Isolated, Neo-Soviet Russia

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld reviews the latest poll data that shows Russia’s shocking level of international isolation. Even more shocking, though, is the incompetent failure of the Obama administration to capitalize on that isolation to force Russia’s hand on Ukraine.

Cleaning up McFaul’s Mess

For the first time since Barack Obama entered the White House, America finally has a competent and qualified ambassador to Russia in Mr. John Tefft, a tough and seasoned defender of American values in Eastern Europe.  Obama’s first two choices for the job, John Beryl and Michael McFaul, left our Russia policy a smoking ruin, a horrific mess for Tefft to start cleaning up.

“Russia is part of the European culture. And I cannot imagine my own country in isolation from Europe and what we often call the civilised world. So it is hard for me to visualise NATO as an enemy. I think even posing the question this way will not do any good to Russia or the world.”

Those were the words of Russian “president” Vladimir Putin to BBC interviewer David Frost back in March 2000, just as Putin first took the formal reins of power.  Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul recently tweeted them (sloppily without linking to the source material) as if for the purpose of showing that his “reset” policy towards Russia was not nearly as insane when it was implemented as it now appears.

The question Putin was referring to was: “Do you see NATO as a potential partner, or a rival or an enemy?”  In order to believe that Putin might not see NATO as an enemy, one had to disregard Putin’s entire life history and all of his actions since joining the administration of Boris Yeltsin in Moscow precisely three years before the Frost interview.

And that, incredibly, was exactly what Michael McFaul was prepared to do when he assumed office in December 2011. It was one of the lowest moments in U.S. diplomatic history, following on the heels of Hillary Clinton’s humiliating use of a “reset button” physical prop to announce the policy that was incorrectly labeled in Russian.

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Getting Russia Wrong

LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog takes pundit Fareed Zakaria and former Ambassador Michael McFaul to task for their horrendous errors misjudging the Putin regime.  Reading their work, it’s genuinely terrifying that the ravings of such miscreants were elevated over the prescient insights of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Had they been elected rather than Barack Obama and Joe Biden, it’s likely we would not see Russian troops annexing parts of Ukraine and Georgia.


Over on the Atlantic magazine, a lying idiot named Conor Friedersdorf proposes a “thought experiment” in which he posits that the USA would give a Russian Snowden asylum if he appeared at JFK, so it can’t fault Russia for doing the same.

Mr. Friedersdorf’s intellectual dishonesty is truly breathtaking.  It brands him as an extreme right-winger in the mold of lunatic freaks like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, fringe occupiers who lose no opportunity to rationalize, justify and embrace the homicidal Putin regime, which Jay Leno recently branded as behaving just like Nazi Germany. It is the likes of Buchanan, Paul and Friedersdorf who force Reagan conservatives to defend the likes of Barack Obama.

Mr. Friedersdorf’s “thought experiment” unfortunately doesn’t include asking how Russia would respond if the USA did offer a Russian Snowden political asylum, which is the only question that matters because it’s the question the USA is faced with:  How to respond to the giving of asylum, not whether to give asylum itself.

WWRD? What would Russia do? Mr. Friedersdorf doesn’t care to ask, and that failure immediately and totally discredits him.

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IT’S WAR! Russia grants Asylum to Snowden

Yesterday in the late afternoon the Putin regime granted political asylum to Edward Snowden and he walked out of the international airport into Russia a free man.

This is an act of war by Russia against the United States.  When Snowden walked in, the U.S Ambassador should have walked out.  Russia has made clear, once and for all, that is is an enemy of the United States, not a partner.

Over on the powerful  and influential American Thinker website, Kim Zigfeld lays out the whole sordid Snowden mess and calls for a boycott of the Sochi Olympics, for this and many other reasons, a result we have been demanding ever since Russia invaded Georgia in 2008.  Polls clearly show the people of Russia overwhelmingly favor giving asylum to Snowden, meaning that the people of Russia are just as much responsible for this declaration of war as their government.

If Snowden weren’t reason enough for a boycott, Russia announced that it would arrest any gay Olympic athlete who dares to manifest his/her sexuality at the games.  What if Russia had said blacks or Jews were not welcome? Would the world attend?

Vladimir Putin, Party Crasher


Above you see a photograph of seven men and a woman, they are the leaders of the so-called “G-8” nations:  From left to right you have Japan, Germany, Russia, Britain, USA, France, Canada and Italy. One of these eight sticks out like a sore thumb, and it isn’t Germany because it’s represented by the only female. It’s Russia, in the person of Vladimir Putin.

Russia isn’t in the top 8 nations of the world when ranked for GDP.  China, India and Brazil all have more valuable annual economic production than Russia does, yet they are excluded from the G-8 and Russia is included.  If you evaluate GDP not in aggregate but in per capita terms, Russia is just a pathetic joke.   Russia isn’t in the top 45 countries of the world for per capita nominal GDP.

More importantly, Russia doesn’t share the G-8 values.  Not one — not one — of the other seven nations in the G-8 recognized Ossetia and Abkhazia as states after Russia annexed their territories from Georgia. Each and every one of these other nations condemned Russia’s outrageous act of imperialism against Georgia, Germany most vociferously.  Putin recently went on Russia Today, the Kremlin’s state-sponsored propaganda network, to denounce the nations of the West and their values. He was particularly brutal in his attack on the USA, the leader of the G-8 and by far the most powerful country in the world, calling it a nation of racist mass-murderers. He painted Russia as being engaged in a heroic, lonely struggle against the evil of Western values in the modern world.

Which is all well and good. Putin can hate the West all he likes, after all he is a proud KGB spy who spent his entire adult life prior to the collapse of the USSR working hard to destroy the West. But why is his KGB fox in the G-7 chicken coop?  Six of the G-7 nations (all but Russia and Japan) are members of a military alliance, NATO, whose formative purpose was to oppose Russian aggression in Europe.  Isn’t it completely insane for this group to allow an unrepentant KGB spy to participate in their meetings?

As we reported not long ago, Russia doesn’t stack up to the other G-8 countries when viewed in terms of quality of life provided to its citizens. Here, once again, it’s the black sheep.  The OECD has shown conclusively that Russia brings up a miserable and distant rear in every aspect of life that would matter to a G-8 citizen.

There’s only one possible legitimate reason for Russia to be in the G-8, and that would be if the other G-7 nations were going to use Russia’s membership as leverage to publicly press forward a human-rights agenda against Russia.  But at the recent G-8 summit, the craven G-7 countries did not such thing.  They ignored Russia’s barbaric crackdown on homosexuals, they ignored Russia’s barbaric crackdown on political dissidents like Alexei Navalny and Sergei Guriev and Garry Kasparov, and they ignored Russia’s barbaric support for the genocidal dictatorship in Syria.

So now, all the citizens of the G-7 nations must hang their heads in shame as Putin and his KGB minions laugh at us for being the fools we are.

Putin Sings a Siren Song

If Vladimir Putin is our ally in the struggle against Islamic extremism, then why in the days following the brutal, cowardly attack on the Boston Marathon is his government praising and cooperating with Hezbollah, one of the world’s leading Islamic terror groups?

The answer is pretty clear:  Putin isn’t our ally.  To the contrary, he concealed vital information about the Boston bombers from U.S. law enforcement before the attack, and afterwards he has been consistently obstructing the investigation.

And the reason for that is clear:  Putin wants the West to be victimized by Islamic terror, He wants the Middle East in turmoil, because turmoil promotes rising oil prices, and that lines Putin’s pockets.  What’s more, Putin spent his entire life in the KGB learning how to hate and destroy the USA, and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Time to Blacklist the Russian Duma?

It looks like the honeymoon may be over:  A petition on the U.S. White House’s website asks for signatures in support of adding all the names of the Russian parliamentarians who voted to block adoptions of Russian orphans by American parents to the newly enacted Magnitsky law blacklist. It has already exceeded its goal of 25,000 by more than 1/3 and looks set to go much higher.

The Russian Duma’s Christmas present to Russia’s orphans, denying them U.S. parents and forcing them to remain alone and brutalized by the heartless and barbaric Russian orphanage system, is a new low in the annals of Russian history.  The fact that this measure was taken to pressure the U.S. to repeal the Magnitsky law, and thereby give the Kremlin unfettered power to torture and kill its political foes, indicates that Russia is a nation so sick it may be beyond saving.

And there could be no more emphatic proof of how Barack Obama’s so-called “reset” policy with Russia has failed than that his own government’s website carries a petition calling for virtually the entire body of the Russia parliament to be banned from U.S. shores.  Over on the mighty American Thinker website, LR publisher/founder Kim Zigfeld lays out the gruesome details.

Zigfeld Fires on Russia with Both Barrels

Over on the mighty American Thinker blog, La Russophobe founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld lays out the horrifying level of sheer brutality that Russian inflicts on its families, decimating itself from within and hastening the day of its downfall and collapse.

Firing with both barrels, Zigfeld’s latest column simultaneously appeared on Pajamas Media, where she analyzes Russia’s shocking breakdown in relations with Germany owing to its horrifying new crackdown on human rights, and compares it to the craven manner in which the U.S. administration is still coddling Russia with Chamberlainian appeasement.