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Spectacular Russian Failure at Wimby

Based on the draw at the All-England Club, at least three Russian women should have made the round of 16 this year at the world’s most important tennis tournament:  Maria Sharapova (#3), Maria Kirilenko (#10) and Nadia Petrova (#16).

But why be so pessimistic? Why couldn’t Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (#21) or Elena Vesnina (#22) or Elena Makarova (#27) have played heroically and taken out a higher ranked player or two? Shouldn’t Russia have hoped to have four or five players vying for spots in the quarterfinals?

Yes, they should. But when the rubber met the road not one Russian woman did so. Not. One.

Two Americans reached the round of 16.  A British woman made recent history and did so as well. But. Not. One. Russian.

Sharapova was booted out of the tournament in the second round in easy straight sets by a player not ranked in the world’s top 130.

Kirilenko did even worse, losing her very first match of the tournament to an unseeded rival.  Petrova did the same. Both Russians lost in easy straight sets, just like Sharapova. Not only did they lose, in other words, they lost disgracefully and pathetically.

Makarova was the only one of six seeded Russian players who didn’t humiliate her country; she managed to reach the third round and lost there to a much higher seed, pushing her opponent to a third set.

So once again, Russia was exposed as a total fraud when it comes to women’s tennis.  Another year, another epic collapse by the Russians. And let’s not forget that Russia’s “best” player, Sharapova, doesn’t even live in Russia and didn’t learn her game there, she emigrated to the USA as a child and hardly ever returns to Russia.

13 responses to “Spectacular Russian Failure at Wimby

  1. sjihlarussophobe ⋅

    Another predictably boorish tripe slung by the self-acclaimed ‘Russia Expert’. Transparent jealousy towards the hottest chicks in tennis today. Hopefully, the 5 loyal readers of this blog (if by ‘blog’ you mean a cage full of feces slinging apes) have a high enough IQ to see through it.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You mean these cows, right?

      And you do know the point of tennis is winning grand slam titles not being pretty, right?

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        One can readily imagine your achievements in either field, ma petite.

        • larussophobe ⋅

          By your diseased “logic,” one must be a successful blogger before one can comment on a blog. You’re not one, so you should shut up. Right?

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Terribly sorry (not) to hurt your feelings Kim, but I did receive this highly encouraging compliment last fall — “Nussiminen” being my nick of choice on the forum in question:

            >> Nussiminen, hats off. Honesty dictates I confirm that you are one of the most compelling bloggers on the entire WWW. I wish you’d take over this damned blog from its lazy initiators and give us a bit of peace of mind. >>

            Please note that the above quotation only included the first paragraph. I think I’ve got very good reason to hold you in utter contempt, honey. You’ve got quite a long way to go before you’ll ever hear something even remotely comparable.

            • Bohdan ⋅

              No big deal Manturd! This is a classic case of one imbecile i.e. ‘sjihlaturd ‘O’ phobe’ sing eye to eye with another like minded imbecile like you. PERIOD!!!

              • Bohdan ⋅

                Typo! the word ‘sing’ should actually read “seeing.”

              • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                Funny — I thought I was fuzzing with Kim. You seem to have the threads mixed up, Bohdanito 😀

                • Bohdan ⋅

                  Listen Comrade commo baboon! you gross Shithead of a Manturd this is LR’s blog and not your personal trash rag to sprout your brainless, lying and gibberish nonsense ad nauseam.

                  And a most definite NO, NO and No! APE – I most definitely do not ” have the threads mixed up” so put that in your pipe and smoke it “El Stupido!” Neither do I need your approval (thank God) to post here – ‘dear’ brainless Turkey!!!

        • MCCUSA ⋅

          Hey manfredzio, obosranye russkiye brakhlo, shouldn’t maria sharapova marry Matina Navratilova – they just make for each other… it would work like a charm….

      • Bohdan ⋅

        As an avid tennis buff, it was sheer pleasure to watch the professional ladies tennis players go about their allotted business of playing ‘pro’ tennis!

        Gone was that shrieking ersatz Moscal Sharapova grunting and verbally farting her way through her regular boring games, sets and match!

        I wish that magic and beautiful German lass Sabine Lisicki, all the best up to and including the final! Which on her current playing form she should achieve without a doubt.

    • Bohdan ⋅

      You don’t need to prove what an idiotic communist NERD you really are sjihlaturd ‘O’ phobe! Each time you write you succeed most admirably and beyond any doubt in this respect.

      And talking about a “cage full of feces slinging apes”? I guess that you are speaking from personal experience! Right comrade baboon???

      The other thing that surprises me is that you can actually count up to five. Surprise, surprise ‘darling’ baboon, wonders will never cease?

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