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Russia Eyes Finland, Sweden, and Drools


Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld explores the horrifying possibility that after Russia swallows Ukraine the next juicy morsels on its plate may be Finland and Sweden, who have unwisely so far chosen to exclude themselves from the protective ranks of NATO.

6 responses to “Russia Eyes Finland, Sweden, and Drools

  1. AndrewO ⋅

    The latest response to Putin’s outrageous comments from Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

    Original imrainianZz

  2. elmer ⋅

    During Vlad Dracul Putler’s marathon talk show, there was a question that came from one of the citizens of the Rasha:

    Q: Mr. Putin, I’ve got a car and pay a road tax but there are no roads in our village.

    Putler: Why do you need a car then? It’s some kind of a provocation.

    This is what Putler was really saying to the people of the Rasha:

    “why do you need a car? fuck you – I cannot spare any money for the roads in the Rasha – I am busy invading other countries. Can’t you see that I am supplying Iran with nuclear materials, and Syria with weapons? Can’t you see that I am invading other countries to make the Rasha great? Where is your patriotism?

    Where is your love for the Oily Orthodox Holy Muzzer the Rasha?”

    • AndrewO ⋅

      Hi Elmer. I appreciate your contributions here. Kim posts articles on American Thinker that drive Putin’s internet trolls into a frenzy. We could really use some help there, if you can stomach it.

  3. elmer ⋅

    A Russian actor has been ‘outed’ by Twitter addressing public meetings in Ukraine pretending to be an elected politician.

    In a plot that could have come from the pen of Jack Higgins, Anton Kosenko claimed to be a ‘People’s Deputy’ from the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk.

    Kosenko was addressing a public meeting in Gorlovka, in eastern Ukraine when local journalists became suspicious and discovered that he was an actor from Moscow.

    There is no truth in the Kremlin, or from Putler or Lavrov, or any of the other Kremlinoids.

    Vlad Dracul Putler is an alcoholic psycho, who has surrounded himself with other Kremlinoid psychos, to spew Kremlin Krappola.

    Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia

  4. Hitler, I mean Putin, needs Lebensraum.

  5. FFF ⋅

    Oh please Kim.

    Sweden and Finland live in perfect, easily defendable terrain.

    They can defend themselves and don’t need NATO.

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