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New Low for Russia: Vladimir Putin is a Common Thief


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  Today you may think you’ve seen Russia do something so repugnant and vile that it could not possibly sink any lower. But tomorrow, Russia will do something so much worse that you will not be able to believe you thought Russia was low before.

Robert Kraft, owner of the NFL team the New England Patriots, has just revealed that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin stole his Superbowl ring.

You read that right:  Putin is a common thief.

And why did Putin steal the ring? Because he admired its beauty? No. In Putin’s words, he did it because he could “kill somebody” with it.

Kraft was forced by the Bush administration to say publicly that the ring was a gift in order to avoid a diplomatic incident, but now he is breaking his silence and wants his precious memento returned.

In other news, Putin refused to return precious holy books to their rightful owners.  So it’s multiple counts of theft.

This is a new low in the history of a country that is full of abysmal new lows.  How can Russians look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they are ruled by a man of such wretched character?

UPDATE: Upon learning of Kraft’s complaint, a gentleman would have put the ring on a plane and had it back in the owner’s hands within 24 hours. A true gentlemen would have included a gift and note of apology for any misunderstanding.  What did Putin do? He accused Kraft of being a weirdo welsher and kept his clutches on the ring.  Is it any wonder that with such an example Russia remains the most corrupt major civilization on the planet?

39 responses to “New Low for Russia: Vladimir Putin is a Common Thief

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  2. “In Putin’s words, he did it because he could “kill somebody” with it.”
    What a bunch of BS. It’s just a common saying in the Russian language, “it’s so big I accidentally can kill someone with it”. Looks like he was just trying to joke a little, unfortunately an untranslatable joke. Either Kraft did hand it as a gift, or there was some misunderstanding and Kraft just silently watched Putin leaving the room because he had no balls to say “give my ring back”.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      So the person to blame when property is stolen is the owner? How Russian! No wonder the country is such a magnificent success!

      So it’s appropriate to make jokes about killing in front of a group of visiting foreigners? Similarly, as Putin joked about rape? How Russian! No wonder the country is such a magnificent success!

      Just out of curiosity, what WOULD Putin have to do before you’d admit he’d done something horrible? If he killed and ate some children right before your eyes would you still have an explanation of why it’s perfectly understandable?

      Perhaps one day Russians will learn to stop justifying failure and instead correct problems when the arise. Until then Russia will continue down the road to national collapse followed by the USSR.

    • henni leen ⋅

      That the kremlin godfather could make such a telling observation is no suprise. As a former kremlin kgb enforcer it probably reminded him of one of the more basic tools of his trade – the knuckle duster.
      Plus now the suitably impressed serfs can better kiss the ring when ushered into the godfathers presence 🙂

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    >> How can Russians look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they are ruled by a man of such wretched character? >>

    Easy enough, honey: Most of them don’t read your fabulous blog. In fact, this disinterest on their part indeed forms the very apex of pure vileness, doesn’t it?

    Corollary question: How can Western supremacists have faith in their own dying Empire when not even La Russophobe seems to be able to reverse the decline of the West?

    • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

      Aber Sehr Geehrte Herr Professor Kleinschwanz (und Kleingehirn auch), your hallucinations about the death of the Western Empire are a bit premature.
      It looks like the strategy of your idol and the BOTTOMFEEDER IN CHIEF – Vladimir Putler of making Rosha the monopolist supplier of energy material to EURABIA and a leader of a mega oil/gas cartel to keep their prices on an artificially high level is COLLAPSING and Putler himself doesn’t command the same level of respect and support among the SILOVIKI as before.
      This is due to an virtually explosive technological progress in an extraction of shale oil and gas in America, Israel and elsewhere and the rush of otherwise cretinised European regimes to begin an extraction of their own recently discovered vast deposits of oil and gas.
      So maybe your VLADYKA Vlad the Bloody Putler will still have some extra bucks to finish the gold platted toilets in his palace in Crimea, however it seems that he won’t be able to rebuilt the Communo-Fascist Imperial military to its former (vastly artificial) power.
      Hence the disappointment of SILOVIKI with Putler.
      Perhaps he will be able to keep himself in power a bit longer by increasing his chances of building the PUTLERIST dynasty when he decided to dump his BABUSHKA and take a younger slave as the new Mrs Putlerina.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Great! Mission accomplished, at long last. Manfred Steifschwanz, on behalf of La Russophobe, wishes to thank all its faithful contributors for having brought Russia to its knees. The blog has fulfilled its purpose and will hence be terminated in a few days’ time (not).

    • larussophobe ⋅

      So you’re saying Russians simply don’t know, and won’t learn, that their president is a common thief?

      How sad, for so many people in such a large country to be completely ignorant!

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Exactly little lady; “sad” is to put it very mildly indeed. One could easily condone such ignorance, however shocking, if there weren’t any enlightenment around. But to stay ignorant in the age of La Russophobe’s earth-shattering blog — that’s deliberate vileness on the part of the ignorants, turning the latter into outright scum.

        • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

          You seem to sound a bit depressed Dear Professor Kleinschwwanz. However cheer up; it is not the end of your RED (and wet) dream yet. It will take long time and enormous amount of blood of innocent people before your lord and idol is gone.
          Still as I’ve read many times that PUTLER has some forty billion dollar stashed in one of Luxembourg banks. So Putler and his new slave’s and eventually their litter’s financial future seems to be assured.
          In the worst case scenario, Putler can count on help of his friends Gerhard Schroeder and Joschka Fisher in his eventual bid to resettle in Germany where even Angela Merkel is too willing to lick Putler’s noble a**e

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          I always get a strain of Swedish summer melancholy when listening to the beautiful music of Ted Gärdestad (1956 – 1996) so don’t worry about me, darling.

          • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

            Well, in fact I worry. While observing how you, the Swedish communists, socialists and other idiots are allowing the Muslims to take over your (I’m not so sure that it is really yours, as I suspect you of being a former low ranking STAZI operative) otherwise beautiful country. It is highly possible that you will have to pay with your own a**e to stay alive in the new reality.
            Hence my worry…
            Greetings from CRETINISED Eunuchalia…

          • Robert Philip Hanssen ⋅

            Ted’s road to suicideRead an excerpt from the book about Ted | August 31, 2005  The inner voices compelled him to shred his hand with a cheese slicer – to avoid having to play music.For over ten years lived Gärdestad Ted and his relatives with schizophrenia, and shame.Finally took the beloved artist’s life.Now, however, his brother Kenneth, 57, the innermost family secrets in a new book.- Ted had probably torn me to pieces if I wrote this while he was alive, he says

  4. TRexTRex

    A cultural misunderstanding. I’m sure if he just asked for the ring back…

    • henni leen ⋅

      Of course it was a cultural misunderstanding.
      The kremlin godfather thought it was the customary bribe that is such a fundamental part of russian culture.

      • TRexTRex

        So. Ask for it back. Publicly. Like a man.

        • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

          He did. Go to Drudge Report and you will find it…

        • larussophobe ⋅

          If Putin were a gentleman he would not need to be asked. He would have the ring back in the owner’s hands within 24 hours of hearing about his displeasure, with a note apologizing for any misunderstanding.

          Instead, Putin (through an intermediary, yet) accused Kraft of being “weird” and refused to return the item, which is irreplaceable.

          Rationalizing conduct of this kind by a national leader is a grave error. A nation led by such a monster has no future, as the USSR did not. A president must be an example, not a cautionary tale.

  5. siber_troll ⋅

    America once again got acqainted with our traditions. it is not ignorance but total support and confidence in the strongest, cutest, most dangerous and athletic russian champion Putin.

    • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

      Dear siber_troll, unfortunately exactly the same cretinism is taking over almost every so called “Western” country, including my own Eunuchalia. In comparison with Putler our so called Prime Minister Julia Gillard is and absolutely grotesque witch and is damaging our country with much greater speed and enthusiasm than Putler.
      Having stated that, Obutthole (someone has called him that today on is even worse.

      • siber_troll ⋅

        found nothing bad bout Julia Gillard except she is socialist.

        • Bohdan ⋅

          What a grossly stupid remark you just made siber_troll! What “found nothing bad bout Julia Gillard except she is socialist.” ??? What are you just a plain stupid communist or a communist imbecile. Now which is it comrade?

          Go on stupid just read up on your beloved “Ju-liar, (turkey’s) Gizzards. And find out the real truth that;
          1. She was never voted in by the Australian electors! It was the faceless communist idiots that run most of the unions that did a fait accompli by getting rid of the electors choice of a voted in Prime Minister,

          2. The Australian Labor Party (ALP) in now packing the Sh*ts, as they understand that after the mid September election they will face at least three future elections as the opposition, that is public support is the lowest it has ever been for them,

          3. This Fabian Society member, who is an avowed communist, gets $40 000 a year more then the US president B. ‘O’Bummer’. Now just look at the size of the US economy and compere it to the Australian one, i.e. her only motto – as a true communist is – what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine! Period!!!

          4. I could go on ad mauseam about her bad points! But lack of time (and making my reply short, rather than long, precludes me doing so.)

          Dear comrade baboon read the Australian papers for a change to get a real picture of the state of affairs in Australia before putting ‘motto mouth’ into gear and making a fool of yourself – as you seem wont of doing regularly.

      • siber_troll ⋅

        strictly speaking comparing contemporary leaders with Adolf Hitler is not insult and not similar. he loved his nation and made all it could expand and prosper under civilized european law. the opposite of what makes the Russian Tsar with his population. after russian dying out vast lands will be free to take by world society

  6. jcihlarussophobe ⋅

    Mountain. Molehill. ’nuff said….

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You think the president of a country stealing a priceless diamond ring from a leading American businessman is a molehill? Obviously you learned morality in Russia, the most corrupt major civilization on the planet.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        If Russia is the most corrupt civilization on the planet, it should be quite easy for you to bribe yourselves into power. Someone less polite than me would perhaps have felt disposed to believe your footdragging and preposterous blathering were due to laziness, cowardice, and sheer incompetence, but I for one firmly believe you’re above corruption 😀

      • sjihlarussophobe ⋅

        Yawn. Another fact-free screechy retort. Russia 133rd out of 176 countries:

        But then, you qualified with “major civilzation,” which means you consider it above all the minor civilizations in the list.

  7. TRex

    You can stop clutching your pearls now Kim. Turns out Robert Kraft has dementia, or something. On to the next manufactured outrage!

  8. siber_troll ⋅

    looks like Bush’s administration feared Putin in 2005

  9. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “TRex ⋅ JUNE 17, 2013 AT 4:54 AM
    I’d rather drag my face through a bag full of hammers.”

    But, but, but…TRex, you do have the wits of a box of hammers!!!

  10. yasser

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