About Dying Russia

DR the successor blog to LR, a/k/a La Russophobe, which documented the rise of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to the status of president for life, from April 2006 through September 2011.  LR collected over 50,000 comments and 3 million visits and contains a vast array of information, including original translations from the Russian press.  When Putin declared himself president for life, LR’s warning was proven and its mission was accomplished.

8 responses to “About Dying Russia

  1. My name is Hayden Berry and I work for New Eastern Europe (www.neweasterneurope.eu). Based out of Krakow, Poland, we are a non-profit English-language quarterly dedicated to Central and Eastern European Affairs.

    I was wondering whether I can send you our latest issue? Or perhaps I can sign you up to our newsletter from which you will receive all the links to our articles? With the Russian election this week, we have a particularly big focus on Putin and his imminent return to power.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to contribute to either future print issues and/or our website content. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any ideas.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Hayden Berry

  2. What connection do you have to Russia, besides your apparent hate of Putin? Also, I would like to hear your views on Russia as a people and as a culture. Thank you.

    • Oleg

      This lady is obsessed. She certainly has connection to Russia as an emigre. You know, some people are born protesters, some get in it later because of psychological trauma and general unhappines. They participate in all kinds of protest acyivities, rallies, pickets, etc. They love the fact they are protesting. They are believers, think they are doing important things and it brings them more of selfrespect. KZ is this kind of folks but she does it by writing russophobic articles in blogs.

  3. I want to read more reasons for it!

  4. Kasechka

    Husband posted here on business and rest of family is suffering through year 3 of 5, praying for a reprieve, or at least to remain untouched by the many disasters this place unleashes on all and sundry. Thanks for the black comedy relief.

  5. Vanko ⋅

    Hi, have a look at one of the latest report about the demographics of Russia. It’s clear now that the Putin’s “pay for kids” policy does not work. Of course it’s not working, those kind of programs always fails.

    I personally find this site very interesting and … sad. Yes Russia is dying. This is the result of many many years of criminal government. I have not read many comments here and may be it’s not necessary but you have to know that thousands kremlin’s agents are browsing the net and are commenting under the kind materials that you publish. That’s one of the things russian taxpayers are paying for.

    Congratulations from Bulgaria.

    And the material:


  6. E

    Russia is not ‘dying’, but growing stronger and stronger. You know this, and that is the whole reason why you write your moronic propaganda. It’s really America that’s dying. And when it finally does, the whole world will be cheering 🙂

    • Shlomo Shekelstein ⋅

      It’s not USA that’s a world leader in AIDS, corruption, alcoholism and suicides rates, it’s Russia. Sure, it won’t fall apart (again) any time soon, but it will never be anything more than a barbaric shithole, while the West even in the times of decline remains a decent place to live. I don’t understand why Russians can’t simply embrace superior Western values (if you’re using the internet, then you must admit that Westerners are way more creative than Russians). Perhaps they’re not intelligent to see through their primitive tribalism, just like most negroes.

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