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The Winds of War in Ukraine

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld sets fire to the series of brazen lies Russia is trying to tell the world about its wanton, horrifying imperialist aggression in Ukraine.

Has Putin finally gone too far this time?

He has if you judge by the Russian economy.  On Monday its stock market shed a whopping 10% of its value, and key stocks like Gazprom and Sberbank were down even more.  The ruble went into free fall as well, hitting a new low against the dollar and forcing the Kremlin to take two dramatic actions, hiking interest rates and spending ten billion dollars in foreign reserves to buy rubles, that will choke off the final vestiges of economic growth and undermine Russia’s ability to grapple with the inevitable recession that will follow.

And he has if you judge by Russia’s relationship with the United States.  On Monday, the USA broke off economic and military ties with Russia, and began planning sanctions that could further imperil the Russian economy as well as instigating an move to eject Russia from its most prestigious international membership, the G-8.

Commentators of every stripe all around the world, including many ardent Russophiles, are condemning Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine as by far his biggest policy blunder since he took office. It may well be that neither he nor his country can ever recover from it.

18 responses to “The Winds of War in Ukraine

  1. Tijs Stokman ⋅

    Putin has gone too far, a fist should be made by the international community. The lack of European ability to act is once again amazing. Europe should pull itself together and do what needs to be done for the continent. Russia should be placed in crippling isolation until it’s people undo themselves of their corrupt and tyrannical government. Putin should be placed on trial in the Hague.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      France is about to sell Russia a number of warships, the British banks are profiting heavily from Russian investments, and Germany has some 22 billion invested in Russia. Isolating Russia and hitting it with sanctions is NOT in Europe’s best interests when there are billions to be made. So let’s not drift into la-la land here.

      • Tijs Stokman ⋅

        Beetlejuice, warship deal with France has been put on hold, Russian assets are getting frozen, travel bans are in place, and talks of further sanctions are under way. “German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, the key to Europe’s response, warned Wednesday of impending sanctions by the European Union that would inflict “massive” political and economic damage to Russia unless it backs down from its effort to annex Crimea.” La-la land is never as far away as you think.

  2. elmer ⋅

    LR, I think the Irish-born US ambassador to the UN did a fantastic job – video link here:

    Also – Putler and the Kremlinoids have been and are sending in “protest tourists” into Ukraine:

    In fact, here is one “anti-Maidan” actress interviewed for Rooshan TV in 4 different cities!!!!!!!

  3. Snake Oil Baron ⋅

    With this move playing so badly in Russia (even they have limits it seems) that Putin may be backing off and looking for a way out. He should be grateful for their tug on the leash because the best he could have gotten if a shooting war erupted in the Ukraine is one of the worst Pyrrhic victories of the modern age.

  4. Beetlejuice ⋅

    The only thing he U.S has done so far in create a travel ban list for certain Russian politicians banning them from entering the USA. Putin was NOT on it. Obama has sent a 1 billion dollar package to the Ukrainian mafia which was not very well received by Americans as many are still suffering from the economic chaos brought by the Republicans. They can afford to sent Ukraine’s mafia 1 billion dollars but not spend 1 billion dollars on Americans, isn’t that rich?

    The United States is going to end up backing down and refusing to recognize Crimea’s secession from Ukraine should it happen; the only thing coming from Washington is so much hot air its a wonder they haven’t created an artificial heat wave. Just like in 2008 with Georgia. Russia may take an economic hit, but the fact is they have the high ground over the United States in this crisis.

  5. elmer ⋅
  6. elmer ⋅

    the Crimean ballott

  7. ⋅

  8. ⋅

  9. ⋅

    How the hell do you post a damn picture here?

  10. elmer ⋅

    a video about EuroMaidan

    the cost of democracy

  11. elmer ⋅

    live report about the invasion by fascists nazis banderovtsi and others here:

    dezinformatsiya provokatsiya i maskerovka

  12. elmer ⋅

    Boris Nemtsov appeared on the Freedom of Speech program in Ukraine, which was also tied via satellite link to Russian journalists.
    The date was March 12, 2014.

    According to Nemtsov, Putrid is exacting revenge for the Ukrainian EuroMaidan, and he is deathly scared of maidans in the Russian Federation.

    And – Nemtsov pointed out, if Russia foments secession in Ukraine, then what is to stop secession of Chechnya and other regions from the Russian Federation?

    Well – the Kremlin has passed a law making it a crime to secede, but nevertheless….

    Борис Нємцов: Путін мстить Україні за Майдан і боїться Майдану в Росії

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      Most of the Chechen resistance at this time has been bought off by the Kremlin and have joined Ramzan Kadyrov’s militia. And nowhere else in the Russian Federation is there even a tiny spark of secessionist activity.

  13. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Ramzan Kadyrov…eh? What is the difference with Bin Laden?
    Instead of fighting islamists, Pooty Poot just paid them off and turned over power to them…next Dagestan? Sure look like that.
    If the cockroach say there is no activity, it is in his head, not on the terrain…

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