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Lady Gaga Blasts Putin

GAGA2Lady Gaga, who has nearly as many Twitter followers as Vladimir Putin received votes for president in 2012, and far more Facebook likes than he has votes, has launched a withering attack on the Putin dictatorship on Twitter and Facebook.  Here is her trio of Tweets in response to Putin’s announcement that she and Madonna would face punishment for daring to express sympathy for homosexuals during recent performances in Russia.


Lady Gaga openly taunts Putin, calling him a coward for failing to arrest her when he had the chance.  Her blast at Putin on Facebook has nearly 100,000 “likes” from readers and nearly 4,000 comments.  Lady Gaga has twenty times more Twitter followers than Russian “prime minister” and former president Dima Medvedev.

Once again, the Putin regime stands humiliated before the eyes of a slack-jawed world.  Putin has announced that he plans to arrest homosexual athletes who act gay during the Sochi Olympics.   This brazen repudiation of the Olympic spirit should preclude any civilized nation from sending athletes to the games.

We call for a boycott.

31 responses to “Lady Gaga Blasts Putin

  1. Auriga ⋅

    Putin is so scared, he’s already packing his belongings to depart to Northern Korea ASAP.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      If he’s so brave, why didn’t he arrest her when he had the chance?

      He’s afraid of her.

      • Auriga ⋅

        Any reason to arrest her?

        • larussophobe ⋅

          Sure, she openly violated the anti-gay law and she is now facing criminal charges. Did you read the link we supplied?

          • orazor1324 ⋅

            I suppose it wasn’t illegal activity yet in Dec. 2012 (and no one at the time knew it would be 6 months later). But now since it is… this is like some kind of demented ex-post-facto dystopian fantasy.

            • orazor1324 ⋅

              Actually, now that I’ve read the link to the ABC news story, I see the “technical” cause for punishment was visa violation (namely, working on a tourist visa). So I accordingly amend my above comment. It’s total BS that she wasn’t arrested at the time. Don’t know why or how an anti-gay law should have any impact on a supposed visa violation. The two should be separate from a legal POV, and it’s folly to intertwine them.

              • larussophobe ⋅

                Well the answer is pretty simple. Because LOTS of people violate such rules but don’t get prosecuted because they don’t offend the Kremlin, for example by siding with gays. Snowden EGREGIOUSLY violated the rules that govern stay in the transit zone. But Russia only selectively enforces such rules, and Lady Gaga was chosen because she openly supported gays. The same exact thing happened to Madonna, for the same reason.

                You really must try to be at least a little more honest if you want to be taken seriously. And you should read links before commenting, not after.

          • Auriga ⋅

            She violated her visa terms.
            So called “Anti gay” law only prohibits gay propaganda to children. If proven guilty (if there were kids and she was aware of that) worst thing she could face is fine/deportation.

            Al the talks about Gulag for gays is nonsense, you should really take some effort reading the text of that law first.

            • larussophobe ⋅

              You’re absolutely mistaken. Any public display of homosexuality is grounds for arrest and prosecution.

              • Auriga ⋅

                First of all this is not part of criminal codex. It is administrative: hence no imprisonment, violations of administrative codex imply fine, maximum possible penalty is administrative arrest followed by deportation (for foreigners).

    • mccusa ⋅

      Putin is not departing anywhere, aurgia, after two crash landings one in Poland and one in Kazakhstan, he is sh#$%ing in his underwear [do they have them in Russia, I don’t think so..]; bendashka putin is not boarding any of those Russian flying coffins; antonovs, iliuszin, unless he is put in those plane by 30 kgb agents…

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    >> Once again, the Putin regime stands humiliated before the eyes of a slack-jawed world >>

    I think the latter refers to the almighty Pajamas Media — now Vladimir Putin is feeling REAL anguish, turning his nights forever sleepless and sweaty!

    >> We call for a boycott >>

    Putin — you’d better comply…!

  3. vladislav rutenburg ⋅

    > We call for a boycott.

    Whom do yo mean by your editorial “we”? Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and you? Have you gals considered holding a boycott telethon, to benefit the drug rehab programs that are helping you?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Lady Gaga has 40 MILLION Twitter followers. She says Russia is a criminal regime. Any questions?

      • Auriga ⋅

        Followers are readers of her twitter.
        The fact, they are readers doesn’t automatically mean they are supporting all her stupid ideas.
        For example. I’m reading your blog, but I think that your boycott idea is a funny case of megalomania.

      • vladislav rutenburg ⋅

        > Any questions?

        Well, now that you ask… I do have a question: who exactly is Lady Gaga? The only thing I know about he is that she is some kind of a pop star famous for her outrageous costumes like a dress made out of raw pieces of cow corpses. Given her being a fashion icon, I am not surprised by her huge following among the losers of the IQ lottery. But what are her intellectual credentials? For example, is she an accomplished classical musician? Has she written any sophisticated music, or just pop trash?

  4. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Kim is phonier than a 3 dollar bill. The only reason she posted this is because I called her on it. She’s only crying for the gays of Russia because the pogroms are taking place in Russia. This is a chick with a “Protect Marriage” bumper sticker on the back of the red sports car that daddy bought her. I stand in full solidarity with the gays of Russia against Putin’s criminal regime, and praise those like Madonna and Lady Gaga for raising the issue. Kim Zigfeld: the American ultraconservative homophobe criticizing Vladimir Putin for being homophobic. Now I’ve seen everything but Mokele Mbembe.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You are a goddamned liar. The post on which you raise that comment is FULL of criticism of Putin’s Russia for prosecuting homosexuals. It also criticizes Navalny for failing to do enough to criticize Putin on this issue. Please stop lying.

      You should also try reading our Twitter feed, which is our PRIMARY outlet and has been for more than a year, and which is FULL of attacks on Putin over his anti-gay actions and attacks on us by Russian reactionaries, for example:

      Please stop lying. If you can’t stop lying, you won’t be permitted to comment on this blog. Your lies are repugnant, ignorant, and just plain wrong.

      • Auriga ⋅

        So this rises interesting question. Do you support promotion of gay values to minors?

        • dolly538 ⋅

          What are gay values? This is simply another totalitarian law aimed at a group of people. Luckily Obama has finally started taking measures against this bully.

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            Russia is very backwards, to the extent that most if not all American conservatives would like the see the U.S fall back to. What’s interesting is that Russia was the FIRST country to decriminalize homosexuality and recognize it as normal as heterosexuality. This was after the Bolshevik Revolution, under Lenin before Stalin who would recriminalize homosexuality. Georgy Chicherin, the first Soviet foreign minister was an openly gay man and a good friend of Lenin.

          • Auriga ⋅

            What measures? Rising Putin’s ratings?

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          Gay values are human values.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        I’m not a liar, I recall a comment you made back in 2008 prior to the elections against gay marriage which your fellow russophobes endorsed after hypocritically denouncing an attack on Gay Pride in Russia. You attack Russia because that’s what you live for, but you’re more than happy to have the same homophobic environment in the USA. Russia’s anti-gay pogroms have been on the news for months, and this is the first I’ve seen you post anything about it. Coincidentally only after I cited you for it. What is this if not hypocrisy? Feel free to ban me if you wish, little girl. You’ve banned me 6 TIMES since you’ve opened your ridiculous blog. The first two times it became crystal clear that it is virtually impossible to disagree with you or your little russophobes without being called childish names, even when the absurdities of your rants are pointed out in a polite and courteous manner. I’ll just come back with a new identity in a year or so. I come here for entertainment. How’s Penny doing these days?

        IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!

    • vladislav rutenburg ⋅

      Beetlejuice wrote:

      > Kim Zigfeld: the American ultraconservative homophobe

      I hate to defend Kim, but do you have any quotes that prove she is a homophobe, or are you slandering her?

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        A 2008 post she made about the attack on Gay Pride in Moscow that year, back when her blog was As I said, she has banned me multiple times over the years; generally within a two month period. This is the longest I’ve lasted.

  5. rutenburg

    Lady Gaga – Nobel laureate in physics:

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