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Putin’s Electronic Crackdown, Part II

Is there a bigger hypocrite on planet Earth than Edward Snowden? Or a more logical place for him to live than Russia, a nation of hypocrites?

No sooner had Snowden arrived in Moscow than Vladimir Putin had embarked on a massive surveillance campaign aimed at Olympic athletes and visitors.  Yet Snowden does not have a word to say about this campaign.  Has this man no shame at all? He’s silent, of course, because he cares nothing about the values of freedom, he cares about attacking the United States. When a country that hates the United States uses surveillance, that’s just fine with Snowden.  The notion that Snowden is some kind of freedom fighter is absolute hogwash.

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker website, LR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld offers a second installment in her overview of Russia’s neo-Soviet crackdown on freedom of expression. Last week, her AT piece focused on Putin’s effort to take over the Internet through establishing of propaganda websites; this week she takes a look at Putin’s efforts to subvert Internet searching and electronically monitor all Russian citizens, using the Olympic games as a test case.


4 responses to “Putin’s Electronic Crackdown, Part II

  1. VB

    Putin allocated MILLIONS of dollars in “unspecified” funds to pay people to spread lies over the Internet about Russia. According to Russia’s propaganda machine, Russia can do no wrong. Russian children are taught to hate Americans in schools, even though they use computers and Iphones that came from America. American travelling sites such as Traveladvisor, Fodor’s, Yahoo Travel etc. are flooded by human bots whose only assignment is to paint a rosy picture of Russia as a country and promote tourism. Discrimination of gays, high homicide rates and racism (as well as neo-nazism) that plague Putin’s Russia are disregarded.

    Kim, thank you once again for your brilliant post. The truth must be told.

  2. Neo Soviet Shithole ⋅

    Freedom fighters don’t run away…especially not to backwards dictatoships like Russia. The FSB only wishes it had the talent and resources of the NSA. They’d show us what real repression looks like.

  3. siber_troll ⋅
    Medinsky, a russian minister of culture suggested: survival of russian people after world war ans perestroika shows russians has additional chromosome. Many Internet users to know about this quotation Medina, noted that the number of unpaired chromosomes is a sign of “Down syndrome.”

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