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Putin Eyes Latvia, Licks Lips, Spits Poison at USA


There may be some Americans who still think that Russian aggression in places like Ukraine and Georgia does not affect them directly and can be ignored, but Californians disembarked the Good Ship La-La Land last week for good.  Their concerns are nothing, however, compared to the stark terror striking the hearts of Latvians these days.

When they looked skyward last week, Californians heard the distant rumble of Russian nuclear bombers buzzing their coastline, and they weren’t alone. From the Netherlands to Japan to Guam, Russian nuclear weapons have been brandished all around the world with increasing frequency as Russia opens its gaping maw over Ukraine, even though the U.S. undertakes no such provocative action against Russian populations.  Indeed, the head of NATO confirmed that Russian special forces were operating in Eastern Ukraine just as they earlier done in Crimea.

Putin’s message is clear, and copied from Hitler’s playbook:  Let me grab whatever I want, or you’ll be next.  And the next tasty tidbit on his menu may very will be the Baltic nation of Latvia.

As Russians celebrate their “victory” in World War II this month by rolling massive numbers of tanks and nuclear weapons through Red Square just as was done on Soviet times, clearing intending to menace the entire world, it’s worth remembering what Russia actually did in that war:  It made common cause with Hitler, and fought him only when he turned on Russia.  After Hitler was defeated, Russia took his place in Eastern Europe, committing barbaric atrocities like the Katyn forest massacre and forcing half of Europe to live in totalitarian darkness for decades.  Russian soldiers sat across a river bank and watched the Nazis crush the Warsaw uprising, then moved in and took the Nazi’s places as Polish oppressors.

Polls show (Russian-language link) that Russians have an entirely different understanding of World War II, believing that they liberated Europe and needed no help from other countries to do so.  They don’t know that nearly half a million Americans lost their lives in World War II, or that Americans parted with more than $50 billion (well over half a trillion dollars in today’s money) to provide critical financial support to Europe.

Russians don’t know the facts about World War II because the Soviet model of education and journalism still pervades Russia despite the collapse of the USSR.  Textbooks are written by the government, and television news is broadcast by it.  For years we were told that measures like these didn’t matter because Russia’s Internet would “always be free.” But Putin has just signed a new package of laws that formally lays that myth into its grave, directly attacking major Internet bloggers and choking the last vestiges of life out of the Runet.

Barack Obama came into office telling us this wouldn’t happen. He told us we just needed to treat Russia with respect and Russia would show itself to be a reliable partner who could help us control terrorism in the Middle East.  What actually happened is that Russia played Obama for a fool, ratcheting up its support for terrorist like Hamas and Hezbollah in the Middle East while engaging in massive military spending in preparation for wars of aggression against Georgia and Ukraine.

Obama childishly ignored the fact that Russia’s twin overarching goals were served not by siding with the USA in the Middle East but by actively opposing it:  First, to drive the price of oil as high as possible in order to line the Kremlin’s coffers, and second to punish the USA for defeating Russia in the Cold War.

In the past, we were told it was “impossible” for Russia to turn its face backwards to its Soviet past, impossible for Putin to remain in power for life, and impossible for the Russian Internet to lose its vibrancy.  But in Russia today, impossible is nothing.

Now, we are told it is “impossible” that Russia could consider seeking to reassert control over the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), even though they sport the same Russian minority populations as are found in Ukraine and Georgia and used to justify aggression there.  But polls (Russian language link) clearly show that Russians believe their minority population in Latvia is just as much oppressed as the one in Ukraine, and news reports daily show that Russia is fomenting the same kind of upheaval there.

There is a difference, of course, between Latvia and Ukraine in that the former is a NATO member and the latter is not.  But the latter does border on not one but three NATO members, and NATO has not taken any real steps to push back against Russian aggression in Ukraine.  Putin has no specific, tangible reason to believe that if he rolled tanks into Latvia NATO would respond with military force.

What’s more, Putin may not need to use military force openly. He didn’t in Crimea, and he’s trying to avoid it in Eastern Ukraine too.  A photograph circulated on the Internet neatly captures his duplicity:  an Eastern Ukraine rebel fighter tells a reporter he’s fighting for federalism, but a rocket launcher slung across his back states clearly that he’s fighting “for Holy Russia.”

Americans made a serious mistake under the leadership of Bill Clinton when they allowed Vladimir Putin to rise to power, and they made a second serious mistake under George “Dubya” Bush when they failed to challenge him as he began to consolidate his malignant neo-Soviet grip on the nation.  Soundly defeated in war, Germany and Japan are now steadfast American allies.  Allowed to wriggle free, Russia has returned to bite us from behind with poisoned fangs.


20 responses to “Putin Eyes Latvia, Licks Lips, Spits Poison at USA

  1. Mudak moskals are animals just like the muslims.
    Google-wiki “Thermobaric bombs” and see what they did to their own children held hostage by muslim beasts in Beslan…they out beast the monsters…on direct orders from Putin!

    “It is theorized that a multitude of hand-held thermobaric weapons were used by the Russian Armed Forces in their efforts to retake the school during the 2004 Beslan school hostage crisis. The RPO-A and either the TGB-7V thermobaric rocket from the RPG-7 or rockets from either the RShG-1 or the RShG-2 is claimed to have been used by the Spetsnaz during the initial storming of the school.[50][51][52] At least 3 and as many as 9 RPO-A casings were later found at the positions of the Spetsnaz.[53][54] The Russian Government later admitted to the use of the RPO-A during the crisis.[55]”

  2. Beetlejuice ⋅

    I saw them. They were quite a sight. Those of us who think, know that there’s not going to be a war on California’s shores. And nobody cares about Ukraine or Georgia. Kim thinks otherwise. I’m sure she enjoying her cruise aboard the Good Ship La-La Land, while educated Americans live on the shores of reality.

    • mccusa ⋅

      betlejuice, To the world’s delights Russian army is already 50% muslim and central Asian, Moscow eto ‘musulmanskiy gorodok – a muslim suk – 80% of inhabitants of Moscow are muslim, the Far East going back to its right owner China without single shot being fired. Russian language is in reality local dialect, pretty soon, after withdrawal of Americans from AFghanistan,1 million dead Russian from afghan heroin will rise to 4 millions. Do I have to remind you dearie that Russia only in one century drowned in its own excrements twice in 1917 and 1991. And, according to Russians only 60 billions dollars left Russia this year, according to Mario Draghi from European Bank, the amount of money that left Russia is about 300 billions. Americans already saved Mongolian/Russian hordes from starvation once in 1991 by sending thousand of tonnes of frozen chicken that American farmers refused to feed their pigs and cows – so it didn’t cost Americans a penny to save starving Russian masses…

    • mccusa ⋅

      beetlejuice, biendiashka lilipucin is so absorbed with conquering Ukraine, molesting little boys, and haveing daily injections of botox, that didn’t notice that the whole Siberia is being taken by China without single shot being fired. China is simply retaking its own territory Siberia, stolen by russia about 100 years ago…The fact that russian army is 50% muslim and central asian, that amoscow is simply a big suk area with few russian churches, is truly a death sentence for idiotic russian dreams of rebuilding russian ’empire’…It is also truly a fiendish pleasure to see one million russian dead every year thanks to Afghan heroin. This number will quadruple the moment Americans leave Afghanistan. Four million dead russian it is a dream come true….Let’s talk about so called russian language – a local dialect that NOBODY wants to speak. Talking about infrastructure in russia is a strange topic – everybody knows the only infrastructure in russia that works is the system of gulags, operational and ready to open their gates AGAIN for millions of russian slaves to march it. Chinese should be pleased to see their own man sergai shoigu, a chinese from tuva region, running russia. So after 500 year of Mongol domination of russia this is a Chinese turn to enslave russians…..

  3. Beetlejuice ⋅

    “Russians don’t know the facts about World War II because the Soviet model of education and journalism still pervades Russia despite the collapse of the USSR.”

    It is far more accurate than the clownish version you give us, Kim.

    “Polls show (Russian-language link) that Russians have an entirely different understanding of World War II, believing that they liberated Europe and needed no help from other countries to do so. They don’t know that nearly half a million Americans lost their lives in World War II”

    If you actually took the time to research for once in your life, you’d see in every city the Soviets crossed into, they were greeted with flowers and kisses. The majority of Americans who fell during World War II fell in the Pacific, against the Japanese.

    “After Hitler was defeated, Russia took his place in Eastern Europe, committing barbaric atrocities like the Katyn forest massacre”

    Hitler was defeated in 1945, Katyn incident took place in 1940. I’ve seen Beavis and Butthead give better historical presentations than you, Kim.

    • mccusa ⋅

      beettlejuice; I almost cried when I watched the 1945 military parade on the red square – what a performance. The victorious russkies celebrating the victory. There was, however, the second part missing, dear katsap, the part when the russian pathetic army goosesteeped DIRECTLY FROM THE RED SQUARE TO THE GULAGS, LIKE PIGS TO THE SLAUTHER HOUSES. You have to be a russian slave to to that. Where were your ‘russian pride’ when you march to the gulags???

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Did you hear about the Polak who sold his car?
        He was so poor he needed gasoline money.

        Speaking of money, did you hear about the Polak who got a price check on all his items?
        He was at the 99 cents store.

        How do you get a Polish child out of the 3rd grade?
        Burn the school down.

        Why did the Polak climb over the glass wall?
        He wanted to see the other side.

        • mccusa ⋅

          Did you hear about the slanted eyed shitty Russian katsap who sold the car? Obosranye russkiye barakhlo needed gasoline money, etc. etc, etc.
          A propos, volodia pucin is so busy having daily botox injections and publicly molesting little boys that poor bastard didn’t notice that Russia is run by ethnic Chinese, sergei shoigu, slanted eyed, yellow skinned, buddist, who sings beautifully the Russian anthem using the famous ‘throat singinbg technique…

          • mccusa ⋅


            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              That reminds me, why did the Nazis conquer Poland so fast?
              They marched in backwards so the Polaks thought they were leaving.

              Speaking of conquering, why did Poland buy 10,000 septic tanks?
              When they learn how to drive them, they’re going to invade Russia.

              • mccusa ⋅

                Taking about invading russia – beetrlejuice -kasaglazyi russkiy biedniaszka -there is no need for this. Russia is already ruled by an ethnic chinese; slanted eyed, urin- color skined, perfect for sining russian anthem in ‘throat singing technique And do I have to remind that russian army is already 50% muslim and, most importantly, central asian. Do you remember Ramadan in Moscow. Those retarded russkies showed picures of moscow during ramadan in Summer 2011. There was NOT A SINGLE RUSSIAN on the streets. And 6 million muslim took over velikuyu russkuyu stolicu. ili musulmanski gorodok…

  4. Diehard ⋅

    Actualy, Beetlejuice, Russia took over Germans place and fucking russians were’nt greeted with your shitty flowers, in any eastern european country, unless it was staged by the sovie marionete goverments. For example inLithuania, the natives started partisanian war which lasted since the russians kicked out germans of Lithuania till 1953. And russians deported hundreads of thousands of inteligent educated people from the boltic states into the Siberia to freeze and starve to death. And putin is a fucking dictator who was a former SSRS KGB agent, do you even know how KGB treated people.. I doubt it. And Putin still has the same KGB methods,he uses them and nothing but serious military response cant stop him. Now he’s going to find foult in every country who has russian minority. Ukraine is surely not the end. So stop fucking support for that sadist bitch and open your eyes ffs.

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      And just a few years ago Lithuania unleashed a witch hunt against Jewish Partisans for killing pro-Nazi Lithuanian police and soldiers.

      “And Putin still has the same KGB methods,he uses them and nothing but serious military response cant stop him”

      Sorry, boy. Nobody in the West aside from a few gung-ho war mongers like Kim Zigfeld wants a war with Russia. Even your country, its a shitty little spot on the map of Europe that nobody cares about. If your history teacher is Miss Zigfeld, then I feel sorry for your parents.

      Soviet liberation all before any government was set up:





  5. Neo Soviet Shithole ⋅

    Putin has his online army (25 cent per post, or dumb enough to propagandize for free) out in force on every comment thread on the Internet. Funny thing is, these useful idiots include a huge percentage of ex-patriot Russians who are propagandizing from the comfort of their Western host countries. If you don’t like it in the West…..GO BACK TO RUSSIA.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Putin’s online army cannot change a lot, after all russia in one century only drowned in it own excrements twice; in 1917 and 1991. In 1991, when russian slaves started dying from starvation russian delegation went to see Senator Lugar; the poor russians dropped on their knees in front of an American Senator, begged for help, cried and totally humiliated themselves. Americans, of course, saved russians from further starvation by sending thousands of tonnes of frozen chicken, which were found unsuitable to feed american pigs and cows, but perfectly OK for the russians…

  6. mccusa ⋅

    beetlejuice, another catastrophic and humiliating failure of russian space system. Just yesterday, that cheeky, short fasto, rogozin was telling Americans to use the trampoline for their launches. What trampoline was Russia using for proton launching to get such a spectacular ‘success’?????

  7. The Pshek ⋅

    Did YOU write this, mccusa?

    Zygmunt Wrzodak: List otwarty do Narodu Rosyjskiego i władz Federacji Rosyjskiej

    List otwarty do Narodu Rosyjskiego i władz Federacji Rosyjskiej.
    Prezydent Federacji Rosyjskiej, Pan Władimir Władimirowicz Putin
    Przewodnicząca Rady FR, Pani Walentina Iwanowna Matwijenko
    Premier FR , Pan Dmitrij Anatoljewicz Miedwiediew
    Minister Spraw Zagranicznych FR, Pan Siergiej Wiktorowicz Ławrow

    Narody Rosji, Drodzy Bracia Rosjanie!

    Tysiące Polaków, wiernych Niepodległej Polsce i suwerennemu narodowi polskiemu, zarówno zorganizowani, jak i osoby nie zrzeszone jesteśmy oburzeni, zawstydzeni i nie zgadzamy się z działaniami obecnych władz i ich koncesjonowaną opozycją parlamentarną w Polsce, którzy wykonują zadania narzucone im przez ich zachodnich mocodawców.

    Odegrali oni perfidną rolę w przygotowaniach i przeprowadzeniu zbrojnego zamachu na demokratycznie wybrane władze bratnich narodów Ukrainy. Awanturnicza polityka antypolskiej klasy politycznej i olbrzymie ich zaangażowanie na Majdanie, pomoc w szkoleniu i zbrojeniu faszystowskich Banderowców, którzy dla zdobycia w sposób zbrojny władzy na Ukrainie, posunęli się nawet do zabijania własnych cywilnych demonstrantów „pokojowo nastawionych” oraz funkcjonariuszy Berkutu. Polityka taka zasługuje na najwyższe potępienie. Cały imperialistyczny zachód, na czele z amerykańską administracją, juntą kijowską i marionetkami politycznymi w Polsce ma ukraińską krew na rękach.

    • mccusa ⋅

      lilipucin, onan onaniantz, dwarf medvedievedddev and krasavitsa/vorovka matviejenko – kakaya krastaka – k zazaleniu u niiey pizda vielikaya, niemytaya i vanyuszczya, hytrye glazka mongolskiey blatsi, ogtromnaya zopa, a kakaya ona eleagantaya eto moda prosta iz kolymy…

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