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Barbarism Unbound in Putin’s Russia

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder points her finger directly at the citizens of Russia as bearing the primary responsibility for the absolutely barbaric missile attack on the civilian passenger airliner MH17 over the skies of Eastern Ukraine. Now, the entire world is rapidly turning against Russia, and sees Putin for the ruthless thug he is.  But what the world also sees is that the people of Russia support Putin by an overwhelming majority, and as such they are just as guilty is he is in the murder of 300 innocent people including entire families and nearly 100 children.

17 responses to “Barbarism Unbound in Putin’s Russia

  1. There’s a gigantic fleet of rotting submarines in Russian Navy’s graveyards…thousands of them(google images)…they were used to attack every single nations on earth by supplying their criminal mafias with money, drugs, explosives, kalashnikovs and ammo…Just the same as the moskal Putin is currently doing in Ukraine…
    Except, unlike his master Yuri Andropov, Vladimir Putin is a somber imbecile. Just watch his drunken agents loot the passengers’ cadavers of the plane they just shot down!
    The mudaks did not even have the wits to hide the BUK missile system as they scurried it back to muskovy!

    • mccusa ⋅

      Russia is being slowly partitioned among the three major blocks in Eurasian continent – Chinese civilization, Turkic nations, and Western Civilization. Let’s remember the facts putin ignores while fighting endless wars – the russian army is 50% muslim and central asian, moskva – 80% od inhabitants muslim and central asian, russian language is just a local dialect. Four out of ten inhabitants of St. Petersburg are Uzbeks. One million russians die from Afghan heroine – after the withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan there will be 4 million dead russians a year. There is the ecological catastrophy of epic proportions, especially in the regions of Chelabinsk, Magnitogorsk where four generations of monsters are being born, and the city of Karabash in Chelabinsk region is the most dangerous place on earth – life span for men, women is 39 years. So, Russia is sinking in its own excrement the third time; 1917, 1991 and 2014…

      • The Pshek ⋅

        Same pointless blather no matter what. Have you lost interest in aviation matters by now, only dedicating yourself to Russia full-time?

        Q: When mccusa started attending school, guess who had the biggest cock in class?

        A: mccusa since he was 18 years old by then.

    • mccusa ⋅

      Putin shot down another plane in 2010, killing Polish President, and, kept the black boxes in moscow, within several hours the credit cards of the victims were uscharged for thousands of $ by the russian thieves – it is like Smolenks revisited…

  2. The Pshek ⋅

    Haha, good ol’ LR suggests it was Putin in person who fired at the plane. No doubt Putin is powerful, able-bodied, and able-minded in stark contrast with not-so-powerful or influential Western supremacists right here; hence he doesn’t have to resort to lethal violence to make a point. The psychos in Kiev and their sponsors are quite a different matter. As for LR, it’s sheer insanity not being compensated for by money from On High 😉

    • mccusa ⋅

      beetlejuice barakhlo – putin is shitting himself into oblivion right now – russia is being simply partitioned among Chinese Civilization, Turkic people + Iran – the deadliest enemy of Russia and Western World – RUSSIA PROSTO TONIOT V VOSBSVIENNYM GOVNIE!!

      • The Pshek ⋅

        Really? That would make your life totally pointless even by your own Gownopolska standards. Russia is your full-time obsession. Whatever you do, don’t try to force pilots to land in bad Russian weather conditions 😀

        • mccusa ⋅

          beetlejuice/barakhlo; russia is nobody’s obsession, russia is barbaric, murderous sh@##$hole that is being dismantled in front of our eyes…By the way, Tatarstan is de jure, an independent state according to Mr. Yeltsine…….

          • mccusa ⋅

            taking about bad weather landing; beetlejuice barakhlo; lilipucin crashlanded once in Poland and was almost killed. Then the ‘russian genius’ and the ‘russian safety measures’ were implemented; while flying those ‘russian flying coffins’ iliuszins, volodia is always accompany by another empty ‘russian flying coffin’ iliuszin, so in case of a crash there is a plan B…That what happened while volodia was flying to Kazkhstan, he crash-landed, marched to the emply iliuszin and took off again…And , out of curiosity, is ‘Kursk’ – another russian coffin – still on the UNDERWATER SECRET MISSION tracking down those horrible capitalistic Americans.??????????????????

            • Beetlejuice ⋅

              That reminds me, did you hear about that other horrible plane crash in Poland?
              An airliner crashed into a cemetery carrying 700 passengers and crew. So far the Polish authorities have recovered 2000 bodies from the wreck.

          • The Pshek ⋅

            Mother Russia, there is a Papist boy here who is very unhappy not to be one of your sons. Have mercy 🙂

          • Beetlejuice ⋅

            What the hell is “barakhlo”? A Polak pet name or something?

  3. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Of course, Kim. Because it was the citizens of Russia that fired that missile after they invaded Ukraine. Now Vladimir Putin can sleep at night knowing that America’s most powerful and influential blog has absolved him or his government from any responsibility of shooting down MH17. He loves you so, Kim.

    • mccusa ⋅

      beetlejuice govno, of course, russian brainless baboons don’t know that pretty soon they will be marching to the gulags, as always, courtesy of their barbaric governments, just to save ‘ruskaya samoderzava’. The futile and barbaric attempts to save that ss@#$hole called russia, by horrifying coward putin is the clasic mongolian/’russian/soviet behaviour – now those russian rats are waiting and keep the low profile. A propos, there is the fearless minister of foreign affairs – tibiliskoy armiashka Onan Onaniants, sorry sergiusz lavrov???

  4. From Chernukin checkpoint, the Cossacks shot down an airliner with the Buk system

  5. I must admit that the world’s media watch had seized its attention on this incredibly important subject so easily. Instead, everyone became so suddenly focused on the issue of cleaning Gaza from the militants. Was that just some coincident? Not really. Hamas leader’s visit to Moscow took place just before the Gaza militants began shelling Israel in the new most recent spiraling cycle of violence. I find this to be one of the most hideous media tricks of Kremlin, with the tremendous amount of casualties, including the civilians and children of Gaza population. Admittedly, very few people are informed about the direct connection of these events. So far, Kremlin had won yet another round of its propaganda war. And, I sadly agree that Kremlin had already launched WWIII, by the means of the most obvious proxy war. It is unfortunate that this had been so down-played in the Western media so far, thus using Israel as a scapegoat in the most unfair ways.

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