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Spectacular Failure for Vladimir Putin

The tsunami of bad news for Vladimir Putin on the foreign policy front this week was so overwhelming as to make it seem like a nightmare. But it was oh, so very real.

For the first time since Putin came to power, a majority of Americans told Gallup that they see Russia as an enemy.  Putin’s effort at propaganda in the New York Times was such a spectacular failure that the paper itself, in a virtually unheard of move, attacked him for it.

Ukraine thumbed its nose at Putin and declared its intention to join the European Union, a hop, skip and jump from NATO membership.

Belarus and Russia entered a state of open economic war.

And Putin’s policy towards Syria was openly mocked around the world. Everywhere, people were asking:  If, as Russia claims, Syria’s government did not use chemical weapons against its people, then why is Russia forcing Syria to disarm?

If you thought Putin could look to the domestic front for solace, you thought wrong.  2013 will be the sixth straight year in which Russian GDP growth has fallen from the year before, and 2014 will open in all likelihood with Russia entering a double-dip recession as a debtor nation barely able to make ends meet.

Putin’s foreign policy has left Russia isolated all around the world, a pariah state with only the likes of Iran, Syria and Venezuela for allies.  His domestic policy has left Russia impoverished and collapsing.  He is a disaster everywhere, all the time.

5 responses to “Spectacular Failure for Vladimir Putin

  1. Not even an artful distortion of facts.

    Perhaps you are just blinded by all consuming hate but it still doesn’t explain the distortion of facts.

    Putin has a huge following in America and worldwide. Other nations realize that the imperial designs of NATO will have them in the cross hairs next.

    A one World Gov , one World Bank, and one World police/military force is in your future and you are blinded with hating Putin.

    pitiful human being you are
    wish I could feel sorry for you, but I can’t.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You haven’t offered ONE SHRED of proof that ANY factual statement in this post is inaccurate IN ANY WAY.

      You are so pathetic.

      • Awayfromrussia ⋅

        Kim, don’t pay attention to different idiots. And, as you know by now, there are a lot of them in Russia since there are so many birth defects.
        Don’t expect any proof.
        How come you did not address senator’s McCain’s letter to

  2. elmer ⋅

    Have you seen the Wall Street Journal article about Putler’s and Rasha’s chocolate war?

    Hillary Clinton gave a shout-out to Ukrainian chocolates at the Yalta conference.

    Putler resorts to trade wars to try to pressure countries into joining the Customs Union – Rasha’s attempted resurrection of empire.

    It appears that Rashan “inspectors” have banned Ukrainian chocolates from Rasha on the pretext that they are “unsanitary.”

    So — people all over the world eat Ukrainian chocolates. I have eaten them – they are wonderful.

    But – they are deadly to Rashans!!!

    I hope that Putler eats some!

    One of the confectioners is a company called Roshen.

    As the headline at Ukrainian Pravda said:

    “No Roshen in Rasha”

    Lasha Toombai!!!!

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “Putin has a huge following in America and worldwide”

    The “following” in only in relation to the obscene clown in Washington…Like in pre-nazi Germany were the effeminate communists were battling the leatherette “bears” of Ernst Roehm nazi katamites, on the world stage now you have the Kenyan wimpy communist twink versus the homo pedophile mobster bear in the Kremlin…the mudaks are dumb as rocks and are stuck for life with the rigger in the Kremlin!

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