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IT’S WAR! Russia grants Asylum to Snowden

Yesterday in the late afternoon the Putin regime granted political asylum to Edward Snowden and he walked out of the international airport into Russia a free man.

This is an act of war by Russia against the United States.  When Snowden walked in, the U.S Ambassador should have walked out.  Russia has made clear, once and for all, that is is an enemy of the United States, not a partner.

Over on the powerful  and influential American Thinker website, Kim Zigfeld lays out the whole sordid Snowden mess and calls for a boycott of the Sochi Olympics, for this and many other reasons, a result we have been demanding ever since Russia invaded Georgia in 2008.  Polls clearly show the people of Russia overwhelmingly favor giving asylum to Snowden, meaning that the people of Russia are just as much responsible for this declaration of war as their government.

If Snowden weren’t reason enough for a boycott, Russia announced that it would arrest any gay Olympic athlete who dares to manifest his/her sexuality at the games.  What if Russia had said blacks or Jews were not welcome? Would the world attend?

54 responses to “IT’S WAR! Russia grants Asylum to Snowden

  1. Maria Los

    I’m not so sure he’s a free man

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Good point! Free as compared to being locked up in the airport, and free as any Russian can be, which indeed is not very free at all.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Try marry him; that would shed light on whether he’s free or not 🙂

      • larussophobe ⋅

        Any number of Russian women who have never met Snowden are already lining up to marry him, not unlike thousands of other Russian women eager to marry foreigners to escape Russia.

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    In unison, everybody:

    BOOOO for Russia!!!

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    If I were Putin, I would grant Kim Zigfeld asylum right in the Kremlin instantly. Snowden, fine — Zigfeld, absolutely indispensable!

  4. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    Decent, courageous, and most notably highly intelligent people such as Vladimir Putin and Edward Snowden are well beyond the reach of the powers at the disposal of the Pajamas Media, methinks 🙂

    • larussophobe ⋅

      But are they beyond the powers of the US military?

      • vladislav rutenburg ⋅

        You seriously expect anybody else to share your dream of a nuclear armageddon?

        • mccusa ⋅

          vladzio, vladzio, vladzio, nuclear Armageddon is taking place in Russia, in case you haven’ noticed. The rotting, leaking abandoned, nuclear horrors ALL OVER RUSSIA spitting, and spilling radioactive materials into air, water and grounds. According to the Polish press, about five days ago, there were another two nuclear explosions one in Ukraine and one in Russia….PRICELESS…..

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Yep, in fact they are. True enough, Western imperialism in general and US imperialism in particular can talk all its silly, delusional, grovelling subjects “back home” into anything imaginable, but for the ruling class itself, top priority is knowing your enemy and not spouting empty bluster. Russia defeated your Nazi knit-and-kin, despite the latter’s self-proclaimed invincibility and Master Race descent. This has left an indelible mark on the Russophobic West ever since. “True believers” such as Kim and her awesome acolytes will never live to see another Barbarossa, however feverish they may yearn for it.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        They sure are, little Kim. Because unfortunately for sensation-seeking warmongering parasites like you; the U.S military isn’t going anywhere near Russia. As Vlad already said, only you and your little squad of Polaks and Russophobes are eager to go to war with Russia. Now since the U.S will not be funding your war, maybe you can appeal to daddy and his pocket book; or how about you college fund? Surely such a sacrifice for democracy would be well within your nobility.

    • mccusa ⋅

      manfredzio, just to remind you that your decent, courageous, and highly intelligent volodia lliliputin, stole a ring worth $25,000, during his official visit to the USA in 2005, the president of Russian stealing staff in front of shocked and horrified American officials. That is true class Russian style…..Come to think of it, it was perfect representation of Russian the country of thieves, criminals, gangsters and murderers by their beloved president….

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        And still the entire pack of Pshek State bigwigs wasn’t able to sense the danger 5 years later as they were setting out to Smolensk, merrily cramming themselves aboard a Russian airliner? It’s plain to see mccusa is the exception that proves the rule: Psheks are very stupid people indeed.

        • mccusa ⋅

          Manfredzio, as far as Russians are concerned they are not human anyway, look, for example, at the face of lova Tolstoy, great writer but he truly looked like a missing link.. Don’t you agree dorogoy manfredzio….

        • mccusa ⋅

          So, you admit that it was pucin who committed this political murder in smolensk, but did it change Russia in any way NO, Russian army STILL EATS THE DOG FOOD, IS 40% MUSLIM, RUSSIAN CAPITAL IS A MUSLIM CENTRAL ASIAN CITY, AND 1 MILLION RUSSIANS DIE FROM ALCOHOLISM, DRUGS, HUNGER, AND TREATABLE DISEASES…..THIS IS SIMPLY PRICELESS!!!

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Since Russia’s armed forces are quite superior to the Psheks’ — maybe you should try some dog food yourself. As the only cunning and able Pshek on this planet, you have a huge responsibility for your poor country.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        As the world’s only smart Pshek, the art of stealing shouldn’t be above your mental abilities, mccusa. Ask the Pope, in case you need professional advice.

        • mccusa ⋅

          MANFREDZIO, MANFREDZIO,MANFREDZIO, Pshek; what does it mean??? Is it supposed to be insulting??? I understand if I say ‘russkiye, mongolskiye, kasaglazye, obosranye, vanyuszczye barakhlo’ this is an insult understood globally. But ‘pshek’, it is so local, so provincial, it sound insulting only around the Lenin mausoleum ……

        • mccusa ⋅

          manfredzio, who can compete with Russia – the country of slaves, thieves, and criminal; NOBODY…..

  5. > IT’S WAR!

    Congratulations, Kim! You’ve been demanding from the US government to start yet another war, and you got it!

    To get the utmost pleasure out of it, you must come to the US Army Manhattan recruiting station tomorrow before 7 am with you bare necessities. From there you will be sent to the Far East where you will be used as a human shield in the attack on Vladivostok.

    Bring money with you, because the US treasury is about to go bankrupt, so this new war has to be financed out of your personal pocket.

    Have fun! Write to us often, if they have Internet in war trenches.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Since you are the one making (lame) jokes it seems you’re the one who considers war fun. But maybe you should ask some countries who have fought against the USA recently how much fun they had.

      • vladislav rutenburg ⋅

        No, Kim, I don’t consider war to be fun. I am a libertarian. War – Cold or Hot – is good for the makers of coffins and weapons, for their lobbyists, for the politicians on their payroll, and for propagandists like yourself. You need a war with Russia so that people would start reading your blog again.

        The reason why I am being snide and sarcastic abut your proclamations of war is the utter laughability of them. Here are a few reasons:

        1. The majority of Americans support Snowden.
        2. The US debt is already so enormous (because of two decades of unbridled weapons and warmongering spending) that any major war will bankrupt the government and send US into Stone age.
        3. Nobody wants to see their children die for the sake of personal enrichment of propagandists like you.
        4. US only fights helpless countries/sides like Serbia, Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Taliban. Fighting against a serious army – be it Russia or even China – is as unlikely as flying to the Sun and back.

        > But maybe you should ask some countries who have fought against the US recently how much fun they had.

        Maybe you should ask the countries who were the last to fight against Russia – the mighty Nazi Germany and its allies – how much fun they had. Millions were killed. More than 85% of all German losses came at the hands of Russians, and less than 5% – at the hands of Americans. To a German, being sent to the Russian front meant a death sentence.

        But my point is this: as a libertarian, I believe in your freedoms, as long as you don’t hurt others. If you want to fight a war against Russia – go ahead, buy weapons with your own money and go die in a battle. If you want to die from a nuclear ICBM – go ahead, move to a remote island and declare war on Russia.

        But don’t ask OTHERS to fund your fun or to die for you.

        • mccusa ⋅

          vladzio, vladzio, vladzio, what a hero, our snowden, to suffer for his ideas in the most atrocious way, sitting in the shit up to his eyebrows, in the ‘Russian lounge’ it is worse than death…Welcome to barbaric, obscene, and revolting Russia…

          • vladislav rutenburg ⋅


            Have you moved to Ireland yet to clean toilets there? If not – hurry up before all your compatriots move there, leaving you alone in all of Poland.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              And the Irish — duly renowned for poetry and music — will greet mccusa’s “contribution” to society thus:

              He jumped in his barrow
              His mind dull and narrow
              Crying insults and swearwords
              Alive, alive, oh

              • mccusa ⋅

                manfredzio, manfredzio, manfredzio, another ‘outburst’ of ‘poetry??’ – there is cure of this – electric shock treatements…

            • mccusa ⋅

              vladzIo, vladzio, vladzio, Russians will gladly move anywhere including Albania, or North Korea to get away from the shit hole called Russia – tragically for the Russian hordes, and miraculously for the rest of the world, they are not allow to enter ANY civilized country in the world… By the way, any recent amusement from Russia; more rocket crushes, more nuclear warship crushes, or we in the West have to be happy just with Putin’s stealing the ring worth of $25,000 during the official visit to the USA.

            • mccusa ⋅

              vladzio, vladzio, vladzio, bednaszka pucin is totally making Russia a laughing stock of the world; please, please don’t make him stop..We enjoy it too much; volodzia – the tiger tamer, volodzia; the genius underwater archeologist who after one dive discovered a treasure of ancient Greece, volodia the crane, volodzia the pedophile, volodzia the pickpocket.. The list is endless….

  6. vladislav rutenburg ⋅

    > It’s War!… But maybe you should ask some countries who have fought against the USA recently how much fun they had

    Kim, since you seem to be curious to find out the consequences of a hypothetical war between US and Russia, I came across a recent article from a Washington, DC newspaper IntheCapital that tells you how to use Google Earth for this exact purpose. The author describes how to apply it to Washington, DC, but the same method applies to Moscow, Russia or to your own city of New York, NY. I hope that realization that if a US-Russia war starts, the casualties will not be limited to the soldier sons of other people, but to you yourself as well, will curb your all-embracing love for nuclear wars…. Or do you have a really good bomb shelter?

    Since your blog doesn’t accept outside links, I will let the readers google for the URL address:

    Interactive Map Shows What Parts of DC Would Be…
    Anthony Sodd July 23rd 2013
    IntheCapital City News
    Living in Washington D.C. carries inherent risks… Assuming that the White House is the target (sorry, Obama), your chances of living through a nuclear blast seem to largely be dependent on your affinity to suburban living and, well, luck. … Still, all of that pales in comparison to what would happen if we pissed off the Russians. If the Russians detonated just one of their “Tsar Bomba” bombs, which are the largest bombs the Russians ever successfully tested, you can say goodbye to the entire region of land between here…and Baltimore… Anyway, the Google Earth tool is completely interactive in the sense that you can set the destination point, the angle of viewing and the size of the bomb. If you really want to get into it the tool will also let you pick wind speed and direction and spit out more accurate maps showing the effects of thermal radiation, fireballs and air blasts. Give it a whirl here. I hope this helps you sleep better at night.

    • mccusa ⋅

      vladzio, vladzIo, vladzio, nice try, dearie, but no.., the war between the only global military and economic power – the USA and Russia, the third world disintegrating country, with low-grade civil wars all over the place, nuclear waste contaminating air, water, and grounds of Russia since the 1950ies, with the so called Russian ‘army’ already 40% Muslim and Central Asian.. it is truly a ‘win, win situation for Russia…

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        You’ve been spouting this tripe for quite some time. One wonders what your silly, pathetic life would look like without Mother Russia providing your “intellectual” stimuli.

        • mccusa ⋅

          manfredzio, manfredzio, manfredzio, do I have to remind you that since the early fifties, in the area of Mayak, Czelabinsk and Magnitogorsk, the radiation has been so high that the forth generation of monsters is being born there…..And, by the way, Is it true that apparently after the asteroid hit that area, all local Chernobyl type of nuclear facilities [about forty of them] are leaking radioactive material into the ground?????

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Were YOU born there, Pshek? If so, your judgement might have some connection with reality. But, even so, I still regard you as way smarter than the average Pshek but plain inferior to the average Russian.

            • mccusa ⋅

              This pathological Russian obsession with Poland is out of control; It shows the world the humongous inferiority complex of barbaric Mongolian Russians vis-à-vis a civilized European country; Poland that belongs to the Western civilization …Every Westerner ask the same question about Russia; how is it possible for the Russians to march to the gulags without any resistance, being slaughtered by their own Russian barbaric government; and my answer is very simple; apparently the lives of Russians are worth less than that of a pig or a cow….

              • mccusa ⋅

                Manfredzio, manfredzio, manredzio, I wasn’t born in the shit hole called the Soviet Union. Thank you God
                almighty!! But I saw the pictures of monsters born in this area, especially in the Mayak area.. Don’t you you have any compassion for your own Russian compatriots no matter how retarded and disfigured they are they; are still Russians…Instead of hiding this horrific truth from the outside world, the Russian government should help them…..

                • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

                  Freudian slip on your part: You were born in a shithole — that’s obvious to anyone with at least half a brain. Gownopolska über alles.

                  • mccusa ⋅

                    manfredzio, bednaszka, you are trying TOO HARD dearie, what about obosranya, vaanyuszczaya, gryaznaya, rossiya A LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD.

                    • mccusa ⋅

                      MANFREDZIO, MANFREDZIO, MANFREDZIO, You Russians and Chinese gave the West such a ‘scare’ during the recent military navy maneuvers; all these mighty warships in action; the maneuvers though looked like one of the sea battles of the SECOND WORLD WAR…

  7. vladislav rutenburg ⋅


    We are talking about serious stuff here: a nuclear war between two most scientifically advanced nations: US and Russia.

    Ignorant comments from scientifically undeveloped countries like Mongolia, Saudi Arabia or Poland are highly unproductive here….

    No, wait! I am badmouthing Mongolia here by comparing it to Poland. Mongolia is much more intellectually advanced compared to Poland. For example, even though Poland’s population is almost 15 times higher than Mongolia’s, Poland lost even to Mongolia in the International Math Olympiad. Ditto for and Saudi Arabia:

    International Mathematical Olympiad

    1. People’s Republic of China 208 points
    2. Republic of Korea 204
    3. United States of America 190
    4. Russian Federation 187

    30 Kazakhstan 116

    42 Mongolia 84
    43 Saudi Arabia 84
    45 Poland 79
    47 Turkmenistan 78

    And do you now how many problems the 6th best Pole solved? 0 out of 7! Zero! None! He spent 10 hours thinking but could not solve a single problem! And he is the 6th best high school mathematician in all of Poland! And the 5th best Pole solved only 1 out of 7. I bet the 1000th best Russian is smarter than the 6th best Pole.

    > the so called Russian ‘army’ already 40% Muslim and Central Asian

    So what? Mongols and Central Asians are infinitely smarter than Poles. Even the least advanced Central Asians – Turkmenis – scored almost as much as Poles, even though Poland’s population is almost 8 times higher than Turkmenistan’s.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Vladislav, I think the Psheks have their own — and VERY special — interpretation of “intelligence”. Lousy scoring in maths or in any reasonably scientific field is an absolute non-issue as compared to a Pshek’s knowledge about the “truly significant stuff”. To wit, Pshekistan’s greater glory (past and present), the Catechism of the Catholic Church and, of course, Russophobia.

      • mccusa ⋅

        If all Russians would be moved behind the Urals Mountains, it would solve the problem of Europe being destroyed by the Mongolian Russian hordes. But apparently, nobody wants Russians behind the Urals Mountains either….

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          If all Psheks were moved to the Katyn forest, they’d finish off each other instantly so as to put the blame on Russia. Problem: Try to figure out how much the average Westerner would blubber — or even bother — over a heap of Pshek corpses.

          • mccusa ⋅

            manfredzio, you filthy Russian/Mongolian toilet; let me remind you my favorite heap of corpses; Russian/Mongolian hordes slaughtered like pigs by their own government left to rot, or another one that comes to mind; the Russian ‘heroic victorious army; goosestepping to the gulags directly from the ‘victory parade’ in Moscow in 1945; za rodinu za stalina – prosto prelesc….

    • mccusa ⋅

      vladzio, vladzio, vladzio, what a miracle, you have noticed that Central Asians are the clever people. I agree 100% with you, after all, they kicked out 5 million of Russian hordes from the Central Asian ex-soviet republics, dropped Russian language and Cyrillic alphabet like a dirty socks, and adopted LATIN ALPHABET AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE – a linqua franca of the world…Just to let Russian barakhlo know, that they are unwanted in the Central Asia, Uzbeks and Kazakhs performed pogroms, but this time instead of Russian Jews being slaughtered by the Tsarist Russia, the Central Asian slaughtered the Russians – what a lovely lesson in history ….

      • vladislav rutenburg ⋅


        Everything you write is what your mom would call “fantasies” and what everybody else calls “lies”. You just sit there and write every piece of wet dreams that comes to your mind.

        That’s why everything I write is based on hard facts from verifiable web sources, but none of your claims have sources. That’s because you invent them.
        Your advantage is that

        I gave it a thought to writing explanations why almost everything you wrote above is the exact opposite of the truth, but realized that I would have to waste my precious time doing so. And in response, you will invent 10000 more lies, and it would take me many hours to debunk them, and so on.

        So, from now on, let it be the default fact that everything you write without references and citations is a lie and needs no debunking. If you want to argue that you are not a liar, please provide where you get your claims. Start with, for example, this one:

        > vladzIo, vladzio, vladzio, Russians will gladly move anywhere including Albania, or North Korea to get away from the shit hole called Russia

        or this one:

        > the Central Asian ex-soviet republics adopted ENGLISH LANGUAGE

        And keep in mind that even though Poland is leeching off of the European Union, its per capita GDP (PPP) is now lower than Russia’s:

        43 Russia 23,549 2012
        44 Lithuania 23,487 2012
        45 Estonia 23,024 2012
        47 Poland 21,903 2012

  8. orazor1324 ⋅

    I have to say, this post was not particularly interesting (no one save some of the deluded folks here would ever even dream of Russia and the U.S. at war (shudder)). But the comment section sure has some great zingers! Color me enteretained! Kudos to Kim for giving everyone a flame war forum conveniens.

  9. Auriga ⋅

    Hey, La Russophobe, how about declaring war on US as well. US citizen (sane majority) regard him as a hero.

  10. Beetlejuice ⋅

    For once, Good Job, Russia! A true American is now beyond the grips of the thieving crooks in the White House.

    Edward Snowden is a servant to the American people.

    • mccusa ⋅

      All these insane schemes concocted by poor volodia pucin – kissing little boy’s tummy, flying with the cranes, taming the Siberian tigers, wikileak, stealing the ring worth of $25,00 during the OFFICIAL visit to the USA, and now snowden…That what happens when a third world country like Russia keeps trying to play a global power…..

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