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Get it Straight: Russia Lost World War II

Professor Jonathan Alderman writes on Forbes:

World War II, as Studs Terkel declared, was a “good war” for the US that led to superpower status, economic boom and atomic monopoly. For the Soviet Union, victory over Nazi Germany led to the deaths of 10 million soldiers and 17 million civilians while another 25 million people lived in holes in the ground by 1945.

While the disintegration of the Soviet Union was a major victory for the West, it was for Putin, the greatest disaster of the 20th century. Russia, losing half its population and Eastern European empire, went from being a superpower to being derisively called “upper Volta with nuclear weapons.”  Earlier in the 20th century there were other disasters: the Japanese victory in the 1905 Russo-Japanese War, massive defeats in World War I that led to the February and October Revolutions, the Russian Civil War (11 million deaths) and the horrors of the 1930s.

So get it straight: Russia lost World War II, and America won.  After the war, the USA grew enormously in stature to bestride the globe like a colossus, while Russia shrank. The USSR actually collapsed, thanks to a long string of debilitating failures that culminated in World War II, where Russia first tried to ally with Hitler and then suffered devastating losses.

And what is Russia doing now? It is repeating the mistakes of the past, handing unchecked power to a proud KGB spy whose goal is to recreate Soviet failure.  Today, even the Kremlin and its propaganda network Russia Today admit that because of its wanton aggression in Ukraine and the massive economic sanctions imposed by the West Russia won’t see any economic growth in 2014.  Crimeans are finding out fast that Russia’s promises to them were illusory, and that they’ve made a fatal mistake by throwing in their lot with Russia.  They will watch their former fellow citizens to the north join the EU and NATO and soar to economic prosperity while, chained to Russia, they sink into the miasma of Russian failure.

7 responses to “Get it Straight: Russia Lost World War II

  1. sj ⋅

    Russia barely survived WWII, I would hardly call it a win. But if I were you I wouldn’t put my heart and soul into bashing Russia everyday. They’ll collapse on their own one day, no need to think about them 24/7 (filled with rage). All of the Russians who are pro Putin now and supporting his imperial ambitions will see that they made a mistake down the road.

    That’s why it’s important for us (the west) to get serious, get our own house in order so we can be ready next time. Russia won this round and might even win the next but they will lose this fight in the long run against the west and NATO. It’s not fun being a Russian citizen and the more Russians realize that their being driven down a hopeless/nihilistic path and then start doing something to change it the better it will be for the them and the west.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Let’s look at the internal situation in Russia; Moscow is truly a muslim city a ‘musulmanskiy gorodok’ – with 80% of central asian muslims in the Russian capital who needs enemies. The russian army – the laughing stock of the world – is already 45% muslim, and growing. With million a year victims of afghan heroine at present; can you imagine the number of dead after the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. Russian language is fast becominga local dialect nobody wants to speak. PRICELESS INDEED…

  2. Beetlejuice ⋅

    “So get it straight: Russia lost World War II, and America won. After the war, the USA grew enormously in stature to bestride the globe like a colossus, while Russia shrank.”

    Deleting my comments now, eh? Your only mention of Russia in World War II is a blunt statement prior to your pathetic analysis of post-war politics. Kim, get a life. Either go do some research or better yet be a groupie for Justin Bieber.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Beetlejuice, Do I have to remind you that your ‘beloved’ russia in one century only DVA RAZA utonula v sobstviennym govnie’; v 1917 i 1991. Miliony zdykhayut iz goloda i od afganskoy heroiny, and tak nazyvayemyi ruskoi yazyk eto uze localnyi dialect kotorym nikto nie khoczet govorit. Russia is losing in the West and in the East. Couldn’t you be a groupie for volodia lilipucin, after all on odkrovienno thrakhayet maltszikov…..

      • mccusa ⋅

        beetlejuice, talking about russian ‘victory’ who can forget the military victory parade in 1945 at the red square in Moscow. Very impressive; the first part we all remember but the second part was somehow forgotten – the grotesque when after the parade the russian victorious trups goosestepped from the red square directly to the Gulags….

    • mccusa ⋅

      Beetlejuice, first of all russia not only lost the war; russia STARTED THE SENDOND WORLD WAR WITH NAZI GERMANY…

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