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In Russia, where Navalny is Concerned, Good News is Bad News

We have seen yet another appalling wave of misreporting from the West’s Russia journalists in reacting to the temporary release of Alexei Navalny from custody. Grossly misrepresenting the reason for the release, many of these idiots have claimed it was caused by the minor street protests that followed Navalny’s jailing (Navalny himself has tried to claim this in a shameless propaganda move seeking to bolster his flagging fortunes). Nothing could be further from the truth.  Indeed, the notion that street protests somehow “forced” the Kremlin to release Navalny is the single most ridiculous assertion we have heard about Russia in the past decade.

In fact, the Kremlin wants Alexei Navalny to run for Mayor of Moscow. It knows he has absolutely no chance of winning, and that when he loses it will score not one but two impressive victories. First, it will legitimize the office of Moscow Mayor, having proved the office was filled after a truly competitive election. It can hold this result up for propaganda purposes over and over whenever challenged about its democratic bona fides.  Second, it will delegitimize Navalny.  If he runs in Moscow, his bastion, and fails, he will be exposed as a charlatan and nobody will be able to claim that Moscow jailed him in a political move to silence a dangerous rival.

On Facebook, Navalny invited over 50,000 Russians to appear at Manezh Square to protest his conviction. Only about 3,000 showed up.  Navalny has now been sentenced to five long years in prison, a conviction that will permanently disqualify him from ever again seeking public office and that will have him behind bars during the next presidential election.

And that’s only the beginning. As with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Kremlin has plenty more where that came from, so that it it can keep Navalny in jail as long as it likes. Radio Free Europe explains:

Russian prosecutors have opened three other legal cases against Navalny that could be brought to trial. One involves allegations that an advertising company headed by Navalny defrauded the Union of Rightist Forces political party of some $3 million in 2007. The second charges that a postal services company owned by Navalny and his brother deceived the Yves Rocher cosmetics firm. And the third claims he conspired to illegally privatize the Urzhum distillery in Kirov Oblast.

If this is good news for Navalny and his forces, they’d better get down on their knees and pray for some bad news.

Back in Moscow, Navalny made another one of this infamous promises, this time that he’d win the mayorship.  Those who heard this promise can’t help but remember his other promises:  To force a new Duma vote, to force Vladimir Putin into a runoff and to put a million people on the streets of Moscow in protests.  Needless to say, none of these things happened. Meanwhile, Navalny has been endorsing disturbing racist/nationalist political platforms, collaborating with skinhead nutjobs like Edward Limonov and Sergei Udaltsov, and continuing to perpetuate his own personality cult.  He shows no signs of being able to motivate the mass public, no signs of being willing to share power, and no signs of being anything remotely like a real hope for a better future for Russia.

Many Western scribes are totally ignoring all these harshly negative facts about Navalny. Their “reports” read like Soviet propaganda tracts. It’s just disgusting that even after being humiliated by their grossly, hideously biased statements about Navalny’s protest movement in the past being proved totally wrong, Western journalists can’t be even a little more careful the second time around.  Their gushing, fawning, misleading pseudo-reporting on Navalny only helps Russia speed its way towards oblivion. They are no friends of Russia.  To the contrary, they are Russia’s worst enemies.

4 responses to “In Russia, where Navalny is Concerned, Good News is Bad News

  1. Max ⋅

    Spot on.

    Navalniy is new Hitler – By the plan of some shady sponsors who back him up. But they will fail like Mursi backers failed in Egypt. Then Russia will collapse. It may happen any time but no later than 2017. Probably earlier. The process started already.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      It’s certainly true that Navalny has some unsavory nationalist ideas, but those ideas are commonplace among Russians. If Navalny is the new Hitler, then Russia is the new Nazi Germany. Our criticism of Navalny is not based on the notion that he is too successful or dangerous, but that he is too unsuccessful and feeble. This movement has collapsed in ruins around him because of his incompetence, and Western media have failed to report this.

      We would much rather have someone else leading the movement against Putin, for a wide variety of reasons we have made clear. But this doesn’t mean Navalny deserves to go to jail or that Putin’s effort to put him there is anything less than Hitlerian in it is evil.

  2. Minsky ⋅

    Yeah, I’ve also been shocked at the press coverage suggesting the protests are what caused the Kremlin to release him. Although numbers were actually higher than 3,000 (had a lot of friends who attended in Moscow and SPb), this overlooks the main point: the Kremlin doesn’t care.
    On the contrary, the more support Navalny gets, the longer he’ll ultimately be locked away. We’ve seen this film before.
    The Western press is being incredibly naive. Unlike the courageous protestors of the Arab Spring, most Russians are afraid of their shadows.

  3. Max ⋅

    You don’t understand !

    Jailing Navalniy is part of the plot to put him in power. Regarding his rating, it’s not important in Russia, at least in the brains of his backers. Well, it is partially important but Yeltsin had rating of 2 percent before second term election. And who knew Yeltsin 1 year before he cam to power?

    Regarding Navalniy jail term. Think more! He was given 5 years in “Kolonia poseleniye”. This is very different from standard jail. If you search Internet you will see that “influential” people live in their holiday home when they get this “punishment”. You think Navalniy will really sit in jail like Hodorkovskiy? No. All we know about Navalniy is media image projected by his sponsors. Do you really think in Chekist Russia controlled by FSB Navalniy would be allowed to investigate Transneft corruption, which belong to the most influential person in the country Mr Sechin?

    Politkovskaya was killed for much lesser investigations. Shekochihin was poisoned for much lesser activity. If Navalniy was not part of the Kremlin plot, he would get into misterious “road accident” several years ago.

    Now look at this:

    Hitler Jailed After Failed Coup (1923): Ten years before Hitler came to power in Germany, he tried to take it by force. On the night of November 8, 1923, Adolf Hitler and some of his confederates stormed into a beer hall and attempted to force the triumvirate, the three men that governed Bavaria, to join him in a national revolution. The men of the tiumvirate disagreed. Hitler was arrested three days later and after a short trial, he was sentenced to five years in prison.

    Navalniy jail sentence is part of his promotion. And he is part of special operation by very powerful people to put new dictator in Russia, much worse than Putin. Only they will fail too. Because they think they can imitate social processes but they can’t.

    You make judgements based on media picture which come from Russia but there is no media any more. Everything is controlled, everything. There is imitation of opposition media, like Echo radio station or Dozd Tv. But they also play their role in special operation to make Navalnit new Hitler. I hate Putin too but Navalniy is not the solution, it is the end.

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