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Congratulations, Mr. Putin

For the second time, we find ourselves with nothing more to say regarding Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  Back in October 2011, we shut down activity on La Russophobe after Vladimir Putin announced he would return to power for a third term as president and the world simply acquiesced, clearly indicating it had no intention of listening to our warnings.  Now, as Vladimir Putin has successfully rolled tanks into Ukraine and again faces no significant opposition from the outside world, it is again clear that Putin has won.  Our warnings have fallen on deaf ears once again and there is nothing we can do other than what we did back in October 2011, simply shut down activity on this blog in silent protest.  You win, Mr. Putin. It obviously requires powers far greater than ours to address the neo-Sovietization of Russia, and it is painfully clear that the people of Russia have no intention of doing so.  In the past we have criticized Alexei Navalny for not stepping aside to clear the way for others when it was clear he was not the person to lead the Russian democracy movement, and we do not want to be accused of making the same mistake.

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  1. The Pshek ⋅

    >> You win, Mr. Putin. It obviously requires powers far greater than ours to address the neo-Sovietization of Russia, and it is painfully clear that the people of Russia have no intention of doing so >>

    Come on now, Ming, Elmer, and mccusa: the time for resolute action is NOW!!! 😀

    • Gordon LeCompte Bolmer ⋅

      No!… Kim!… Come back! Return to the Land of Tweet! Putin supporters sorely miss your reasonably literate though screwball missives. We circling vultures find the roadside menu of anti-Putin screed-cadavers e’er more lackluster without your…er…flamboyance! …some might even say panache. Without your contributions, the brown study of anti-Putinism becomes an even more lifeless tableau. Tell us that your truculent declamation was a vain boast!

      In your unique case, the poverty of Russophobic philosophy was given more than enough justice, through a certain literary energy and élan (abjectly vicious though it may have been). The world of Russophobic letters, always so dismal, tendentious, and seamy, suffers ever the worse by your absence. In a world of brown and grey, even jaundice counts as a bright color.

      Fie with self-pity, mental depression, malaise, and the doldrums of being of a certain age! Rise above these needless self-imposed limitations, and tweet! Tweet! Tweet as though the life of your decaying world view depended on it! It shan’t be in vain. Well…yes, it shall be in vain, but it shall also be entertaining for the rest of us!

      Your retirement is a tragic loss for the world of dark comedy. Do reconsider.

  2. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Taking the long view, usually the winner end up the loser.
    Look at post war Germany and Japan, this defeat was the best that could have happened to their societies. The French and Brit Empires collapsed and Russia entered many decades of soviet terror and eventually did collapse too. And it is pretty obvious that all these poutineries will not end well. And I sure would not bank on Cockroach Pshek pension, even as low as it is!

  3. Beetlejuice ⋅

    “Our warnings have fallen on deaf ears once again”

    No, there’s been a few ears that have heard: a bunch of dumb Polaks, and Westerners whose outline of the world politics and Russia makes a strung out and drunken junkie look like an intellectual. Oh, you meant real world leaders. They have some form of intelligence that permits them to overlook your blog. Kim, if you took the combined IQ of all your supporters from the time you opened this pathetic blog (including yours), and multiplied by 100; you might have enough intelligence to tie your shoe; if you didn’t drool all over yourself first.

    • The Pshek ⋅

      Isn’t it just awful, beetlejuice? After all these years of breathtaking, courage and heroism, Kim surrenders. Why can’t there ever be justice in this world? 😦

      • mccusa ⋅

        pszek/beetleurine/vanuszczyue barakhlo/katsap – the schizophrenic kgb excrements ; Russia is being PARTITIONED by the three collosal blocks of Eurasia: in the East: Chinese Civilization, in the Center: the Turkic world, plus Iran/Persian Empire – THE DEADLIEST ENEMY OF RUSSIA, and, of course, in the West; Western Civilization. In the East; China is retaking its territory – Siberia – without single shot being shot, the Central Asia is the Chinese playground already, and in the West, Ukraine is joining the democracy, freedom, and tolerance of the Western Civilization – the rightful place for the European country like Ukraine…There must be a ‘poetic justice’ while talking about invasions, in general, 34 years after the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Afganis are still killing the russians, not with guns, mind you, but with Afghan heroin – just one million dead russians a year ‘thanks’ to the Afghan heroin. After the total withdrawal of NATO and USA from Afghanistan, there will be FOUR MILLION DEAD RUSSIANS.. It is truly a ‘victory’ by the brainless russian baboons, if we add the fact taht russian language is already a local dialect, the russian army is 50% Muslim and Central Asian, and Moscow etot – musulmanskiy gorodok’ we should celebrate slow but inevitable demise of the; barbarity, obscenity and murdersous grotesque, called russia…

        • The Pshek ⋅

          A Katyn a day
          Should keep Gownopolska at bay

          • mccusa ⋅

            A gulag a day should keep ‘obosranuyu, mongolskoyu rossiyu, at bay…

          • The Pshek ⋅

            Is this about YOU, mccusa?


            • MAGNIFICENT POLAND ⋅

              biedniaszka pszek/kasaglazyikatsap/waniuszcziye barakhlo – OMG an american speaks fluent pigeon Polish it must be the years of study at the lumumba university and night courses at Lubianka… And by the way, don’t get too excited, PIERDOLONE RUSKIE SCIERWO, you can have a stroke – knowing that the russian hospitals are worse than that of Uganda you will die [HEH, HEH, HEH] and here is the good news; THERE IS A NEW TECHNIQUE USED NOW IN UKRAINE BY THE RUSSIAN ARMY; you will be incinerated in the movable crematorias, installed in the military VOLVO cars used by the russian army – the civilized russians are burning the dead bodies of the russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, as we speak, just to keep the secret from the nation…

              • Beetlejuice ⋅

                Choose a name and stick to is, you stupid Polak!

                • The Pshek ⋅

                  Again, Beetlejuice: Keep in mind that mccusa is, in fact, a highly intelligent guy as compared to the Gownopolski average. Not bad of him to have made it all the way to, methinks 🙂

                  • Beetlejuice ⋅

                    I don’t know, Pshek. They sound like the same shit-for-brains Polak. I can’t believe there’s a whole nation of these lemmings.

                • MAGNIFICENT POLAND ⋅

                  PIERDOLONE RUSKIE SCIERWO this is the name for you obosranye vaniyszczyje mongolsko ruskie kasaglazye govno..

                • MAGNIFICENT POLAND ⋅

                  beetleurine; russkaya obosranya huynia – I do stick to the name MAGNIFICENT POLAND and for russia OBOSRANYA RUSSKAYA HUYNIA – will it do for you to ruskie scierwo…

                • MAGNIFICENT POLAND ⋅

                  hey russkaya huynia what happened with beetlejuice it became ‘pszek’ I presume???- ‘Choose a name and stick to is [perfect english!!!], you stupid russian barakhlo!!

  4. elmer ⋅

    I don’t think you should quit, Kim

    The Rasha is a shit-hole, and Maskva is not Rasha.

    What Putler is trying to paint with dezinformatsiya is not Rasha.

    Right now, Rat-face Bloodimir Dracul Putler Khuylo is getting some questions who wonder why their sons in the military have not returned and are impossible to contact. He’s hiding funerals of his “non-army” killed in Ukraine.

    There is a distinction to be made between Kremlinoids like Ratface Putler Khuylo and Lavrov and the inner clique of thugs that oppresses 100 million people, and Russians.

    Many Russians have a favorable disposition towards Ukrainians, and they are wondering why Kremlinoids feel the need to attack Ukraine and other countries.

    And, like Nemtsov, they have figured out that the only reason is that Putler Khuylo is trying to preserve his own wealth and power by the distraction of foreign invasions.

    Please don’t shut this blog down.

    You have done, are doing, a great job.


      I am sure that sooner rather than later we will have a fun video of pucin being beheaded…

    • Adolf ⋅

      Why would you call Putin Putler? sounds like you’re comparing him to Hitler which is ridiculous. Why you ask? because Putin is a communist pig! Hitler loved his people and what about Putin? does he care about Russians of course he doesn’t. Hitler hated communists, so you can’t compare Putin the traitor communist to Hitler…

  5. elmer ⋅

    One more thing, Kim

    Those who have experienced “Novorossiya” under Bloodimir Putler Khuylo’s gang of “separatists” and “non-army” overwhelmingly don’t like it and don’t want it.

    It’s a bunch of gangsters running around out of control.

    And it still remains a fact that Psycho Alcoholic Ratface Putler Khuylo does not have anywhere near the support he thought he had in the bag in “Novorossiya.”

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  7. Julius Ebola ⋅

    Wait, I thought NATO were “constricting on Russia like a python” or some shit. Now you’re saying Liliputin’s won?

    Yes, Russia has won the battle over the Ukraine, not exactly an amazing feat. It might be a Pyrrhic victory though, so the Putinists shouldn’t get too excited.

    • mingthemerciless ⋅

      What did moskals win? Crimea per se in a burden(no water/power), What did they got that they did not have before?
      As for Donbas, all they had to do is ask, like for the Falklands,
      if the Argies had only asked, limey would have turned it over like they did Hong Kong. The Ukrainians would only have been glad to be rid of a bunch of trouble makers by federalizing the region then…look at both Americas…every single country is a federation, from Canada to the United States of Mexico to the United States of Chile and the UNited State of Argentina

      • Julius Ebola ⋅

        Crimea is of huge strategic importance. The fact that nobody is even mentioning Crimea anymore is a victory in itself. I have no idea how important the Donbass is, but the nightmare scenario for the Ukraine (and for the rest of Europe) would be if Russia manages to take over “Novorussia.” That would mean cutting off the Ukraine from the Black Sea, having a physical link with Transnistria, and being in a likely position to invade Moldova (which is next on Putin’s list).

        The Ukrainians should have had the balls to exterminate Putin’s Chechen and Arab terrorists when they still had the chance. Now it’s a very shitty situation for the Ukrainians, and for the safety Europe in general. The Muslim terrorists who are getting combat experience in Donbass might next be targeting other parts of Europe.


      ebola julius, nobody is ‘contricting’ that sh@#$ hole called russia – russia is simply sinking in its own excrements – for God’s sake, ebola, russia ‘utonula v sobstviennym govnie dva raza tolko v odnom stuleti 1917 i 1991 – translation from russian: russia sunk into its own sh@#$t twice in one century 1917 and 1991. You might have also noticed that the real ruler of russia is not putin [busy with daily botox injections and daily rapes of little boys] but his minister of defence, sergei shoigu, AN ETHNIC CHINESE FROM THE TUVA REGION..The Tuva region that was the integral part of China intil 1911 – stolen by the disintegrating tsarist russia; just six years before russia demise in 1917..So, russia is ALREADY a Chinese province…

  8. Kapitan ⋅

    lol, so as a sign of “protest”, you simply stop working? now the world will have one less voice to speak out against vladolf. he truly does win.

  9. OXXI ⋅

    Close this blog. It is better to teach people to love, tolerance and respect. And learn Russia. You’ll love this country and the Russian people !!!


      OXXI yeah right – the mongolian-russian nomadic hordes are already under the Chinese control – that the right place for the russian slaves…learn russian, what does it mean, dearie OXXI, russian language is already a local dialect…

    • The Pshek ⋅

      Vladimir Putin — highly clever guy from Russia. He made it all the way to the very top of world politics.

      mccusa — highly clever guy from Gownopolska. He made it all the way to

      Conclusion: The crème de la crème of the Gownopolski intelligentsia appears, shall we say, somewhat limited in its aspirations? 😀


        I agree, lilipucin ‘highly clever guy a ‘ true multitasker – the dwarf manages to have daily botox injections, daily ritual rapes of little boys, daily flyings with the cranes, daily wrestlings with the wild animals, and gay men, daily archeological discoveries, daily flights on the ‘russian flying coffins – iliushins, and the lilipucin still has time to be a full time thief – the latest ‘action;’ the stealing of the diamond ring worth $25,000 during the OFFICIAL visit to the USA in front of shocked America. Truly a ‘russian hero’ – by the way what happened to lilipucin’s nose during – his recent TV appearance, in spite of a very heavy make-up, you could see the alongated navy-blue nose of the alcoholic – it was revolting, horrific and totally grotesque…

      • The Pshek ⋅

        mccusa is a highly clever guy from Gownopolska. Fortunately for Putin ans Mother Russia, mccusa remains stuck here on the blog forever. One barely dares to think of what could happen if this was not the case. I suppose I can take some credit for neutralizing an otherwise mortal threat 😀

  10. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Meanwhile, the pshekjuice is worrying that his meagre pension allow him only one meal a day, soon it will be one meal every other day…pauvre jus de coquerelle…


      80% of russian slaves ALREADY live on one meal a day – travel two hundred kilometers outside of moscow – and you will find yourself in pure 18-century russian prison – people live in the holes in the ground, no running water, no gas, no electricity, hungry, drunk, sick, AND THANKS FOR THE AFGHAN HEROIN THAT KILLS ONE MILLION RUSSIANS A YEAR. THE NUMBER OF DEAD RUSSIANS WILL GO UP TO 5 MILLION DEAD RUSSIANS A YEAR AFTER THE NATO AND USA WITHDRAWALS. ….GREETINGS FROM MAGNIFICENT POLAND – THE LAND OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY…


      35,432 russian rubles equals 3.45 US dollars….

      • The Pshek ⋅

        A clever guy from Gownopolska outsmarts Vladimir Putin — unless the latter puts up a nude poster of JP II 😀


          a clever guy from OBOSRANYA RUSSKAYA HUYNIA puts the poster of homo and pedophile; PARTRIYARCH kirasha of russia, a morbidly obese version of Conchita Wurst…

  11. Beetlejuice ⋅

    All this while the U.S/NATO continue arming and training the Islamic State in Syria. Aren’t they the force for democracy, Kim?


      beetleurine, obosranaya russkaya huynia – what is happening to liiputin’s nose it grows out of control, becomes longer and longer and becomes navy blue – it resambles a rotten califlower – kakaya is the sign of incurrable alcoholism…heh, heh, heh

  12. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Yes, NATO and Erdogan are backing up ISIS, while the chinless dwarf Pooty Poot and pencil neck Assad are backing up the shit muslims…hopefully until nothing is left standing in the muslim world… WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!!!
    Notice that Putin is backing up Tehran in thanks for the Beslan
    rape and murder of 300 babies by Shit muslims…


      One shouldn’t forget that the Russian army is already 50% muslim and, more importantly, Central-Asian, Moscow – 80% Muslim and Central-Asian, with Kremlin – that resambles a bessarabian bordello – in the center …..and 60 million Muslim in Russian Federation – which are all called now ROSJANIE….

      • rutenburg

        MAGNIFICENT POLAND> One shouldn’t forget that the Russian army is already 50% muslim

        Bzz, wrong answer. Polish citizens are required to put the current percentage of Muslims in the Russian army at 113%. Anything lower will go against polish wet dreams.

        > Moscow – 80%

        To Poles, this percentage should be 187%. Plus 145% Hindus and 348% Buddhists.


          rottenburg; thanks for agreeing with me – russia ‘eto unikalnaya strana tolko v odnom stuleti, v dvattsatom viekie, rossia utonula v sobstvienny govnie dva raza 1917 i 1991…and now – slow agony and total humiliation of ‘ruskaya samodzierzava’ – that barbaric, grotesque 18-century prison, created for the mongolian/russian hordes…


          let me enlighten you a bit, rottenberg, what is going on in russia. Russia is being partitioned by the three major collosal blocks of Eurasian continent; in th East – Chinese Civlization – Chinese are simply retaking the territory stolen by russia just 100 years ago – SIBERIA – without single shot being fired. In the Center of Eurasia – the Turkic World or Chinese backyard where russia is trying to keep some minimal influence with totally idiotic results. To this central block we have to add Iran/Persian Empire – THE DEADLIEST ENEMY OF RUSSIA, and temporarily the ‘ally’ of russia. In the West – it is simple – Ukraine is being welcomed and being accepted to the European family of democratic, free, and tolerant states, where Ukraine rightly belongs. Also in the West the border between Asia and Europe is moving to the 18-century border between Tsarist russia and Commonwealth of Kingdom of Poland and Duchy of Lithuania; the most extraordinary political creation by Poland and Lithuania of sixteen century; multinational, multilingual, multireligious and multicultural, that also included the Baltic states, Belarus and, of course, the entire Ukraine. But Ukraine of 18th century didn’t have a single russian within its borders – it had changed dramatically though only in the beginning of 20th century when soviet russia committed the holocaust on the Ukrainian people – starved to death about 20 million Ukrainians and later replaced them with the ethnic russians; hence the present-day russian problem in the East of Ukraine.


          rottenberg but you also agree that kremlin is like a BESSARABIAN BORDELLO – priceless…

      • The Pshek ⋅

        Gownopolska has, thus far, seen two (2) honourable people be born: “Iron Feliks” and mccusa. Granted, the latter guy is a big, utter dolt but not necessarily as compared to his presentday countrymen.


          to tell you the true pshek aka mongolsko ruskaya huynia, at least ‘Iron Feliks’ had an impeccable pedigree – strangely enough he was born to the very old noble Polish family of Lithuania, he had a ‘coat of arms’, a huge estate, he was educated in the Jesuit schools, spoke perfect Polish, French, and had GREAT diffiulty to learn russian. If you compare with the rest of so called bolsheviks – obosranye mongolsko/ruskiye muzyki, poor jews from shtettels, and pure mongols from all over russia, felix with his perfect feature did look like a Polski PAN


          pshek – so mongolsko-ruskaya huynia has millions of mongolian-russians who HONORABLY went to the gulags like pigs to the slaughter with the name of Stalin on their lips, tak nazyva;yemye sovieckie geroi vtoroi mirovoi vony priamo iz krasnoi ploszczadi v 1945 goda shli HONORABLY v gulagi – and seiczas lilipucin, etot homosexualista pedophile i vor, prigatavlayet bolshoi surpris – you mongolian-russian baboons will be marching HONORABLY SOON to the gulags – the only infrastructure that exists in f@#$ing russia…

  13. rutenburg

    I don’t quite understand. Every time a sponsor pulls funding, Kim goes belly up. Why can’t she continue her blog like the rest of us: without expecting to be paid?


      rottenberg, do tell who is financing and sponsoring that revolting grotesque anti-american shit; Russia Today, which, by the way, in spite of its name; NEVER TALKS ABOUT RUSSIA – the logical question is – is russia still exist???, and any other pro-russian organizations – the 85% of the russian population – the russian slaves who live in the 18-century prison, in abject poverty; without running water, without gas, without electricity, on their knees, hungry, drunk, living in the whole in the ground spread all over stolen territory – siberia – those russian half animals pay for the putin schizophernic dreams…

      • Don ⋅

        Cocksucking kurwa, on your knees bitch and suck 1000000 yankee cocks per day, just like our mother was sucking Russian dogs, they raped her in all bloody holes, especially her cheap polack monkey ass… that’s why you are such a pile of diarhhera… $1 faggot slut – die from aids while burning alive, and your shitty mickey mouse ‘nation’ of slaves and bitches.

  14. rutenburg

    The blog “Dying Russia” is dead. How ironic.

    • The Pshek ⋅

      And that’s what scares me. With this blog soon defunct, Russia and Putin may well have to directly confront the rage of the “invincibles” around here. God forbid.


        To all

        Short Russia Jokes

        Q: How does every Russian joke start?
        A: By looking over your shoulder.

        Q: Whats the difference between a smart Russian and a unicorn?
        A: Nothing, they’re both fictional characters

        Q: What’s meant by an exchange opinions in the Communist party of the Soviet Union?
        A: It’s when I come to a party meeting with my own opinion, and I leave with the party’s.

        Q: What do you call a Russian with Tourette’s Syndrome?
        A: Yukanol Fukov.

        Q: What is 150 yards long and eats potatoes?
        A: A Moscow queue waiting to buy meat.

        Q: What occupies the last 6 pages of the Lada User’s Manual?
        A: The bus and train timetables.

        Q: What is Communism?
        A: The Poles say it’s the longest and most painful of the roads to capitalism.

        Q: What do you call a gassy russian?
        A: Vladimir Tootin

        Q: What is the fastest country in the world?
        A: Russia

        Q: What do you call a Lada on a hill?
        A: A bloody miracle.

        Q: What did the Russian people light their houses with before they started using candles?
        A: Electricity.

        Q: Did you hear about the winner of the Russian beauty contest?
        A: Me neither.

        Q: When was the first Russian election held?
        A: The time that God set Eve in front of Adam and said, “Go ahead, choose your wife.”

        Q: Why did Stalin wear knee boots while Lenin’s were much shorter?
        A: Because during Lenin’s time, Russia was polluted only up to ankle.

        Q: How do you relate to the Soviet government?
        A: Like a wife: part habit, part fear and wish to God I had a different one.

        Q: Did you hear about the new Putin diet?
        A: You let Obama eat your lunch every day.

        Q: What sort of a job should you take, so as never to be unemployed?
        A: Climb up on the Kremlin wall and watch for the approach of Communism.

        Q: How can you ensure that your refrigerator is always full of food?
        A: Plug it into Radio Moscow.

        Q: Why wasn’t Jesus born in Russia?
        A: He couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin.

        Q: What do you call an Russian in the knockout stages of the World Cup?
        A: A Referee.

        I’m really starting to hate these stupid little Russian Dolls. They’re so full of themselves.

        Stalin’s Office

        When Stalin was in office, he once noted that there were mice in his study and complained to President Kalinin about this.
        The President thought for a moment and suggested, “Why don’t you put up a sign reading ‘Collective Farm’?
        Half the mice will die of hunger and the other half will run away.”

        Little Boy

        Little Boy: What will communism be like when perfected?

        His Father: Everyone will have what he needs.

        Little Boy: But what if there is a shortage of meat?

        His Father: There will be a sign in the butcher shop saying, “No one needs meat today.”

        Adam and Eve

        A Briton, a Frenchman and a Russian are viewing a painting of Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden. “Look at their reserve, their calm,” muses the Brit. “They must be British.”

        “Nonsense,” the Frenchman disagrees. “They’re naked, and so beautiful. Clearly, they are French.”

        “No way! They have no clothes and no shelter,” the Russian points out, “They have only an apple to eat, and they are being told they live in a paradise. Obviously, they are Russian.”

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          I would’ve been funnier if you had your own jokes as opposed to taking mine and replacing Polish with Russian.

          How can you tell if a Polak is a Nazi?
          He doesn’t know why, but he hates Jews.

          How can you tell if a Polak is Jewish?
          He’s a janitor, but he owns the building.

          Did you hear about the Polish accountant who was an embezzler?
          He ran away with the accounts payable.


        PSHEK AKA MONGOLSKO-RUSKAYA HUYNIA can you elaborate on ‘russia and putin may well have to directly confront the range of the ‘invincibles’ around here….

        • The Pshek ⋅

          You are a highly intelligent person from Gownopolska, mccusa. Use your knowledge. Knowledge is power.

          Seriously, I don’t have anything against Polaks. They’ve got their hearts in the right place. It’s their brains we gotta find 😀

          • Magnificent Poland ⋅

            russkiye biendiaszki, 500 let russkiye blatsi trakhali mongoly – resultat – to kill the mongolian-russian slaves should be the past time of everybody..

        • The Pshek

          I wrote >> rage >> and not >> range >> . As an ambitious, intelligent person from Gownopolska, you should be able to read and wfite English correctly.


            hey pszek-mongolsko-ruska huynia ‘you should be able to read and WFITE English correctly’ you brainless baboon???????????


      russia aka mongolskaya-ruskaya huynia is dead already but you russian mongolian baboons are too stupid to realize it pravilno ili niet…

      • The Pshek

        Judging by your nostrums, Russia is much alive and kicking.

        A Katyn a day
        Should keep Gownopolska at bay

        • Magnificent Poland ⋅

          the pshek – mongolsko-russkaya huynia;
          A Gulag a day Should keep mongolsko-russkuyu huyniu at bay..

          • Don ⋅

            Cocksucking kurwa, on your knees bitch and suck 1000000 yankee cocks per day, just like our mother was sucking Russian dogs, they raped her in all bloody holes, especially her cheap polack monkey ass… that’s why you are such a pile of diarhhera… $1 faggot slut – die from aids while burning alive, and your shitty mickey mouse ‘nation’ of slaves and bitches.

  15. Mike ⋅

    You need to get laid

  16. Mr voice of death ⋅

    Kill all russians, rape kids then parents right front of each other, then kill every single one of them as slow and painful as possible. Burn land to the ground, Why? For absolutly no reason, just because I’m evil.

    • Adolf ⋅

      Nice tough talk over the internet you sound just like a communist pig. Fucking Stalin wanna be go kill yourself.

    • Don ⋅

      Evil? Nah you’re just a worthless, pathetic, retarded, sissy cuckold loser talking shit from your basement, while your mother is being buttfucked by her black lover… go clean her ass with your tongue.

  17. wonni89

    I find that “simply shut down activity on this blog in silent protest” is exactly the wrong thing you can do. If you are dissatisfied with something, then you should speak particularly loudly, discuss and form an opinion and represent it. Am I right? What do you think?

  18. elmer ⋅

    Well, LR, in case you’re reading this –

    here is an excellent book review, a 7-minute video

    Important point – Maskva is not Rasha

    Fragile Empire by Ben Judah

    It looks like he pretty much reaches the same conclusion as you did – Dying Rasha

  19. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Damn, Kim. I didn’t think you were serious. Then again, when your message is designed to appeal to only ignorant American rednecks and papist Polaks its hard to take you seriously. I’m sorry you’re canceling your crusade, 7 years of laughs and entertainment. I’m going to miss it.

    P.S: Tell Penny she’s got shit for brains.

    • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

      Dear Cockroachpiss, you joy as premature as it is, is the joy of an alcoholic gloating over his hangover…

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Bogdan, Hangovers come with pleasant memories. In this case, myself numerous times making you run and hide under a rock like the vermin that you are. I’ve always loved your pathetic attempt to call me names that make as much sense as a screen door on a submarine. Get a life, you dumb fucking Polak. Is there nothing your jackass country can contribute? No, jackasses are animals with brains.

    • The Pshek ⋅

      What’s particularly sad about Kim’s surrender is this:

      For those of us who have been her most faithful audience throughout these years, Kim’s menopausal temper tantrums against Maria Sharapova constituted the very top amusement on this blog. I just can’t stand that Kim won’t share with us her emotions with regard to the almost unbelievably gorgeous and intelligent Natalia Poklonskaya:

      Kim, pretty please…!

  20. Good! This is a blessing on the planet! Hope it stays silent… Thank god for small favors…

    • Bogdan from Aussie ⋅

      No my dear Kyle Spaton, it will not. The collapsing process of oil push Rosha back into the cloaca where she has always belonged.
      Even seemingly everlasting support of the barbarically ignorant mob of Putler’s supporters cannot reverse this sliding.
      In the not so instant future, Kim will probably be tempted to resume her on-line activities as the hope raises from the ashes.

      • The Pshek ⋅

        Q: Is it Russia or the Russophobes that teeter on the brink of collapse?

        A: Neither. More specifically, Russia is nowhere near it and the latter are long since past it.

        Conclusion: The Soviets werre absolutely right. A Bourgeois’ state of mind merits mental hospitalization.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        Hey Polak! Did anyone every tell you that you SUCK at calling people names? My girlfriend’s little daughter can come up with better insults than you.

  21. Warren

    Putin wins again……..

  22. Beetlejuice ⋅

    “For the second time, we find ourselves with nothing more to say regarding Vladimir Putin’s Russia.”

    You’ve never had anything to say, Kim. I think you’ve found some large Russian cock to share with Penny. Lucky guy, I’m sure.

  23. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Some surrender…Kim is enjoying beer and popcorn watching the mudak moskals enter the spiral of self destruction…Wars, famines and pestilences, the eternal fate of a sub human gaggle of slavish drunks and krokodil addicts!
    The Chinks are getting ready to pull a donbass trick on the vodka niggers and are filling siberia with flat moonfaces who will eventually declare independence from the muscovite drunkards…It’s all good, cockroach juice and pshek,
    carry on, bimbos, we want more!

  24. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Nation of drunken idiots:

  25. mingthemerciless ⋅

    The day cockroach Juice had too much vodka:

  26. Kapitan ⋅

    bring this site back please.

  27. What putrid Jewish nonsense.

  28. dolly538 ⋅

    This blog should be reinstated, Red Russia has lost a lot of ground since 2014. There is renewed hope that Putin’s communist vision for the world will be defeated.

  29. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Cockroach vomit…I see, still a big fan of the weak jawed pedophile Pooty Poot Hitlerson Stalinovitch Putin and his sordid mafia of KGB-FSB neo-nazis and gangsters eh?
    Tell us, slimy one, why the all powerful moskal army cannot, is utterly unable, have no resources to run their occupied Donbass province of Novomudak?

    • Don ⋅

      Hey you braindead, cocksucking pile of donkey feces, I hope you choked on your daddy’s aids infested semen and died in your own blood and piss… and I shit on your rotten face full of maggots, and your cheap shallow grave, may your inbred, swine family join you soon in hell for insects.

  30. Years of silence from the hate of LA RUSSOPHOBE! We are blessed and here supporters just did not give enough money to keep her going. Oh and she got in trouble, See you later…

  31. nullz ⋅

    It’s pity that the blog has died…

  32. Krasnaya ⋅

    Maybe no one listened to you because you’re a crank, barely literate, possibly a sociopath and frankly insignificant?

  33. lol ⋅

    salty retards with no common sense at all hahahah

  34. Don ⋅

    Can’t believe degenerates like you exist… I hope you died, painfully, and now you’re sucking Hitler’s anus in hell… your brain was already rotten – nothing but hate and diarrhea there.

    R.I.P.iss ya shiteating mutant.

  35. Всем привет!
    Только меня эта весть мягко говоря удивила…. – Биткоин упал

  36. a ⋅

    Acts 16:31, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 1 Peter 1:17-21, Revelation 22:18-19

  37. Ukrainian imbecile ⋅

    LOL!!! I hope you have some good money for this. Nobody wants to make imbecile from himself for free.

  38. Rollory ⋅


    I guess I was wrong and you were right.

    On the plus side, the Ukrainians have better sense than I do.

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