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Top 10 Achievements of Putin in Ukraine

Here are the top ten achievements of Vladimir Putin so far in Ukraine, following close on the heels of his invaluable assistance in helping Victor Yanukovich out of power:

10.  Kremlin websites downed in DDOS cyber attacks.

9.  Putin exposed before the world as maniacal mental case.

8. Precedent set for autonomous regions to vote themselves out of Russia.

7.  Ukraine shows the world what patriotism really means.

6. Russia stock market a smoking ruin, reserves and ruble plummeting, inflation soaring.

5. Russophobia permanently and totally validated.

4. John McCain in the Maidan.

3. Prospects for NATO membership of Georgia and Ukraine vastly increased.

2.  Russia Today totally and permanently discredited.

1.  Europe galvanized against Russia as common foe.


12 responses to “Top 10 Achievements of Putin in Ukraine

  1. elmer ⋅
  2. elmer ⋅
  3. elmer ⋅

    Putler’s “self defense” units knock down an old lady because she dares to speak out that she is not afraid, and there is no need for Putler to be in Crimea

  4. elmer ⋅

    putrid putler’s hooligans for hire

  5. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Back on Earth we have Putin’s Ultimate Achievement:

    Standing proud with a smile on his face, while American and Western leaders are pulling their hair out in a fit of rage of their inability to do anything but bark out meaningless rhetoric.

    It’s a difficult situation for the West, especially the USA rattling their saber from a position of disadvantage. The USA has been weakened as a result of the failed “war on terror” that brought about its bankruptcy. No one in the West except for warmongering fools wants a confrontation with Russia anymore than they wanted a “humanitarian” war against Syria.

    • mccusa ⋅

      beetlejuice, Do I have to remind you that russia in one century only ‘utonula v sobstviennym govnie’ DVA RAZA v 1917 i 1991. I think, the third catastrophe will finish russia off…Oh by the way, how is the real ruler of Russia sergain shoigu, an ethnic Chinese from Tuva… Are you going to sing russian anthem using this magnificent tuvant ‘discovery’ the ‘throat singing technique..’ dearie???

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        No, I’m not going to sing the Russian national anthem, but I’ll tell you what does come to mind:

        Did you hear about the Polak who went to see the movie “Showgirls”? He saw it was NC-17 (under 17 not admitted), so he went back home and got 16 of his friends.

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Crimea was a heavy burden on Ukraine anyway, no potable water and no electricity and full of parasitic mudaks. Now Ukraine can sent it’s russian parasites to Crimea to stew, just like the Israeli have kicked out their terrorist illegal immigrant muslims to Gaza…let Pooty Poot take care of the palesto-simians and the crime laden Crimea!

  7. Kapitan ⋅

    although i suppose that you could include it in your reason #1, there is now a much greater chance that the missle shield talks will begin anew with potential host countries such a poland. the arms companies are gleefully rubbing their hands.

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