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Zigfeld Publishes Column #100 at PJM

Over at the massive Pajamas Media blog, LR publisher/founder Kim Zigfeld publishes her 100th column.  For the occasion, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has thoughtfully offered June 2013, the very worst month of his entire life, for her to examine detail by excruciating detail.

21 responses to “Zigfeld Publishes Column #100 at PJM

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    >> His hatred of the U.S., and liberty, is palpable >>

    Sounds great to me. What’s the problem? Keep in mind that Putin’s utter contempt of “The International Community” and its silly hangers-on is precisely what’s boosting his popularity domestically as well as globally. Western supremacists seem to believe that being 100% self-opinioned is a sign of strength. For anybody with at least half a brain, suchlike mentality simply amounts to outright, preposterous self-deception.

    Keep on moaning and groaning courtesy of “The international community”, honey. Putin and the Russian people are greeting you with, ahem, “refined amusement” to put it mildly. They won’t ask for your help; nor will they ask you to “get a life”, knowing full well that to Western baboons, useless work dedicated to the production of complete utter trash is exactly what makes life worth living.

    • MCCUSA

      ‘His hatred of the U.S. , and liberty, is palpable..We do understand dearie, how volodzia pucin feels, after all, russia was dropped like a hot potatoe by the USA, to its right status of a third world country, despite the blackmail russian style, e.g., Syria, Turkey, Egypt, etc. The latest being Edward Snowden, is the most pathetic; By the way, if poor Snowden is kept at the public toilet at Sheremetevo, he is in the excrement up it his eyebrows; it is really worse then death….

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Did YOU write this, MCCUSA?

        >> Moje podróże odbywały się tylko w samolotach radzieckich. To wspaniałe maszyny i cudowna obsługa. Nie wiem, o co wam chodzi w tym pytaniu >>

  2. Bohdan ⋅

    Thank you LR for another excellent article on the evil’s that Putinism is! And what a failure he is as the latest ‘fuehrer/vozd’ of this communist non entity, which will likewise fail like the defunct/previous U.S.S.R. did.

    Trouble is that we get imbeciles of Manfred Limpdick’s caliber, whose mentality cannot differentiate between western truth and communist lies when he expounds his sick propaganda, which he abounds in ad nauseam. His cardinal rule is that black is white and white is black.

    His other big problem is that he judges people by his own stupidity, speaks for all communist idiots and twists facts to support his bizarre and warped mentality of the greatness that that murdering and oppressive communism was and still is.

    Rave on El Stupido Manturd, you’r always good for a sick laugh! But only at your expense, comrade!

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    En revanche, j’avoue bien que comparé à ces foutus bougres d’imbéciles qui font son “entourage” ici, Mme. Zigfeld néanmoins n’est pas complètement incapable de s’exprimer par écrit. Mais c’est aussi évident que son genre d’écriture semble d’attirer de tels cons — en voilà un joli spectacle!

    Bohdan, ton cerveau est vide
    C*est-à-dire que t’es stupide
    Manfred Steifschwanz au contraire
    C’est un homme de savoir-faire
    Quelle belle chance pour toi enfin
    Manfred veut te rendre sain

    • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

      Aber Main Teuerste und Liebste Herr Professor Manfred Arschfurz. Are you gloating over you alleged multilingual abilities that you have apparently acquired on the STASI courses again? You should bear eternally in your proud mind that those courses have been funded and paid for by blood, sweat and tears of millions upon millions of slaves of the so called “international community” united in one universal “worker’s paradise” that the CzK/ NKVD/ KGB/FSB has helped to create and that one of its proudest operatives is the very Vlad Putler who is now renouncing the same idea of “internalised” community?
      That is a bit hypocritical from Vlad the Putler, isn’t it?
      So is from the former enthusiastic spreader of international ideas like the proud STASI operative Proff. Manfi Kleinschwanz himself.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      Hey imbecilic Herr Arschfurz how many times must you be told that this is an ENGLISH BLOG! Hence your Google translate carry no weight and impress no one AND I SIMPLY REFUSE to waste any of my precious time in trying to decipher the trash you excel in dreaming up.

      ” Bye, bye for now “du gross dumn arschlo!” In the meantime, back to those utter trash teachings by those two idiots, Herren Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels. You’re one of the few stupid enough to believe that ‘bull sh*t.”

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Haha, mon pauvre con: Tu resteras mon plus fidèle lecteur jusqu’à la fin du monde — il n’y a tout simplement pas quelqu’un d’autre pour toi. Quant à Messieurs Marx et Engels, pas question en ce qui concerne leur tenacité et perspicacité par rapport à des mollasses comme toi, Bohdanito. Cependant, je trouve le Marxisme trop imbibé de chauvisme occidental; donc l’impotence de la gauche ici. Je préfère les Bolchéviques et les nationalistes du Tiers monde.

  4. Beetlejuice ⋅

    More like her 100th sack of bullshit. Look at the USA, Kim. The dominos are falling and gays are being granted the right to marry. And yet you say Putin is fighting against your’s, Bogdan’s, and Bohdan’s interpretation of “American values”?

    • MCCUSA

      Beetlejuice, putin is fighting FOR sending all 90 million russians back to the gulags [including you, by the way, in case you are too stupid to realize it] in futile attempt to keep russia in one piece ….

    • MCCUSA

      Beetlejuice, the dominos are falling, China is retaking its own territory stolen by russia, country of Northern Caucasus heading for the independence, as the rest of the non-russian nations, including Tatarstan, Volga Tatars and the rest. Central Asian republics kick out 5 million russian invaders, dropped russian language and cyryllic alphabet, adopted LATIN ALPHABET and English language as a language of business, billions of dollars leave russian through the ‘successful’ Custom Union member; Belarus and Kazakhstan, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the russian language becomes the local dialect…My favorite; the bronze ‘soviet soldiers’ monument, moved from the center of Latvia now guard the public toilet…

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