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Tide of Negative Press Sweeps over Putin and Russia

Putin is always late, like a schoolboy, embarrassing his country.

Putin has failed Russia’s villages, and is now reduced to bribing people to leave them as ghost towns.

Putin can’t even keep the lights on in Sochi, and in desperation has cancelled Christmas for its workers.  Meanwhile, yet another Olympic torch bearer burst into flames. Ouch!

Despite a personal appeal in halting English by Putin, Russia loses its World Expo 2020 bid.

While obsessing in a paranoid manner about threats from abroad, Putin is recklessly ignoring the virulent toxins with the body Russia that look poised to destroy the country.

These are these are stories that the BBC, NBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph, USA Today, the Moscow Times and the Financial Times are telling about Russia. They speak for themselves, don’t they?

13 responses to “Tide of Negative Press Sweeps over Putin and Russia

  1. Vlad ⋅

    > halting English by Putin

    You dare make fun of Putin’s English?! Putin is a politician. A powerful one. And a lawyer. And a former intelligence officer. And he speaks perfect Russian, good German, and “halting” English.

    You, on the other hand, have no profession, other than homemade “expertise in Russia. And you know no foreign languages. None. Not even “halting” Russian. A woman, claiming to be a professional expert on Russia, who knows no Russian language and who knows less about Russian history and culture than an average American high school dropout. Wow! That’s unique. Is it due to chronic laziness or to innate mental handicaps?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Not sure where you get the idea we “made fun” of it, although it sure is hilarious listening to him butcher English now that you mention it.

      What we actually said, if you’re interested in that, is that Putin made a special appeal in English in order to win a bid, but he still lost. And that was just one of a flood tide of stories about Putin’s failure in recent days.

      You have, in other words, totally ignored the subject of this post and sought to change the subject. How very neo-Soviet of you! We thank you for the compliment of your admission that you can’t dispute the truth of any of the claims made in post, so therefore you have to change the subject as your only way of responding.

      Meanwhile, again on the off chance that you are interested in facts, this blog has been responsible for a massive amount of translating from Russian to English, including a translation of tne Nemtsov white papers that is relied upon by the New York Review of Books and Nemtsov himself.

    • I strongly suspect that, unlike you, I have actually met Vladimir Putin & he can indeed be summarised by what critics have said of him. At the time he was desperately trying to change Donor organisations minds in supporting the economy of St Petersburg (mid-late 90s). He was a grovelling little oik then, desperate for Western cash for his City/Oblast. He’s not changed since then, except that his ego has grown in direct disproportion to his stature.

      I’ve lived & worked in the FSU for nearly 20 years (including at least three in NW Russia), am married to a Ukrainian & based in Kyiv (GO MAIDAN!) so do know what I’m talking about, & certainly much better than you do.

      & the misogyny of ‘A Woman’ claiming to be an expert says it all really: you’re a just a knuckle-dragger.

  2. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Kim, when do we get to read your prophetic article about how the U.S military and the Russian military are about to go to war in Ukraine?

    • larussophobe ⋅

      This post links to seven different articles in the mainstream press about Russia and your “comment” doesn’t deal with any of them. When will we get to read a comment that is actually relevant to the topic at hand? Ever?

      As far as Ukraine is concerned, it really doesn’t seem the Ukrainian people need any help from the USA. They’ve shut down the cabinet and occupied Kiev’s main square with tents just as in 2004, when they forced Yanukovich out and Yushchenko in. If Russia were to try in Ukraine what it tried in Georgia, it might find it had bitten off more than it could chew.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Kim, my comment was sarcasm, you dumb twat. It shows how way behind you are for being the most powerful and influencial Russia news source on the planet in history. What’s going on in Ukraine is another joke like in 2004, remember within no time Yanukovych and Yushchenko were once again in bed together? Russia doesn’t need to try anything, Ukraine’s two ruling mafia factions will be back in bed together faster than you can say Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.

  3. Eugene ⋅

    Forbes declares Putin the most powerful man in the world –

    • larussophobe ⋅

      The most powerful man in the world looks like Tinkerbell in Ukraine right now.

    • Fred from Berlin ⋅

      Hitler and Stalin were the most powerful men in the world at their time. This title does not say anything about the quality of a political leader. Putin is evil and powerful.

  4. Kim! You are BRILLIANT. You are a brave little soldier, hitting the beast right in the bullseye every time.
    You are like a tireless coal miner, shining your bright light in the dark.
    You are like a pearl diver, searching the endless depths of the Internet for a grain of truth.

    Thank you!!! We appreciate.

  5. elmer ⋅

    LR, I think Churchill was wrong – Rasha is not an enigma, etc., it is a mass psychosis.

    I got a tip on this book from a friend, but the review perfectly describes the sistema, the mass psychosis that is Russia – especially under Putler.

  6. elmer ⋅

    There is massive corruption surrounding the Sochi games, as has been reported.

    Here is a 17-minute excerpt from a film about this massive corruption – and the article notes the attempts to bribe the producers not to show the film.

  7. elmer ⋅

    Churchill was wrong about Roosha being an enigma, etc.

    In Rasha, you are either an accomplice or a victim

    Or you can try to stay under the radar

    No enigma or riddle, etc. – just a mass psychosis

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