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Russia is Ruled by a Goddamned Liar

puting lying

“The total population of the Crimean Peninsula today is 2.2 million people, of whom … about 290,000 to 300,000 are Crimean Tatars, the majority of whom, as the referendum has shown, also lean toward Russia.”

That was Vladimir Putin talking. His lips were moving, which means he was lying.

The Crimean Tatars boycotted the Crimea referendum, and many of them traveled to Kiev to take part in the Maidan uprising. The notion that the referendum showed they wanted to be part of Russia is an utterly laughable falsehood.

And by the way, Mr. Putin, the reason there are so many ethnic Russians in Crimea as compared to other ethnic groups, like Tatars,  is the ethnic cleansing policies of Josef Stalin. Before Stalin imposed state-sponsored racism in Crimea, more than a third of the population was Tatar.

It wasn’t the first time Putin had been caught lying about Crimea.  Two weeks before he invaded Crimea, he swore to the world it was something he would never do.

It never ceases to amaze how willing the lemming-like population of Russia is to tolerate being ruled by brazen liars.  How can they possibly think their nation can survive being governed by those who simply don’t tell the truth about basic facts, not even to themselves? Don’t Russians realize that it was precisely this kind of national self-deception that brought about the ruin of the USSR?

7 responses to “Russia is Ruled by a Goddamned Liar

  1. elmer ⋅

    dezinformatsiya, provokatsiya, maskerovka and agitprop

    putler is indeed a goddamn liar

    While Putler and the Kremlinoids put out massive propaganda about “nazis” and “fascists,” here are neo-Nazis in the Rasha beating up “those who don’t look Rashan” on trains in the Rasha:

    Crimean Events Bolster Russian Neo-Nazis

    The eyes of the world—especially those of analysts in the West—have been trained on the ongoing situation in Ukraine, but the situation inside Russia also shows signs of being affected by Crimea’s annexation. In particular, President Vladimir Putin’s defense of ethno-nationalism has invigorated Russia’s homegrown extremist movement.

    In particular, two Russian “white wagon” attacks took place in March. This assault tactic consists of extremists boarding a train and beating everyone who is not white in that carriage. On March 1, between 30 and 40 people boarded a Moscow suburban train at the Opahlika station and began looking for people of “non-Slavic appearance.” They beat up two Central Asians before departing to attack some Japanese tourists on the platform at Pavishino, some two stops past Opahlika ( On March 9, another “white wagon” assault was carried out by nationalists on a Moscow region train. According to the report, five young men boarded at the Khmiki station in Moscow carrying an Imperial Russian flag (black-white-gold) and shouting “Churka [a racist epithet for a person from the Caucasus or Central Asia] Out!” They beat two migrants, including a Tajik who tried to hide ( While there is sadly nothing particularly unusual about incidents of racist violence in Russia, the “white wagon” technique has, until now, been infrequently used due to the greater risks of arrest that are involved.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Did russian neo-nazis forgot that the so called russian nation is half mongolian. It is a result of half a millenium of total Mongol domination and control of russian tribes. It was just half a millenium of russian women being raped by their Mongolian masters…

  2. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Western hypocrisy at its finest. Two genocidal wars were waged by Moscow against the Chechen people. Atrocities perpetrated by Russian forces dwarfed even the Srebrenica Massacre in Bosnia ( which the West dubbed the “worst mass killing in Europe since World War II”). Not a peep from the USA or NATO. No wait, that’s not true. They applauded Russia.

    Crimea with its ethnic Russian majority voted to separate from Ukraine and join Russia without a single drop of blood spilt, and the West is just pulling its hair out by raising tensions with Russia to their highest level since the Cold War. The West’s faux moral stance is staggering indeed.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You seem unable to discuss Putin’s false statement, and therefore would like to change the subject. That’s about as low as one can get.

      • Colonialista ⋅

        Well he is pro russian, that is alredy as low as it gets.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        I stated a fact that you’re quite comfortable ignoring. And the fact that you ignore it shows that you are one ignorant fool. I don’t give a damn what Putin said, I’m not interested in it. Just your little twist….

        • mccusa ⋅

          Putin’s shameless use of the nazi card while destroying Ukraine is vintage soviet russian propaganda. Let me enlighten you, beetlejuice. The greatest collaborator with Nazi Germany was the soviet russia. General vlasov soviet army of over 3 millikon soldiers overnight joined the nazi germany. All together about 5.5 million soviet soldiers and officers joined the Nazi germany. The problem with this move was the pathological hatread and total contempt of everything russian by HItler. He thought that the barbaric russian savages will demoralize and destroyed the pure german army….

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