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Putin Leads Russia into the Dark Soviet Past

Two stunning new laws have recently emerged from the Russian parliament.

The first makes it a crime for anyone to offend the feelings of a religious believer. It’s perfectly clear that this law will only be be applied to protect the “feelings” of believers in the Russian Orthodox Church, certainly not those of, for instance, followers of Jehovah’s Witness or Islam.

The second makes it crime for anyone to let anyone else know he/she is homosexual.  Germany has already officially condemned this barbaric leap backwards for Russia, one that only makes the nation more and  more of an isolated international pariah.

Combined with Russia’s existing law making “extremism” illegal, this trio of laws has Russia marching in goose-step rapidly into its dark neo-Soviet past.  As Russia has shown with the Khodorkovsky and Navalny prosecutions, it’s easy enough to simply accuse a political enemy of financial misconduct and send him to jail for a decade or more.  But what if a certain political enemy doesn’t have significant financial dealings?  Then you need other measures, and the terrible trio of laws fills this bill nicely. It can easily be used to chuck anyone into a concentration camp at any time.

As the civilized world moves in the direction of permitting homosexuals to marry, Russia moves in the opposite direction.  As the world becomes more multicultural and diverse, Russia seeks only homogeneity.  We have even begun to see Russia exile its dissidents just as happened during the dark days of the USSR, when the likes of Solzhenitsyn and Russia’s best and brightest were forced to flee or be jailed or killed. In recent days two major figures on the Russian political scene, Sergei Guriev and Garry Kasparov, have announced they’ve left Russia for good.  The trial of Alexei Navalny in Kirov shows that their fears of arrest and persecution are hardly imaginary.

Truly, those who cannot remember history are doomed to repeat it. Russians have chosen to be ruled by a proud KGB spy, and it is utterly predictable that he would do all he can to return Russia to its Soviet “glory” days, even though those days led to national downfall, collapse and disgrace.

Putin’s main change from the days of the USSR has been ideological. Where the USSR persecuted religion, Putin has co-opted it.  Where the ideology of the USSR was communism, Putin’s ideology is Russian orthodoxy.  Apparently he feels this was the one error made by the Soviet overlords, that the USSR would not have met its end if it had taken a different stance on the church.

5 responses to “Putin Leads Russia into the Dark Soviet Past

  1. TRex

    Guriev has recently clarified his position by stating that he is on a one year sabbatical and would be open to returning to Russia if the Investigative Committee were to clarify their position. It’s probably not a good idea to lump Guriev an economist in with Kasparov with is a vocal opposition leader. The harassment of Guriev was more likely a message to Medvedev and his crowd. Normal politics in the Kremlin.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      “It’s probably not a good idea” to talk about Guriev returning to Russia before he’s done so. In fact, it sounds rather ridiculous. Putin HIMSELF already stated that Guriev would not face charges, but he did not return. It’s CLEAR that Guriev is NOT on a “sabbatical” because no such thing was planned prior to the threats he got from the Kremlin, so that suggestion is unworthy of serious consideration.

      Guriev WAS a vocal critic of the Kremlin. The fact that he didn’t march in the street with Limonov and Zyuganov made him MORE dangerous to the Kremlin, not less.

      The story you refer to is here:

      You might have mentioned that Guriev was being SPIED ON at the time he made this statement, and could well have feared ASSASSINATION like Litvinenko. That’s one possible reason for him to “clarify his position.”

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Excuse me for possibly being impertinent, but what exactly was “dark” about the Soviet past? And excuse me for being OUTRIGHT impertinent by giving away the correct answer:

    It’s all about political independence. The Soviet Union, just like today’s Russia, is not under the jackboot of the Western bankster cabal masquerading as “The International Community”. It would be tempting to conclude that’s all there is to Western Russophobia — to wit, a conceived affront to Westerners’ plain bigotry and vainglory. But that would be to miss the point since, deep down, Westerners KNOW they are bribed, pampered parasites living off of other peoples’ labour output and natural resources. If Russia stays the highly successful course of Putin (same thing with Lenin and Stalin before him), then ailing Western imperialism will not only be flatly denied Russia’s wealth but — God forbid — facing The Ultimate Horror of being cut off from that of the Third World. Western baboons, after all, have very little to show for themselves without “The International Community” doing the work for them.

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