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Russia, Proven Barbarian

The latest Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index is out.

It ranks 162 world nations for peacefulness. Iceland is the world’s most peaceful country.  The USA is #100.

And Russia?

Russia is a shocking #155. Only seven world nations (Congo, Pakistan, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan) are more violent than Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Russia is one of only ten world nations to be depicted in blood red ink on the map of world peace created by VOH.

6 responses to “Russia, Proven Barbarian

  1. Auriga ⋅

    I have a better, more transparent, formula for peace index.

    Divide military budget by space research budget.

    So NASA (2014) – $17.7B
    Pentagon(2014) – $512B

    Roskosmos(2013) – 167.7B rub
    Russian military(2013) – 2141B rub

    Divide: 28.9 for US, 12.7 for Russia.
    Russia is less than half as militaristic as US

    • larussophobe ⋅

      What you say makes no sense whatsoever. Spending money on weapons is not the same as using weapons to kill. That is what VOH is measuring. And the USA isn’t rated highly on this study, it is barely top 100. So you can’t possibly say it is biased. Russia has far, far more killing and violence than the USA does, it is the most violent place on earth among advanced nations.

      We are glad to know, however, that you reject the absurd fantasy of “purchasing power parity.” Under that system, the two sets of numbers would be much closer.

      If you wanted to be fair, you’d estimate what percent of GDP the US spends on weapons, and compare that to Russia’s percentage. Doing that you’d find out they’re almost identical.

      But you don’t want to be fair, do you?

  2. Vanko ⋅

    The Internet is full of such people like Auriga that comment under unpleasant materials about Putin’s Russia. Their number increased dramatically after the protests in 2011. Good investment m-r Putin. Haha

  3. Vanko ⋅

    And yes these people like Auriga are payed by Kremlin. This is in the blood of the Russian’s tradition since centuries – conspiracy, agents, spies, operations … always in the name of “Mother Russia”, but in fact always in favor of the current dictator.

  4. The violent locales in the USA is where the Obamunist mafia of the Democrat(communist) party reign…Detroit, Chicago, LalaLand, Noo Yack…etc…Elsewhere, the US is the most quiet place in the world…no different than Canada or Switzerland..

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