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A Very Russian Contradiction

This is what it is to live in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.


Russia: 564.6

United States:  226.7


Russia:  10.2

United States:  4.7

The worst of all possible worlds.  Russia has all the disadvantages of a massive police state with none of the benefits.  Freedom, creativity and innovation are destroyed but the streets are not made safer.  Russia has twice the police presence that the USA does (and twice the expense and loss of freedom that implies), and twice the crime.

10 responses to “A Very Russian Contradiction

  1. siber_troll ⋅

    who said russian crime only twice more? did author counted Vnutrennie Voiska, several millions of excellent equipped and trained soldiers with heavy tanks, aviation, artillery belonging to police department? how about secret police with hided numbers of employees? situation much worse in russia

  2. Awayfromrussia ⋅

    Wow, where do you get all those figures? Way to go, Kim!

  3. marduk ⋅

    US figures are lopsided because of innercity strife in African American and Hispanic areas. In the US the rule of law is solid contributing to an environment where you can get ahead with hard work.
    In russia, the economy is in the hands of maybe 1000 oligarchs, the rest is run by local mafia gangs and corrupt officials. Putin has to oversee the payment of wages to local council employees and other stupiyingly trivial matters because russia is so fucked up with crime that it becomes necessary. I saw a movie once called “Gloss”, I think anyone should see it if you get a chance, it lays bare the hoplessness over there.

  4. marduk ⋅

    That is true away fom russia, unil they get raided by the local mafia, then we ship al the assets of the business to the new buyers in Europe. you only have a business if your “umbrella” is bigger than their “umbrella” Google it for the true extent of the problem, one day you’ll wak into your workshop office and someone else will be sitting there, and tell you that he runs the business now. And you’ll leave now, if you want to walk out. seen it happen dozens of times.

  5. alan ⋅

    Add more statistic to you post.

    Prisoners per 100,000 population.
    US: 716. The World Leader!
    Russia: 484.

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