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Russia and its “Danger Games”

Cynics on Russia though we may be, not even we dared to dream that Russia could humiliate itself so badly in the conduct of the Winter Olympics before the Games ever even started.  We always thought the event itself might collapse in failure, both on the playing field and off, but we never imagined Russia could drag the games into such a miasma of failure during the mere preparations.

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld has all the horrifying details.  All the terror you possibly could ask for, just in time for Halloween (which, by the way, Russia is now trying to ban).

2 responses to “Russia and its “Danger Games”

  1. Russians have launched a campaign to provide FREE TICKETS TO THE OLYMPICS for lucky lottery winners. All you have to do is to write a positive wish on a floating balloon and you get a chance to win to go to the Olympics. Since NOBODY wants to go to Sochi, this is one of their tricks to avoid the upcoming embarrassment. Well, here is my “positive wish”: I hope that at some time in the future the damage done to the environment during the construction of Olympic structures gets repaired.

    Thank you one more time for being the voice of reason, Kim!

    • Jeramy Lennin ⋅

      Kim is far from a voice of reason, her support of any war and genocide carried out by NATO and Israel is a sick perversion, people like her keep the arms sellers in a job. Who pays her to spread hate ? It is said by many that know her that she was a partner of the criminal Khodorkovsky, serves her right if she lost a shit load of money, Mossad should pay her back.

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