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34 responses to “An Obituary for Valeria Novodvorskaya

  1. Au ⋅

    She passed away… We all praise her for her great selfless efforts in undermining the image of the ideology of the western liberalism, waking up Russians’ national self-awareness.

  2. Beetlejuice ⋅

    She was a pig-faced imbecile who ended up at odds with the same government she helped bring to power. No wonder she was never able to win over but a microscopic number of supporters.


      A kak vygladi nasz krasavczyk beetlejuic-katsap; korza zoltaya, -khytrye mongolskiye kasye glaski, kurnosyi, vanyuszczya morda, griazna, obosrtanaya zopa, i koneshno 98 ordenow na rubashkie i dazhe na zopie …gospodin pomiylui lob – khuy – leva ruka – prava ruka…

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Animal abuse in Poland in so widespread. Just yesterday I saw a Polish guy drowning his pet. It was his pet fish.

  3. Fred from Berlin ⋅

    Russian hero Novodvorskaja died at the age of 64, not 74. You don’t get old in a country like Russia.


      Fred from Berlin, judging from her last name, Valeria Novodworska, was of noble Polish origin; lot of Polish nobility had estates in present day Belarus and Ukraine, that why she was fearless in defending freedom, democracy and totally condemned the mongol/russian barbarity…

      • The Pshek ⋅

        Hahaha — Gownopolska über alles!

        • mccusa ⋅

          Beetlejuice obosranyi russkiy katsap; I know, I know , dearie – it hurts and I truly understand your humongous INFERIORITY COMPLEX – but no insult will change the fact that you russians ARE subhumans – who else would goosstep from the Moscow’s Victory parade in 1945 DIRECTLY TO THE GULAGS like pigs to the slaughter..

        • The Pshek ⋅

          Allting kan gå itu
          Men ett hjärta kan gå i tusen bitar
          Säger du att du är min vän
          Så är du kanske det

    • The Pshek ⋅

      Lieber Fred — wie fickerig bist du eigentlich? Ich sage dir:


      • mccusa ⋅

        beetleljuice barakhlo – volodia lilipucin trakhayet maltszikov utram i veczerom – heh, heh, heh. And by the way, shouldn’t Dutch people lynch publically that little whore – putin’s daughter – what is that sh@#$ doing in the civilized country like the Netherlands?????????

  4. Bogdan from Australia ⋅

    The evolution of leadership in Kremlin: Putvedev, Medvedin, Putvedev, Putler, Putzar…

    • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

      Putzar The Terrible…

    • Beetlejuice ⋅

      At least its evolution as opposed to Polak de-evolution. Why don’t you go to Ukraine and help your “brothers in Christ”? Maybe they won’t cut Polaks up this time like they did in World War II.

      • mccusa ⋅

        beetlejuice barakhlo; The Russia’s war against Ukraine is simply the change of the present-day frontier between Asia and Europe. This border is moving to the 18-century border between asia-tsarist russia and the Commonwealth of Kingdom of Poland and Duchy of Lithuania; that included the Baltic States, Belarus, and UKRAINE…iT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT YOU BRAINLESS SLANTEDEYED RUSSIAN BABOON..

          • mccusa ⋅

            NO, beetlejuice/barakhlo YOU wrote it…

          • The Pshek ⋅

            No, no mccusa honey. The linked article is not in Russian, it’s in Polish. Or doesn’t Polish/Russian make any difference to you these days? That’s interesting 🙂

            • mccusa ⋅

              I am convinced that you produce this sort of cinematic idiotic excrements on a daily basis in every language – frankly, it is slightly embarrassing to watch, try to imporve your technique ….

              • The Pshek ⋅

                Haha — absolutely correct, mccusa. Your blog barfs, on the other hand, never repeat any silly, old rubbish. More specifically, that is so since the average Polak’s attention span is in the nanosecond range!

                Q: What’s it called in Poland when people yell genital swear words at each other?

                A: Oral sex!

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          I told you a hundred times, Polak. I’m not Russian or even Slavic. My family roots are in Western Europe, shithead. I’m AMERICAN!

          • The Pshek ⋅

            Beetlejuice: “Russian” is mccusa’s ultimate insult to people he doesn’t agree with. Needless to say that is, more or less, the same as each and everyone with a triple-digit IQ.

          • The Pshek ⋅

            Actually, the silly Polak doesn’t even bother to differentiate between the two of us. Becomes way too complex for him, ha!

            • mccusa ⋅

              beetlejuice, the pshek [by the way -what does it mean, dearie????] I do I do differentiate between the two of you, but all of you, the hundred of thousands of brainless russian baboons, checking EVERY existing site on Internet, in every language, checking for anti-russian, anti-putin statements. Oh it is SO EFFECTIVE – hey were is the ever present, little ormiashka from Georgia Onan Onaniant; sorry sergey lavrov – hiding in Magadan or already in Lubianka????????

          • mccusa ⋅

            yeah right…

          • mccusa ⋅

            yeah, beetleurine you are a 100% American from Magadan region ….

          • Magnificent Poland ⋅

            yeah right, obosranye, vanuszczye, kasaglazye barakhlo. Even your greatest russian poet Michail Lermontov starts one of his poem with this sentence; praszczay niemytaya rossia, traslation ‘farewell unwashed Russia’ ..after all he was of Scotish origins that why he couldn’t tolerate that russian shit, dirt, and total lack of hygene….

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