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When is a Russian not a Russian?

Anyone who thinks that Russia’s ever-expanding tornado of racism has to do with immigration or citizenship is gravely misled.

An outstanding recent report from the AFP’s ace Russia reporter Maria Antonova highlights this terrifying reality in the racist neo-Soviet nightmare that is Putin’s Russia.  It’s perfectly complimented by a piece in Foreign Policy from Anna Alekseyeva on the same topic.

A local lawmaker in eastern Moscow told Antonova that parents “come in tears” when they find out there are only five “Russian” children in a class of 25 at their school.   And Antonova makes it quite clear what these parents mean when they say “Russian,” and it has nothing at all to do with citizenship, nor even with speaking Russian like a native.

Antonova reports:  “Russian parents are now petitioning to have a ‘Slavic’ school in the neighbourhood.”  For Slavic Russians, it doesn’t make one bit of difference if you hold Russian citizenship or speak Russian better than they do. What matters is race and religion.  If you are Vietnamese, Azerbaijani, Korean, Armenian or Uzbek, then you are not and will never be Russian, no matter what your passport says.  You are an unwanted outsider, and Slavic Russians are “really concerned about the number of migrants, about their behaviour.”

In other words, Russians believe that non-Slavs, just like non-heterosexuals, are clearly inferior to themselves, dangerously so.  They believe that the only solution to the threat posed by these people is exclusion, never mind that Russia’s Slavic population is rapidly plummeting and that if Russia were to be composed only of Slavis it would soon disappear from the face of the earth.

Russians actually have two different words for “Russian,” one that means “Slavic” and one that means “a Russian citizen, but not Slavic.” Anyone who is not Slavic and Orthodox is a second-class citizen, and Vladimir Putin’s embracing of the the Orthodox Church is the clear representation of this reality.  If you are outside this group, especially in Moscow, you live every day in terror of race violence, arrest or ejection.

Antonova and Alekseyeva report that Russian politicians openly cater to this pandemic racism, fanning its flames in a reckless manner, and this includes so-called liberal candidate Alexei Navalny.  They approve sweeping up huge numbers of non-Slavs and packing them off to concentration camps , and they approve generating wholly bogus statistics about alleged criminal acts which make the non-Slavs look like a pack of dangerous animals.  Antonova quotes Svetlana Gannushkina stating:  “I am deeply saddened, because there are no voices of reason left among the candidates.”

Alekseyeva warns that Russia is only just getting started in its frenzied attacks on non-Slavic “Russians.” And things are already bad enough.  She writes: “In 2011, for example, the mortality rate of Tajik laborers in Russia was about one in 1,000. In other words, it was as dangerous to be a Tajik immigrant in Russia in 2011 as it was to be an African American in the U.S. South in 1930.”  She explains: “The cruelty that has become an all-too-common refrain in today’s Russia stems, at least in part, from the ingrained belief in Russian exceptionalism — the idea that Russian morality is unique and therefore beyond reproach.”

Alekseyeva points out that if you were to actually do what the Russian racists want and purge Russian society of non-Slavs, the Russian economy would collapse. Non-slavs are responsible for a huge part of Russia’s construction industry, and other vast swaths of the industrial and agricultural economy, because although the wages of Slavs are laughably low they are still not low enough to promote economic activity on the scale Russia needs, so slave wages need to be paid to non-Slavs in order to get the job done. This is one of the dirtiest secrets of Vladimir Putin, and telling proof of his total failure as an economic manager of Russia.


12 responses to “When is a Russian not a Russian?

  1. F5_Twister ⋅

    From what I know, after spending about five years in Moscow and talking to many Russian parents, is that the root of the problem is essentially non-racial and non-religious. The problem is that those Tajik or Uzbek immigrant kids are significantly less educated (can barely read and write) than their Moscow-born counterparts. But they are still being placed in the ordinary Russian classes by the law. Even three or four of those uneducated kids placed in a standard 30 students class can ruin the entire teaching process leaving all 30 suffer as a result. That is the main parent’s concern.

    I believe that Russia urgently needs to implement the same system that we have in the US, that is they need to have schools running RSL/RLD classes for immigrants (Russian as a Second Language/Russian Language Development) just like we have ESL/ELD classes in American schools. That’s it.

    Finally, I think the main reason why the problem looks a bit racial in Russia is simple. For instance in America an immigrant kid was probably well educated in his home country before arriving in the US, in Russia there is a 90% probability that an immigrant kid is “minimally exceptional”, as our school districts like to call it. So in Russia the equality “immigrant = uneducated” holds true in the majority of cases.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      The logical extension of your thesis is that outside of the educational context racial minorities don’t have problems. That’s not true. They’re denied apartments, lynched on the subways and rounded up by cops and put in camps.

      • F5_Twister ⋅

        Expanding the problem outside of the educational context, I must say that I don’t agree with some fundamental claims in your post. My observation is that the Russian xenophobia is not racial but mostly cultural. First of all Russia is packed with non-Slavic people from all over the ex-USSR who arrived in Russia decades ago back in soviet times. Those people are perfectly assimilated, they speak Russian without a trace of an accent, adopted the Russian manners, and they look like the Russians and behave like the Russians. There is a special term for that kind of assimilation – “обрусели”, which means “became Russified”. Like “banana” in the US, you know, yellow outside, white inside and all that. Those kinds of people, I assure you, have no problems like “denied apartments, lynched on the subways and rounded up by cops and put in camp”.

        However when it comes to non-Slavic newcomers, what you are saying is essentially correct. And the reason, as I mentioned earlier, is purely cultural. Hell, have you seen those disgusting hordes of Uzbek and Tajic “gastarbeiters” crowding near the major Moscow railway stations? I bet if you would have seen them, you wouldn’t like them in your backyard despite tolerance. Main Russian concerns about them is that they: “slaughter lambs for food in the center of Moscow, urinate on the street, do not obey hygienic practices, spread diseases like TB and HAV, molesting local women…” and what not. Those are cultural aspects. I haven’t ever heard that the Russians hate them for being of different ethnic nationality. They hate them mostly for “wild uncultured behavior”.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        “In other words, Russians believe that non-Slavs, just like non-heterosexuals, are clearly inferior to themselves, dangerously so.”

        Kind of like you, Kim. When it comes to Mexican immigrants and American homosexuals. The reasons for racism in Russia are undeniable. They are rooted in the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the economic and social chaos (which you are very well aware of) that has gripped Russia and much of the former USSR as a result. Before that regardless of skin color; Vietnamese, Korean, African, Arab, Latino, etc; you were an honored guest. Those from the Caucasus and Central Asia: Soviet citizens. But why let historical facts get in the way of sensational tabloid-style Russia-bashing?

    • Olga ⋅

      Where did you take this assumptions that Russia has anything to do with Slavic people? In sources written in Latin “Russia” refers to the western Ukraine or broadly to the part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which is also referred to as Rus’. Historically, the most eastern lands Slavic people (Venedi) ever settle were in the Duchies of Smolensk, Pskov, Bryansk, i.e. medieval countries that are traditionally called Rus’ or Lithuania. True, Slavic migrations spread all over what is now known as Russia, but those were rather small communities, most during the 19-20th centuries, and couldn’t affect the genetics much.
      With the annexation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania after the Seven Years’ War, Catherine II, who was reigning in Moscovia, which was then considered an Asian country, might have some complex about that and probably wanted to become a ruler of a European country since she herself was from Germany. The Russia that most are taught about was mostly a myth created during and after her reign. Catherine II started the active policy of faking the history of Moscovia through the fake connection with Rus’ (with the due help of her court historians). Since they had a big problem of Luthuania/Litwa (today known as Belarus without the region of Vilno/Vilnius) which was founded only in the 13th century and whose fundamental history was really connected with Rus’, they just renamed the country to Belarus. But until the 1930s Vilno was its city, and only Stalin gave Vilno to Samogitia, which thus was declared as “Lithuania” (the don’t call the country like this – they call it Lietuva). The history of Moscovia was forged to be connected to Rus’, whose history was also much fabricated. They created the myth about that supposedly some Kievan princes migrated to Moscovia and founded the state, and so they claimed that they inherited the right to be a sort of new-born Rus(sia), while Kievan Rus was claimed to have lost it because they became part of Lithuania and later of Rzeczpospolita. In historiography Lithuania and Poland were declared aggressors and exploiters of the historical Russia, while the seizure and occupation of Russian lands, as well as of the Grand duchies of Tver and Ryazan, were proclaimed as “the rescue of Russia” from Polish and German (Teutonic) aggression.
      So the country that most today refer to as “Russia” was founded no earlier than in the 18th century and finally shaped only in the 19th century. One of the costs of that is that real Russians (Slavic Venedi genetically) today (that are few, unfortunately) have practically lost the right for their own ethnic name. Being Slavic in Russia is irritating and almost intolerant to many people. Catherine II started the policy of so-called “Russification”, since rebranding was not enough for her to claim that she’s a ruler in the “ancient Rus”, and not an occupant of the ancient Rus’ and Lithuania”, which she was. So what she did – she adopted the policy from Lithuania (when everyone who accepted the Orthodox Christianity was automatically considered Russian). Everyone who learned the Russian language (heavily based on the language of the Grand duchy of Lithuania, Old Slavonic and Bulgarian, with noticeable admixtures of Tatarian and Finnish) and baptized in the “Greek faith” was officially considered “Russian”, while without it you were kind of officially ‘foreign”. Since most people that lived in “Russia” by the 18th century were Finnish and Turkic, most of so-called Russians don’t correspond with the Slavic people neither genetically, nor anthropologically, culturally or mentally. This is one of the reasons why so many “Russians” hate Ukraine, Belarus and Poland – they simply can’t relate to their mentality. Most “ethnic Russians” just think they are since some generations ago their ancestors accepted the ‘Greek faith”, as much as those Belarusian or Ukrainians who changed their religion to the Roman Catholic have been claimed to be “Polish” while they might have never been in Poland at all, nor their forefathers.
      True ethnic Russians are no different in the way they look like from true Poles, Belarusians, Ruthenians, Czechs, Lusatian Sorbs, etc. Uzbeks just remind those fake or assumed Russian of who they are ancestrally.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Fact is Conquering Islam is taking over the world…At least one nation, the equally toxic Russians are taking them on! It’s a cute move by Putin, shoving Navalny forward to take the blame then moving in Moscow to kick out the Mohamed sewer rabble…As the Telegraph say:

    “Nonetheless, state-owned and independent pollsters all show Mr Sobyanin rolling to victory in the first round. Ultimately, the very fact of Mr Navalny’s presence in the race has a deflating corollary: had the Kremlin regarded him as a true threat, it would never allowed him to run in the first place.”


  3. The “Slavic” Russian aristocracy is largely of non-Slavic ancestry, much of it Tatar. Likewise, most “Slavic” Russian peasants are nothing but Slavicized Uralic (Finno-Ugric) peoples (the aborigines of imperialist Russia west of the Urals).

    “Slavic” Russians are morons.

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      These “abos” went south from Finland and conquered the world…I think of Harald Hardsratter, defeated by Harold Godwinson, himself…etc…Fact is Harald spent a lifetime exterminating you baboons leading the Varangian Guard. The computer YOU are using along with the internet are a creation of these “abos” while you filthy sand niggers never invented anything, relying on your Jewish and Christian dhimmi slaves for everything…while you amused yourself raping babies and dismembering captives.

  4. mingthemerciless ⋅

    By the way, Mongol invasions were a flash in the pan, since the Golden Horde went home, the Mongolians have been living off public charity…TO THIS VERY DAY(Check permanent famine in Mongolia)…European expression:”Crétin des Alpes” is from surviving mongol villages in the Alps, all suffering from inbreeding, goiter and cretinism…”Mongol” in english and french is an insult and mean CRÉTIN!!!

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    To be blocked by fat shits Roseanne Barr & George Galloway, you Agha Monkey sand nigger have to be the lowest of the low…why, bull dykes and dhimmi traitors dont approve of cannibals eating the heart and liver of their prisonners?
    Did’nt you Ismaelites start the Takfir wal Hijra behind Al Qaeda
    from the Hassan(assassins) ibn Al Sabbah and Alamut mountain? Assassins then, assassins today, assassins tomorrow! SCUM DE LA SCUM!

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  7. “Russians believe that non-Slavs, just like non-heterosexuals, are clearly inferior to themselves”.
    Oh, boy! Stereotype №1: Russians are racist.
    That’s a lie. You can’t speak for ALL ‘ethnic Russians’/’Slavic Russians’ (your statement is itself racist – stereotyping millions of people as a homogenic entity possessing a certain trait). There are ‘Slavic Russians’ with various views, aptitudes, attitudes, talents and prejudices, etc., just like any other people around the world (and yes, unfortunately there are racists among them and non-Slavic Russians as well). This statement is as ‘true’ as if we judged ALL WASPs assessing only a relatively small group of racist homophobic ‘rednecks’ (note: I don’t see ALL ‘rednecks’ as racist).
    Russian society is much more complex than the picture you are trying to paint here… but you see only what you want to see.

    From Russia with love,
    Sergey “The Slavic Russian” Armeyskov.

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