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4 responses to “Barack Obama, International Laughingstock

  1. Beetlejuice ⋅

    It’s a little difficult to overcome your opponent by waving your saber at him from the low ground. Here are the facts:

    USA weakened economically and militarily by Bush’s “war on terror”, 13 years of war only grew Islamic radicals and made them 20 times more powerful.

    The 80-90% of the populations of the NATO countries are tired of war, and have no wish to get involved in another after having to pay for the failed “war on terror”.

    Ukraine is Russia’s backyard, as far as most of the world its concerned it is Russia’s problem and the U.S, NATO and EU have no business getting involved.

    • mccusa ⋅

      beetlejuice, read my lips; russia is China’s backyard, you are typical brainless russian baboon – you haven’t noticed it – open your slanted eyes and you will see that it is not pucin who run that unwashed toilet called russia, but it is an ethnic chinese, sergei shoigu, a native of Tuva, the region stolen from China as recent as 1911….

  2. Alfonse ⋅

    The EU and the US serenaded the pro democracy groups in the Ukraine until they stood up to their pro Russian stooges in the government, after suffering terrible losses they managed to force out there corrupt leader, “BUT” when the situation escalated with Russia ie: Russia lost control/access of Sevastopol in the Crimea being the home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Putin was forced to act and in turn America’s failure to act breached its 1991 assurances of territorial protection.
    In 1991 the Ukraine was the third largest Nuclear power on Earth in the fall of the Soviet Union. Ukraine possessed more Nukes than the UK and France combined, the USA with the help of Russia removed Ukrains Nukes on the condition that the USA give the Ukraine the same diplomatic assurances that the US made to Japan in post WW2 to offset Japan’s need for an offensive military following Japan’s war of genocide in in the lead up and during WW2.
    Obama’s failure to honour US guarantees of protection have had terrible consequences with Japan changing its Constitution for the first time in respect to its offensive military capability giving Japan’s military the power to conduct offensive operations, which nobody wants after seeing what the Japanese soldier was capable of in WW2 ie: anything upto and including the forced prostitution of Catholic Nuns and things that made the German Nazi officials cringe in disgust which says more than I want to.
    This whole situation is terrible and a direct consequence of meddling from the west without the appetite to live up to their promises leaving the people of Ukraine to pick up the pieces.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Alfonse, Let’s make the long stroy short. What is going on in Ukraine is simple to understand. The present border between Asia and Europe is moving to the 18-century border between tsarist russia and the Commenwealth of Kingdom of Poland and Duchy of Lithuania, that included the Baltic States, Belarus and the whole Ukraine. So these countries are simply returning to the family of European nations, so they too could enjoy freedom, democracy, tolerance… Russia chose the gulags, barbaric destruction of non-russian people, and ultimate demise of the barbaric grotesque called ‘russkaya samoderzava’….But evantually it will be China that will rule russia. For God’s sake, Alfonse, russia’s strong man is not putin, but sergei shoigu, the minister of defense of russia; an ethnic Chinese from Tuva. And, as you probably know, the Tuva region was an integral part of China until 1911…

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