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Vladimir Putin, Party Crasher


Above you see a photograph of seven men and a woman, they are the leaders of the so-called “G-8” nations:  From left to right you have Japan, Germany, Russia, Britain, USA, France, Canada and Italy. One of these eight sticks out like a sore thumb, and it isn’t Germany because it’s represented by the only female. It’s Russia, in the person of Vladimir Putin.

Russia isn’t in the top 8 nations of the world when ranked for GDP.  China, India and Brazil all have more valuable annual economic production than Russia does, yet they are excluded from the G-8 and Russia is included.  If you evaluate GDP not in aggregate but in per capita terms, Russia is just a pathetic joke.   Russia isn’t in the top 45 countries of the world for per capita nominal GDP.

More importantly, Russia doesn’t share the G-8 values.  Not one — not one — of the other seven nations in the G-8 recognized Ossetia and Abkhazia as states after Russia annexed their territories from Georgia. Each and every one of these other nations condemned Russia’s outrageous act of imperialism against Georgia, Germany most vociferously.  Putin recently went on Russia Today, the Kremlin’s state-sponsored propaganda network, to denounce the nations of the West and their values. He was particularly brutal in his attack on the USA, the leader of the G-8 and by far the most powerful country in the world, calling it a nation of racist mass-murderers. He painted Russia as being engaged in a heroic, lonely struggle against the evil of Western values in the modern world.

Which is all well and good. Putin can hate the West all he likes, after all he is a proud KGB spy who spent his entire adult life prior to the collapse of the USSR working hard to destroy the West. But why is his KGB fox in the G-7 chicken coop?  Six of the G-7 nations (all but Russia and Japan) are members of a military alliance, NATO, whose formative purpose was to oppose Russian aggression in Europe.  Isn’t it completely insane for this group to allow an unrepentant KGB spy to participate in their meetings?

As we reported not long ago, Russia doesn’t stack up to the other G-8 countries when viewed in terms of quality of life provided to its citizens. Here, once again, it’s the black sheep.  The OECD has shown conclusively that Russia brings up a miserable and distant rear in every aspect of life that would matter to a G-8 citizen.

There’s only one possible legitimate reason for Russia to be in the G-8, and that would be if the other G-7 nations were going to use Russia’s membership as leverage to publicly press forward a human-rights agenda against Russia.  But at the recent G-8 summit, the craven G-7 countries did not such thing.  They ignored Russia’s barbaric crackdown on homosexuals, they ignored Russia’s barbaric crackdown on political dissidents like Alexei Navalny and Sergei Guriev and Garry Kasparov, and they ignored Russia’s barbaric support for the genocidal dictatorship in Syria.

So now, all the citizens of the G-7 nations must hang their heads in shame as Putin and his KGB minions laugh at us for being the fools we are.

26 responses to “Vladimir Putin, Party Crasher

  1. Maria Los

    Yes..he has no business being there, and yes, we are very stupid.


    What is Putin doing there? It is simple; the russian president is going through the packet of al of them, stealing – once a thief ALWAYS a thief…

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Me parece que los rusófobos se ponen cada día más nerviosos, jajaja. Putin juega lo suficientemente bien para pertenecer a ese club, Señores.

  4. sjihlarussophobe ⋅

    One (of the many) thing the author fails to realize is that Russia is a rather significant source of energy for the European part of the G-8, without whom the lights would simply go out. As for ‘stacking up’ for quality of life, just ask all of those in the wider FUKUS zone who are enduring crushing austerity how great it is. Your sheltered, trust-funder views on regular society are rather narrow, but like another wise (lol) Uh-merricun you can probably see Russia from your terrace window – so you know exactly what Russian life is like. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      Nice little blackmail, russian style is NOT GOING TO WORK ANY MORE, even Ukraine showed a middle finger to russia’s gas and oil threat…In case you haven’t noticed sdl#$phobe/manfredzio, gas and oil are EVERYWHERE, except to explore russian gas and oil needs billions of dollars more…try to think you little brainless russian baboon..

  5. dolly538 ⋅

    Yeah Russia must be expelled from G8, they are not even G100.
    It is preposterous that the Free World is allowing this red dwarf Putin to run his mouth. I was pleased to finally read yesterday that senators Schumer and McCain had noticed Russian belligerency. I would like to see this translated into concrete sanctions against Russia.

    Russia may not be literally THE worst dictatorship in the world, but their dictator is the #3 most influential politician in the world. These two factors combined, mean that Russia is the number 1 enemy of humanity, and the most urgent thing to shut down.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      The Red Dwarf outsmarts the Western petty bourgeoisie and its hangers-on as mercilessly as Brazil hammered Spain in the Confederations Cup final last night. Does that make Brazil “the number 1 enemy of the Spanish people”, perchance? No. Likewise, you shouldn’t try to make a virtue out of your blooming inferiority vis-à-vis honest, courageous, and highly intelligent people such as Vladimir Putin.

      “Concrete sanctions against Russia” — go try it, little honey. It’s plain to see that your all-out impotence and stupidity infallibly lead you into airing your phoney fantasies about “The international community” doing the work for you. Westerners simply don’t have the integrity it takes to dispense with the nostrums of their rulers; least of all to “make history” themselves.

      Vladimir Putin forever!

      • sjihlarussophobe ⋅

        The person who writes this blog (if by ‘blog’ you mean a hateful collection of screeds to demonize everything Russian), is the same person who writes the ‘answers’ to your comments under different alias’. It is clear to me now that this is the fantasy world of a truly twisted personality. We waste our time on this ‘charade of greatness’. This site is a complete and utter farce by a psychotic lunatic, kind of like the guy from Bates’ Hotel… Creepy

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Granted, this prodigious blog is a horribly vile, deep sewer of Western imbecility and depravity. But it’s definitely NOT a “one-swine-show”. The fact of the matter is that this kind of utter mental depletion is mainstream among Westerners; forever dumbed-down, self-opinioned, and arrogant (for as long as Western imperialism remains).

      • MCCUSA ⋅

        manfredzio, would you pass the congratulation to the Red Dwarf – another failed launch heh, heh, heh, it is called the russian ‘genius’ in working….

      • mccusa ⋅

        I love Islam Karimov, who was honored by putin and decorated with a medal of basil of moscow – to express his appreciation to mr. putin, Mr. Karimov blow out a russian orthodox church in the center of Uzbek capital – PRICELESS..What does it mean, manfredzio, obosranye russkioye barkhlo DO TELL…

  6. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    >> He was particularly brutal in his attack on the USA, the leader of the G-8 and by far the most powerful country in the world, calling it a nation of racist mass-murderers. He painted Russia as being engaged in a heroic, lonely struggle against the evil of Western values in the modern world. >>

    Although the links you provided don’t mention anything of the above, let it be known that:

    a) Yes, the US is the template that Nazi Germany slavishly plagiarized. Land-grabbing, lawlessness, enslavement, war, racist genocide, and — last but not least — a hideously ugly flag-waving home constituency of greedy, braindead, all-out parasites. However, thanks to the Soviet Union, the Germans got over their psychotic hubris; Amurrrkans not so. This is the task of Putin, Russia, and the world at large — see (b) below.

    b) No, Russia is definitely not alone in bringing down the West. Amusingly, the Western baboons sort of brought their misfortunes onto themselves by approving of their Masters’ neoliberal agenda. At the Kleinbürgers’ own discretion, taxes were cut and the imbecilic “post-industrial society” with no means to really sustain its, ahem, proud inhabitants’ wasteful lifestyles was hailed as “End of History”. But apart from that, Russia’s stature and prestige has peaked worldwide, because the vast majority of the world — not participating here, mind you — correctly perceives Russia and China as its main external source of support against Western imperialism’s stranglehold over their lives.

    c) I should be most grateful if you could provide corroborated facts regarding Putin’s choice of his words. It might well be that you, out of a suppressed sense of guilt, interpreted him the way you did.

    d) Whatever Putin said or did not say, he knows full well about (a) and (b) above. No secret to anyone but Western supremacists such as yourselves.

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      putin’s losing battle to keep russia together causes his total lack or restrain; his language used during the international meetings is total disgrace; it fit rather the language of ‘zaks’, ‘bolotnyie’, and other common criminal in good old gulag system..So, let’s have a reality check; Syberia is already Chinese, all Northern Caucasus is out of russia’s control, in spite of attrocities and barbarities commited against defenseless people of Chechnia. Only in russia can a sathrapa putin, pulverized the whole nation, destroy EVERYTHING and then name the main street in Grozny, after himself..but it is not an evening yet…For a time being putin is rebuilding Chechnia in preparation for the future intependence of Chechnia..The whole problems with Tatars; Tatarstan and Volga Tatars, who occupy huge, and most important part of so called ‘European Russia’ will be eventually russia’s downfall. Shall we mantion Karelia; the integral part of Finland, stolen from Finns not so long time ago…And the best example of russian barbarity is Konigsburg, a pearl of Baltic, a 1000-year old hanseatic city, the home of Emmanuel Kant, turned int the public toilet by the russian barbarians…Then the Central Asia just kicked out about 5 million of ethnic russians, dropped russian language and cyryllic alphabet and show the middle finger to volodia. This is called the fall of the ’empire’….Priceless..

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      China decided a while ago that russia will be a provider of natural resources to china; namely gas and oil. This is the first step for Chinese to conquer russia; it is just a continuation of the old great idea of merging the two communist ‘giants’ under China. According to this russia will become a chinese province…..

  7. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Did YOU write this, MCCUSA?

    >> Moje podróże odbywały się tylko w samolotach radzieckich. To wspaniałe maszyny i cudowna obsługa. Nie wiem, o co wam chodzi w tym pytaniu >>

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Come on, MCCUSA. What’s the problem? Forgot your Polish just like that?

      Q: How many Psheks does it take to conquer Russia?

      A: Only one — to wit, MCCUSA. But MCCUSA’s being kept
      at bay forever by Manfred Steifschwanz, and so the
      conquest will never happen.

      Q: How many Russians does it take to conquer Pshekistan?

      A: Presuming that MCCUSA remains stuck in front of his
      computer thanks to Manfred Steifschwanz, the Russians
      could empty the Psheks’ entire territory by asking the
      citizenry to come to Smolensk and show what happened
      in the Katyn forest. The trick worked just marvellously in
      April 2010 with all the Psheks’ own State bigwigs. The
      Pshek populace would be equally eager to go along 😀

      • MCCUSA ⋅

        manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, I saw the latest chinese/russian navy ‘maneuvres’ soo impressive…There was one little problem; THIS PATAHETIC MILITARY KABUKI THEATER LOOKED LIKE ONE OF THE SEA BATTLES DURING THE WORLD WAR II…It would take four drow\nes and twenty mintures to destroy this global power.. just in case you haven’t noticed you brainless russian baboon….

      • MCCUSA ⋅

        manfredzio, oboranye russkiye barakhlo, the picture of russian slaves marching to the gulags, by millions, like pigs to the slaughter, courtesy of the russian barbaric governments, russian tribes being almost totally slaughered by the ‘liberator of russia’ ivan the terrible, the soviet ambasador’s wife shoplifting at ‘the Selfredges of London’ or volodia pucin, stealing the $25,000 ring during the official visit to the USA in 2005 in front of shocked american officials make my day….So you russian barbarians commited a political murder you are so proud of – did this change ANYTHING in Russia???? I don’t think so, the staple diet of so called russian army is still DOG FOOD, ‘bielka i strielka, millions of russian dying a horrible death of alcoholism, hunger, Afghan heroin and krokodil, and russian language quickly turning into the local dialect make my day..Thank you, russia, for making the whole civilized world laugh…

    • MCCUSA ⋅

      manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, don’t you have ANY selfrespect, by writing this idiocy in Polish Language you are showing to us how primitive, barbaric, obscene, and TOTALY grotesque you russians are.. What a fiendish pleasure it is to see russia going down….

      • MCCUSA ⋅

        By the way, manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo; what went wrong with the latest sick putin/kgb concoction called ‘edward snowden’, the poor naive leaker is hiding at the public toilet at the sheremetevo airport. You know, of course, what does it mean – the poor bugger is sitting in the excrement up to his eyebrows….What a sophisticated, russian scheme…..Thanks for making us laugh again…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Four posts of boring, repetitive blather instead of the only truly able Pshek proudly conquering Russia in one fell swoop. What did I tell you? 😀

          • mccusa ⋅

            manfredzio, obosranye russkiye barakhlo, thanks for agreeing with my opinions on chinese/russian kabuki theater navy maneouvers, and all the rest of the topics. By the way, a great news, in the city of Katowice, in Poland, monument dedicated to the ‘russian liberators/agreessors will be removed from the center of the city. Finaly – it took fifty years to get rid of the russian barbarity, I suggested that the Polish authorities should follow the Latvian example and move the russian soldiers to guard the public toilets as they do in the Estonian capital…. I hope that the example form Katowice, will mashroom all over Poland and all barbaric, obscene, and totally grotesque symbols of russian barbaric soldiers will be destroyed , including those rather embarrassing statues of syphilitic Lenin…

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              Always agreeing with the world’s brightest Pshek. While MCCUSA is around over here at LR’s, Mother Russia is safe. Your rare silence and absence from here are what really make me anxious about Russia.

              Q: What’s a Pshek’s understanding of Geography?

              A: All roads lead to Rome.

              • Bohdan ⋅

                Hey El Stupido Manturd – A small lesson in factual history – so unlike the manufactured tripe that is Rusha’s communism’s lie of their history!

                When Rome WAS the center of the ROMAN EMPIRE and the world as known at that time under control by the various Caesars? Who held absolute power over their citizens in days gone by!!! ALL THE COBBLED ROADS in those days did in fact lead to ROME.

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