and Putin blamed it on the Chechen separatists, who denied involvement.  Opposition to Putin’s policies vanished, and he was able to launch a massive invasion of Chechnya.  When Alexander Litvinenko began publicizing accusations that Putin was complicit in the Moscow apartment bombings (alleging that FBS operatives had been caught red-handed trying to bomb a third building in Ryazan), Litvinenko was murdered with polonium poison.

Fast forward to April 2013.  Bombs go off during the Boston Marathon and a pair of Chechen terrorists turn out to be responsible. This occurs just as Putin was catching hell for supporting the homicidal dictator of Syria, and seeking to justify his support by claiming that Chechen terrorists were among the rebels fighting to end the dictatorship.  Just as in 1999, Putin attempts to use the bombing to justify his policy, claiming it proves he was right about the Chechens all along.

Then came a blockbuster revelation:  Putin had a wiretap on the Chechen terrorists who bombed the Marathon, and never told U.S. law enforcement about it.  What’s more, Putin began stonewalling the investigation into the bombing, failing to provide lots of other information wanted by U.S. authorities.

Is it possible that Putin knew the Chechens were going to launch an attack on the U.S., and let them do so in order to have convenient justification for his policies in Syria, as well as his crackdown in the Caucasus region?

40 responses to “What did Vladimir Putin Know, and When did he Know it?

  1. rutenburg

    The usual story. Putin blames the US State Department for his own problems and mistakes. The FBI blames Putin for its mistakes, claiming that it ignored the Russian warning about Tsarnaevs because the Russians didn’t put enough pressure on the FBI to do its job in protecting the American citizens.

    A proper solution for Americans is to fire/get rid of the FBI leadership and the House Intelligence Committee chairman, and to order the new people to start paying attention to Russian warnings about Islamic terrorists, including the Chechen and the Syrian ones.

  2. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Kim, the Boston Marathon attack was NOT and attack on the USA, you little valley girl. This was simply an act by two dumbass homeboys who wanted to do something badass. And the only reason the American and Russian governments are capitalizing on through the media is only due to the fact that the two were Chechens. The U.S has nothing to do with Chechnya outside of morally supporting Russia during both wars, had they been linked to a larger group they’d have wasted their time. The older Tsarnaev got a big idea, and the baby Tsarnaev thought it was cool and went along with it. End of story.

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      beettlejuice, russian barbarity, obscenity and total grotesque is beyond imagination – read my lips – the Boston Marathon attack was concocted by putin and kgb, it is SO obvious. This is the first element of the bigger plan – Putin’s final solution for all Muslim and non-russian nations within Russia by slow perfidious process of destruction, putin know that the open military conflict – a civil war – will be the end of russia in its present size and form. By using Chechens to kill innocent Americans, and connect the Chechens to Bin Laden, putin wants to discredit and destroy Chechens’ legitimate aspiration for independence from russia, put an equal sign between international, al-quaida controlled muslim terrorists and Chechnia’s legitimate struggle for independence from russia. Watch this space; within the next few months, putin will orchestrate another al-quaida connected, islamist terrorist attack, most probably in the Western Europe – the aim; again, totally destroy any support for Chechnia in the Western Europe in their strive for independence. The next time the muslim terrorists, connected with Bin Laden will be of Dagestani or, most probably Tatar origin. One should NEVER forget that Tatarstan is de facto an independent state; its independence was declared by Yeltsin, and retrieved by putin. Step two; has already started, massive arrests of muslim within russia; apparently about 400 muslims were arrested in moscow’s mosque alone. This is just the beginning…And you are saying that the US ‘morally supported the two Chechen wars – it could only come out of the foul mouth of a russian slave; the decendent of all those millions russian half-animals without any dignity, selfrespect, and honor, who marched to the gulags to be destroyed by their own barbaric government just to keep the comatose russian ’empire’ in one piece. This is the BEGINNING OF THE STORY!!!!

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Yawn… Why do Psheks never synopsize??

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        “the Boston Marathon attack was concocted by putin and kgb, it is SO obvious.”

        The only thing obvious here is that you’re reporting events taking place in Fantasyland. My offer still stands, if you’re interested in knowing more about what happens down on Earth, don’t hesitate to ask.

        “And you are saying that the US ‘morally supported the two Chechen wars – it could only come out of the foul mouth of a russian slave”

        Actually it came out of the mouths of the U.S leaders themselves, shit-for-brains! Bill Clinton made repeated statements supporting “Russia’s territorial integrity” in regard to Chechnya. George W. Bush put men like Shamil Basayev, Aslan Maskhadov, and rebel leaders on the U.S list of terrorists. Obama likewise did the same with the current leader Dokka Umarov.

        Hey, did I ever mention I grew up on a street named in honor after the Polish community?
        It was called DEAD END.

        Did you here about the Polish terrorist who tried to blow up a car?
        He burned his mouth on the exhaust.

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          I meant “hear”, typo!

          How many Poles does it take to kidnap a child?
          12. One to kidnap the child, and the other eleven to write a ransom letter.

          • Actually, 23. It takes 11 more to translate the ransom letter into Russian so that the parents would understand the demands.

            • MCCUSA ⋅

              I have never met ANYBODY in Poland who really could speak properly russian language [or dialect rather], russian was used for being rude, vulgar or telling revolting russian jokies; really, why should ANYBODY learn that asiatic dialect; Engllish, French, German that is different matter these are EUROPEAN LANGUAGES…By the way, in every Central Asian countr;y Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, there are heavy fines for SPEAKING RUSSIAN….

          • MCCUSA ⋅

            beetlejuice, russian brainless baboon, you apparently are an expert on jokes. There are russian jokes spreading all over Central Asian countries like a bush fire, reflecting total contempt and hatred for everything russian… Do you know any of them dearie.??????????

          • MCCUSA ⋅

            Biedniaszka, what a humongous inforiority complex vis-a-vis Poland…Whatever you say you russians will ALWAYS be a russian/mongolian hordes dispised by the enire world…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Q: How many Psheks does it take to change a lightbulb?

          A: Can’t be done. As soon as the light goes out, an everlasting, incredible screamfest begins where the darkness is blamed on Russia.

          • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

            Wann ist Manfi’s Schwanz steif? NIE.

            It hangt immer ohne Leben wie eine stinkende Quaste.

          • MCCUSA ⋅

            manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, apparently there are russian jokes spreading all over Central Asian countries like a bush fier; reflecting total contempt, hatred and disgust with everything russian???? Should we ask our Central Asian friends to provide some???? Recently, you probably conveniently not aware, that putin gave a ‘medal of apeasement’ to Islam Karimov, the order of st. basily of moscow, if I am not mistaken, and as a token of gratitude, Mr. Karimov totally destroyed a russian orthodox church built in Uzbekistan by russians in 1989 – priceless…

        • MCCUSA ⋅

          beetlejuice, that picture in Russia Today of russian soldier during the 68th victory parade in moscow is priceless. The bednaszka russian soldier is doing ‘extreme goose stepping’ and it ended up as a split in the air… Who said that there no gay parades in moscow????????????????

  3. Minsky ⋅

    My take on this is different and assumes the attack was conducted by two disgruntled losers striking out on their own, which appears to have been the case.

    Instead, the coincidence that I find interesting is that information about the FSB having informed the FBI occurred at the same time that Putin’s cronies have begun to see their foreign holdings put at risk under the Magnitsky Act. This has hit a serious nerve in the Kremlin, as if the ban in Americans adopting Russian orphans didn’t already prove this. If you watched Russian TV, you could have caught a hilarious session on Rossiya with some of the named criminals awkwardly trying to “laugh off” the consequences of being listed. To which any normal person would think, ah…if being listed has no real impact, why are you being hauled onto national TV to say it? (Seriously, the Kremlin need to go back to propaganda elementary school.)

    I would hypothesize that the Kremlin leaked its having informed the FBI as a way to signal to US legislators, “hey, please don’t make the Magnitsky list longer than it already is, ok, because we both have to cooperate against terrorism.”

    And, to be honest, there’s actually some logic to this approach.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      “My take on this is different and assumes the attack was conducted by two disgruntled losers striking out on their own, which appears to have been the case.”

      Yes! Exactly! But I think the Magnitsky Act and the ban on Americans to adopt Russian children really just amounts to power play politics for the public; nothing more.

      • Minsky ⋅

        yes, it is power politics. the problem for the Kremlin is that they have two fronts to maintain, internal national politics and relations with the US.

        the Kremlin is behaving like an ill-behaved child who craves attention, simultaneously throwing temper tantrums while pretending not to care about the punishment. and then secretly whimpering for better treatment in the future.

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          As does the USA. Russia is ruled by mafia and couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of their human rights record, especially their U.S partners. But the U.S has to maintain its “human rights” image (and their partnership with Russia) and that’s all the Magnitsky Act is. I’ll bet anything that while those on the list aren’t allowed in the USA, they’ve got their share of trusted cronies to go in their place.

    • > Instead, the coincidence that I find interesting is that information about the FSB having informed the FBI occurred at the same time that Putin’s cronies have begun to see their foreign holdings put at risk under the Magnitsky Act.

      The information about the FSB having informed the FBI about Tsarnaevs and the FBI doing nothing to monitor them occurred right after the bombing. You find this a “coincidence”. When would be a “natural” time for the US public being informed about this? Before the bombing? Two months after?

      • Minsky ⋅

        You’re missing the point. The Kremlin WANTED this to be known. They need to feel needed.

        • Minsky,

          Kremlin wanted WHAT to be known? That several years ago they told the FBI to keep an eye on Tsarnayevs but the FBI didn’t? Of course it Kremlin wants it to be known. It shows FSB as the world leader in terrorism fighting and FBI as a bunch of arrogant incompetent fools. So what?

          • Minsky ⋅

            vlad, same thing, different spin. they think it shows the US that they are a valuable partner in the fight against terrorism, so the US will please stop with the Magnitsky list.

            • MCCUSA ⋅

              Minsky, all these grotesque attempts to make the USA pay attention to russia failed miserably – Russia is the thrid world country, going through the process of desintegration, with low grade civil wars all over its territory, starving population, ecological catastrophies, dying russian language, and total moral collapse..The whole world knows that, except russia…..

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                MCCUSA has once again forgotten that there is no English word that’s spelled “desintegration”. Likewise, the plural tense of “catastrophe” is “catastrophes”, pure and simple. It’s quite conspicuous here that there is a “Dying Language Problem” at the hands of Pshek imbeciles, most notably to the detriment of the English language. Since MCCUSA makes no attempts at writing in Russian, the latter language is thankfully being spared that fate.

                As regards the prospect of Russia’s “total moral collapse”, I guess it translates to “MCCUSA will continue to commit himself wholeheartedly to Russia as before”. Putin — beware!

                • MCCUSA ⋅

                  Just to refresh your memory, manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, the greatest decolonisation and derusiffication in the human history is taking place in front of our eyes it started, of course with the Polish Solidarity of 1980ties. About twenty minutes after the collapse of the USSR, all Central Asian ex-soviet republics dropped russian language like a hot potatoes, just to humiliate russia even more they discarded cyryllic alphabet and adopted the LATIN ALPHABET. Since the collapse of the soviet union over 4 million russian were expulsed from the Central Asian countries. The way Putin deals with Central Asian problem is indeed admirable, volodzia ‘bestowed’ upon Islam Karimov the order of vasyli of moscow order just to apease Mr. Karimov. Although mr. Karimov proudly wears the medal of vasyli of moscow, he expressed his gratitude to the russian people in the very peculiar way; Mr. Islam Karimov blowed out the russian orthodox church in the center of Uzbek capital built by mr. putin rather recently [1989] – just to remind volodia putin who is the boss….

  4. I believe there is reason to question vigorously whether Putin approved of, knew about, or created the climate of impunity for, a situation where the Boston bombing was either scripted from the start by Russian intelligence, or whether it allowed nature to take its course.

    Incredibly, in all the intense criticism of the FBI “dropping the ball,” few are asking why the FSB *held* the ball. If it is true what Dagestani anti-extremism center police officials are saying, that Tamerlan Tsarnaev met Nidal, the 18-year-old militant killed in a firefight with Russian forces, then why didn’t the FSB tell the FBI, “Hey, this permanent resident in the US has been meeting with a guy we assassinated”. From all accounts, they did NOT tell the US anything remotely like that, but talked about Youtube videos and chat. If it’s true that there are connections between Tsarnaev and Plotnikov, the Canadian citizen whom the Russians also killed in gun battles with militants in Dagestan, how come they didn’t give *that* detail to the FBI! Might have made quite a difference!

    I wondered if the motivation for the Boston bombing — if Russian intelligence did have a hand in it — was retaliation by Kadyrov and/or Putin for the Magnitsky List.

    You’ve suggested a far more serious and therefore plausible reason for teaching the US a lesson, and that’s Syria and the US decision to fund opponents to the Russian-backed Assad.

    So far, regardless of whether the KGB’s successors in the Kremlin and on down scripted or let this bombing just happened, they profit — closer cooperation on terrorism, and closer scrutiny and even suspension of travel or study or political asylum seeking in the US of Chechens and others from the former Soviet Union.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      The Boston Marathon bombing had NOTHING to do with Russia, anymore than the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. There was no connection between Moscow and a couple of young failure homeboys looking for kicks. I take it you suspect EVERY act of violence in the USA is master-minded by their Russian friends?

      • MCCUSA ⋅

        Boston bombing has EVERHTING to do with Russia; putin instigated the Boston bombing using CHECHENS to discredit totally in the eyes of the Western world ANY hopes of independence for North Caucasian countries/nations under russian yoke – make them the closest collaborators of Bin Laden. The next putin’s bombing will take place probably in Western Europe; the terrorists’ nationalities will be either Dagestanis, or, most probably Tatars from Tatarstan [you russian excrement, beetlejuice, probably remember that Tatarstan’s independence was OFFICIALLY recognized by Yeltsin] …At the same time putin instigated conflicts and killings among Ingush, Dagestganis, Chechens, Ossetiens, and the rest of the North Caucasion nations to justify the planned total destruction of those nations. By the way, russia is beyond embarrassment, and total contempt; the latest ‘actions’ with the American spies shows how weak, and truly deadly sick Russia is. Read my lips, beetlejuice, you revolting, brainless russian baboon; nobody pays attention to the idiotic, pathetic and totally grotesque activities by dying and shrinking russia…By the way, Islam Karim ‘received’ a medal from putin- the medal of st. bazyl of moscow, and as a token of gratitude Mr. Karimov levelled and totally destroyed a russian orthodox church built by russians in 1989 – it is called ‘successful russia’s policies in Central Asia’ heh, heh, heh……PRICELESS…

        • MCCUSA ⋅

          By the way, beetlejuice, brainless russian baboon, I saw the ‘magnificent’ picture taken at the 68th ‘victory parade’ in moscow. The russian soldier ‘doing extreme goosestepping’ that ended up as a split in the air. Who said that there are no gay parade in Moscow ????????????????????

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            “Who said that there are no gay parade in Moscow ????????????????????”

            Obviously, since he landed on Uranus afterwards.

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          “Read my lips, beetlejuice, you revolting, brainless russian baboon; nobody pays attention to the idiotic, pathetic and totally grotesque activities by dying and shrinking russia”

          You do a good job, enough to talk endlessly out of your ass about it. I appreciate the update, but as I said news on Earth make more sense to me than in Międzymorze, Poland, Fantasyland.

          Did is hear about the Polish guy who was so scared that he pissed and soiled his pants?
          He was locked in the toilet.

          Why was the Polish guy holding up the line at the Dollar Store?
          He wanted a price check on all his items.

          How about that Polish guy who got fired from his job at the M&M’s factory?
          He was caught throwing away the W’s.

          But isn’t it true that M&M’s have been known to frustrate Polaks?
          They can’t put them in alphabetical order.

          • MCCUSA ⋅

            beetlejuice, what a pleasure to see that humongous, cosmic, incurable inferiority complex vis-a- vis Poland why or why, poczemu, poczemu????? Perhaps because you russians are simply the missing links?????

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          As long as MCCUSA’s silly, pathetic life continues, there is at least one creature pestering the planet forever paying attention to Russia and nothing but Russia. MCCUSA: Are you sex-starved now that Ratzinger has resigned?

          • MCCUSA ⋅

            talking about sex-starved cyryl of russia, the kgg patriarch; is he stil touching his genitalias while praying russian style. Forehead, huy, right arm left arm. Gospdin pomilyui how revolting….

          • MCCUSA ⋅

            manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, I agree with you totally I am the ONLY person who talks about russia. The rest of the world simply ignore that sh#%t hole called russia. Am I right or am I right Dearie????

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Answer: You’re a Pshek looking for people of your own stature. Indeed, around here everybody is wholeheartedly committed to Russia 24/7. Hence, you’re positively not the only one babbling non-stop about it.

              Putin is a clever Russian, and you’re a clever Pshek. Clever Russians make it to the top in world politics; clever Psheks make it to LaRussophobe 😀

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      Catherine Fitzpatrick, ask yourself one question and one question ONLY. Can ANYBODY leave russia without putin and kgb recruiting them as an agents??. I don’t think so – it is another sick attempt by putin to play ‘global power’ it is truly beyond pathetic….

  5. For once that Pooty Poot Poutine and Barry O’Bummer do something right…one must rejoice at the raghead massacre in Syria…WHAT A WONDERFUL WAR!!!
    (Rags have murdered a billion people since the rapist Mohamed)

    Hell’ spawn whacked!



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