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Russia’s Bird of Youth takes Flight

Russian Youth

Voice of America reports (Russia-language link) that the Russian government’s own statistics show that the country’s population of young people, aged 15-29, had declined by over 6% since 2009.  It reports that the country’s Federal Agency for Youth Affairs believes the decline will accelerate in the coming years, so that Russia will have only 25 million young people, one-quarter fewer than in 2009, by 2022.

The vast majority of this age range in 2022 will be those born in the Putin years.  Someone aged 15 in 2022 was born in 2007 and someone aged 23 in 2022  was born in 1999, when Putin took power as prime minister.  Only those aged 24-29 would be outside the Putin period. So Putin can’t possibly foist the burden of this decline on Boris Yeltsin, nor can he claim these are “russophobic” statistics because they are generated by his own regime.

Of course, if the Putin regime is willing to admit things are this bad, do you dare imagine how bad they really are?

VOA points out that one in five of Russia’s precious remaining youth want to emigrate from Russia, especially for school.  Russian universities routinely fail to register on the list of the world’s best, because they are plagued by corruption, low wages and low budgets.

12 responses to “Russia’s Bird of Youth takes Flight

  1. sjihlarussophobe ⋅

    So, I’m a ponderin’. What does it all mean? Did the scribbler investigate what the cause is, or simply blindly attacks a statistic as “Putins fault?” Yes some will leave Russia, but is this the whole story? I think not. I’ll leave it to the intrepid “Solzhenitsyn” to discover.

    “Russian universities routinely fail to register on the list of the world’s best, because they are plagued by corruption, low wages and low budgets.”

    Also an oversimplification at best, and blatantly false at worst. Russian universities are not accredited in the same ways as other international universities, which makes them difficult or impossible to compare on the same standard. True, the “plagues” do exist, but this is NOT why Russian universities “fail” to register on the list. Why do so many non-Russian students flock to these institutions if they’re so horrible?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      The data speaks for itself. It clearly shows, and the source is RUSSIAN, that births under Putin are leading to a huge dearth of young people ten years from now. It’s obvious that you blindly attacked this post without reading it, and as such you are a tremendous hypocrite.

      The problem of young people leaving is separate and apart from that. But why wouldn’t they leave? When they see icons of youth like Pussy Riot and Navalny being sent to prison? When they see inflation double in the past year, and growth fall by half? When they see Putin’s policies alienate every major nation of the world, leaving Russia with only pariah nations like Iran and Syria to call “friends”?

      You offer ZERO evidence to suggest that the data reported here is wrong and ZERO defense of Putin’s policies.

      Just look at Russia’s count of Nobel prizes if you want to see how good Russian universities are. Russia has VIRTUALLY NONE, and virtually no significant consumer products moving in international commerce. The whole world can see the abject failure of Russian universities, which is hardly surprising since professors are paid slave wages and forced to teach political curriculum. Just as Sergei Guriev what life is like in Russian academia today.

      • sjihlarussophobe ⋅

        Let me use language you can understand. You are a blithering dolt! You have a complete lack of integrity, and are simply a screaming idjit. Your arguments don’t address my comment, and you draw gross generalizations on the most idiotic minutia. You distort your argument in such a way that only the insane could make sense of it – which I’m certain categorizes you in that group. Who gives a flying F&#K about Nobel – even the complete shill-tool and serial mass-murderer Obomber got a “Peace” prize! This is your marker of higher society? You are one of the few people in the world claiming abject failure of Russian universities. You are an ignorant sheltered trust-funder who couldn’t make in the real world, which is why you continuously peck out this rubbish you call a blog. Have you ever been out of the Upper East Side?

        Next – you must be on a permanent acid trip if you think an incident like Pussy Riot would be handled any differently in Uh-merikka. Do you think for one minute if some group of kids went to the US of ‘Ey’s Presidential Church and pulled a stunt like that all the press, pundits and politicians woulda just said “awww, how cute..” The stormtroopers would have swooped in so quickly and pepper-sprayed, tased, and boot-throated them to make an example for the rest of you terrified fools in the country of scaredy-cats. This has absolutely ZERO impact on the cockamamie theory you hatched about “youth flight” from Russia.

        And – before you demand proof that I claimed your data is wrong, read my first comment – I never said the data was wrong. I said your ranting “analysis” (if you mean by analysis poop thrown by monkeys in a cage) mischaracterized the reasons why the data was the way it was.

        So, in your reply (if by reply you mean a scathing attack on a persons integrity and character because they disagree with something you “inferred” no matter how ham-fisted and shallow) you admit to the real issue of declining youth which negates the stupid point you made in the original asinine post.

        You are really a pathetic excuse for a human with all your bitterness and rage lashing out at anyone and everyone who doesn’t share your rather twisted point of view. I don’t know why I bother visiting the disgusting threads you litter the web with, maybe I just can’t tolerate foolish morons who try to sound like they’re some kind of educated expert while presenting non-factual, bigoted opinions on the verge of lunacy. But I guess I will soldier on in hopes of trying to add some balance into your far-fetched memes, lest the brain-dead Warcraft culture start to believe your fact-free spew.

        • MCCUSA

          silsdiurusophobe, Let me use the language you might understand:

          The greatest russian university IS; the Lumumba University that produced geniuses like Jacob Zuma, the present president of the South Africa – he ‘improved his education by attending three-month military courses in the USSR in 1978, and became member of the communist party of the USSR. On zuma’s biography, however, the facts of his ‘soviet period’ is hidden – it states that zuma has no education whatsoever Are you ashamed of your great university – the Lumumba university do tell silskrusophobe whoops manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo…

          • MCCUSA

            And, by the way, judging from your insane comments you are on krokodil , the improved russian heroin – is your skin developing a ‘reptile’ characteristics…

            • sjihlarussophobe ⋅

              You’re an A$$hole who knows less than the blog owner. I mean WTF is Lumamba U? IDIOT!!

              • MCCUSA

                BEETLEJUICEAUGIRGAMANFREDZIO@@#$%$PHOBE, I thought that you are all proud of the Lumumba university, created in the now-nonexistant USSR [you know that barbaric, obscene, and grotesque USSR created by retarded barbarians called russians]. I even met one African who studied there – his family sent a food parcels to moscow – the students at lumumba university were STARVING……

              • MCCUSA

                Although, the true education is being hidden in Jacob Zuma’s biography and I quote ‘NO FORMAL EDUCATION’, the president of South Africa, speaks fluent russian, was educated at Lumumba University, and trained as a KGB operative.. So, now everybody knows, the President of South Africa is a Russian agent and KGB operative…..

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  Mr. Jacob Zuma obviously rated Lumumba University higher than some Catholic Whoring School in Arschau, Pshekistan. This leads us to conclude the following:

                  Jacob Zuma is a highly intelligent South African — he made it into world politics. MCCUSA is a highly intelligent Pshek — he made it all the way to La Russophobe. The bottom line here is, of course, that even the best and brightest Pshek appears quite retrograde regardless of with whom the comparison is being made.

        • ockrazor ⋅

          I don’t really agree with your characterizations of the U.S. of m-f’in A, but otherwise, I think your comments are on-point. Well said.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Soooo…that moron Fred Pissette molle has a crush
    on Jackass Zooma!!!

    See what the South Africans say of rotten Jackass Zuma:

    “* Agang leader Dr Mamphela Ramphele on Saturday said South Africa deserved a better president than Zuma. “We deserve to have a president who knows that it is wrong to steal money meant for RDP houses to build himself a R205 million palace,” Ramphele told a cheering crowd of supporters at the Tshwane Events Centre.

    * Ronnie Kasrils, a former minister cabinet for 15 years, said that compared to former president Thabo Mbeki, Zuma was “so bereft of his sophistication and ability, that we are all the time somersaulting down to the dust below”.

    When asked by a member of the audience to “take a deep breath” and consider the gross mistakes committed under Mbeki’s watch as well, Kasrils was even more scathing in his response.

    “People will deride Mbeki on the Aids issue, on Zimbabwe. Are we deriding him on corruption, on the kinds of errors that we see taking place over and over again now, each time becoming worse?

    “I will stand up and defend a man who is not corrupt. I will defend his lifestyle and the way he lives in a residence in Killarney that is on a par with all of you and in which the state probably put in a million rand to build up the security of that place and not R200m in the outback.”

    * ANC member and former supporter Kenny Kunene called Zuma a ruthless monster and tyrant.

    * DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko said Zuma had failed to earn respect from opposition parties and the people of South Africa, as he built “a palace” for himself in Nkandla and “allowed” a jet chartered by the Gupta family to land at the Waterkloof Air Force Base.

    At the launch of her party in Pretoria yesterday, AgangSA leader Ramphele said accountability began with the country’s president.

    “We deserve to have a president who knows that it is wrong to steal money meant for RDP houses to build himself a R205m palace,” Ramphele said.

    “We have a right to know what kind of business is being done between officials, their families and the government.”

    She said the government was destroying the country’s economy. “The fact is this, government cannot be trusted to run our economy.

  3. Auriga ⋅

    This merely means that baby boomers of 80th are not youth anymore and the kids of 90th are not numerous enough to fill the gap.
    In the last decade, Russia has shown increasing birthrate, decreasing mortality from murders, suicide and traffic accidents. So everything will be fine, eventually. We survived the so called Russian cross.

    The deficit of the workforce can hit the economy though. But so far the outlook is good: – map of investment projects in Russia. As you can see, oil and gas is just a minor part of these.

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