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Mark Adomanis, Wiggling and Squirming

It’s a telling commentary on how far and how fast Vladimir Putin has has fallen that even hardcore Putin apologists like Mark Adomanis are now scurrying to abandon him in order to save their own reputations.

In a recent op-ed for the Moscow Times, Adomanis concedes that the European Union’s cutting Russia off from investment cash will deal a devastating blow to the Russian economy.  He admits that even as Russia’s economy grinds to a screeching halt, the EU’s action will choke off the lifeblood of the economy, making borrowing vastly more expensive and therefore unattainable to many small businesses. He admits that the Russian finance sector is “largely at a standstill already,” before the new round of sanctions have even taken effect. The obvious result is recession.

Adomanis mocks Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, who actually claims with a straight face that massive worldwide economic sanction are a good thing for Russia.  It’s a neo-Soviet jaw-dropper if ever there was one.

But Adomanis also feels compelled to write this in the second paragraph of his piece:  “It is possible, of course, that the Europeans will lose their nerve.”  That’s wishful thinking, and smells of desperation.  Adomanis has been writing for years that the EU would not be capable of imposing sanctions like those he now sees before him, most particularly because Russia’s fossil fuel might would prevent it.  Now, the utter frivolousness of Adomanis’s prior views have been exposed for all the world to see.

Indeed, conspicuous by its absence is any effort at all from Adomanis to confront his prior bogus analysis of Russia.  His claims about the strength of the Russian economy have been proved totally false, just as his claims about the impotence of the West have been. And most importantly, for years Adomanis has done what he could to provide cover to Putin as he consolidated his malignant regime in Russia, claiming and implying that Putin was not the evil force that Republicans like Mitt Romney claimed.

Adomanis smugly mocked Republicans like Romney and Palin, who correctly predicted Russia’s incursion into Ukraine while Adomanis did not, in a supremely juvenile and immature fashion. He’s now trying desperately to walk it all back and jump on the bandwagon driven by Romney and Palin, but it’s much too late. Adomanis has no credibility left, as the entire Russophile community does not. Putin has pulled the rug out from under them, and all they can do is fall.


10 responses to “Mark Adomanis, Wiggling and Squirming

  1. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Putin is in the same straights as Hitler was before the WW II…Bankrupt because of his policies, however Putin does not have a Stalin’s Ribbentrop pact to save his ass…China? Nothing in there for them, China has never and will never lift a finger to help anybody, especially the Russians…who stole Siberia from them. Putin should patch thing up with the Zeuros and Ukraine and watch his business in the far East…

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “IT” has entered final stage… mudak moskal occupiers are fleeing Donbas in a panic as rat face Putin is sendinding his cannibal chechen terrorist mercenaries in Donetz

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Ramzam Kadyrov mada Osama Bin Laden look like a choirboy…
    Pooty Poot better watch his ass…

    • mccusa ⋅

      ‘Fatwa’ is what will eventually happen to putin, we will se another video with decapitation of putin for murdering 250 000 syrian muslims, slaughtering the half of population of Chechnia…the list is endless…

  4. mccusa ⋅

    mark adomanis’ place is, of course, with edward snowdon. Mark should join snowdon in his perfect russian residence – the shi#$%ty russian public toilet at the sheremetevo airport – he will be sitting in excrements up to the eyebrows as his buddy snowdon – the perfect place for both of them…

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Pooty Poot will suffer the same fate as Najibullah in Afganistan.

    • mccusa ⋅

      what about khadafi of Libya treatmetn it will suit better little lilipucin…

    • mccusa ⋅

      34 years after the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the russians are still being murdered by the Afghans – one million dead russians a year!!! Priceless!!!And after the withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan, the number of dead russians will reach four million…it is called a poetic justice….

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