Russian Demographics by the Numbers

Here is a look at the basic facts concerning Russia’s demographic present and future, strictly by the numbers:


Russia’s ranking for mortality. Only 9 nations on the planet have higher mortality than Putin’s Russia.


Russia’s ranking for birth rate. Only 59 nations in the world have a lower birth rate than Putin’s Russia.


Russia’s ranking for life expectancy.  Only 71 nations in the world have lower life expectancy than Putin’s Russia.


Amount by which Russia’s population will fall in the next 36 years according to the World Bank.

Note: Observers agree that Russia’s recent meager upticks in birth rate and life expectancy were temporary.  After nearly 15 years of Putin, Russia still doesn’t rank in the top 150 in the world in either category.

Tide of Negative Press Sweeps over Putin and Russia

Putin is always late, like a schoolboy, embarrassing his country.

Putin has failed Russia’s villages, and is now reduced to bribing people to leave them as ghost towns.

Putin can’t even keep the lights on in Sochi, and in desperation has cancelled Christmas for its workers.  Meanwhile, yet another Olympic torch bearer burst into flames. Ouch!

Despite a personal appeal in halting English by Putin, Russia loses its World Expo 2020 bid.

While obsessing in a paranoid manner about threats from abroad, Putin is recklessly ignoring the virulent toxins with the body Russia that look poised to destroy the country.

These are these are stories that the BBC, NBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph, USA Today, the Moscow Times and the Financial Times are telling about Russia. They speak for themselves, don’t they?

Russia is Hospice Nation

The City of Boston has four times more chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous than the entire nation of Russia.   Yet Russians drink 70% more alcohol per person than Bostonians do, and have a far more serious problem with alcohol fatalities than just about any other country in the world:  As just one example, more than half the children in a typical Russian orphanage suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome.

Russia’s horrific problem of alcoholism combined with its childish refusal to even try to address the problem is typical for this basket case of a country, and a clear reason why Russia doesn’t rank in the top 125 nations of the world for life expectancy.

But, the Russophile hoards will scream, that story was reported by the Boston Globe, and as such it is confirmation of nothing other than rabid Western racism against Russians!

How would the Russophile hoards explain, than, Elizaveeta Aleksandrova-Zorina’s most recent article in one of Russia’s most widely-read daily newspapers, Moskovsky Komsomolets (“MK”)? In it, she concludes that Russia is “not a country but a hospice” because it ranks 175th in the world for physical security.  She writes: “Cancer at 30? A heart attack at 40? Those who live to 50 in Russia must be given an order, and for men, reaching pension age is more unachievable than the kingdom of heaven. Male mortality has assumed the dimensions of a national tragedy,”

Are these articles both part of some massive anti-Russian conspiracy?  If so, it’s the same conspiracy that was spotted by Stalin and Brezhnev, the same conspiracy that led Alexander Solzhenitsyn to be jailed and then expelled from the country to keep him from talking about it.


A Very Russian Contradiction

This is what it is to live in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.


Russia: 564.6

United States:  226.7


Russia:  10.2

United States:  4.7

The worst of all possible worlds.  Russia has all the disadvantages of a massive police state with none of the benefits.  Freedom, creativity and innovation are destroyed but the streets are not made safer.  Russia has twice the police presence that the USA does (and twice the expense and loss of freedom that implies), and twice the crime.

Dark Clouds on Russia’s Demographic Horizon

Back in April, Izvestia reported (Russian language link) that Russia’s average life expectancy figure had suddenly stopped rising, hitting the wall just before Russians reached an average life of 70 years.  Just the month before, the Washington Post had reported on how Russia continued to grapple with massive forces pressing down on life expectancy, such as smoking and drinking, which in the case of women not only shorten adult lives but lead to shockingly high infant mortality as well.

According to Kremlin data (never entirely trustworthy, to say the least), Russia’s life expectancy stopped falling in 2003 and rose every year until 2012, soaring from just below 65 in 2003 to nearly 70 in 2011.  Then it began to slip backwards.

Back in 2008, the United Nations predicted (see pages 30-31) a similar phenomenon for Russia’s similarly rising birth rate.   The UN pointed out that Russia’s rising birthrates was a temporary phenomenon due to a happenstance baby boom some years ago, which would peter out and disappear.

And now Izvestia is revealing that Russia is about to be hit with a terrifying double whammy to its population numbers.  Mortality will increase just as births are decreasing. Russia’s population, in other words, is headed back into free fall.

The CIA currently places Russia an abysmal #152 when compared to all nations of the world for life expectancy.  This cannot be surprising when you understand how dangerous it is to live in Russia, which leads most major nations in statistics ranging from road fatalities to spousal homicide.  Drinking and smoking are epidemic problems, as is AIDS. And on many issues, especially AIDS, the government prefers neo-Soviet denial and propaganda to forthright efforts to deal with the problems.

The Izvestia article acknowledges the UN finding that Russia’s birthrate spike is temporary, and it shows that Russia’s birth and mortality figures are virtually identical, meaning that significant population growth is not possible.  It admits that no more than 20% of the growth in birthrates could be due to Putin’s policies, with 80% being accounted for by an accidental baby boom that will soon peter out.

Even Russophile propagandist Mark Adomanis is worried, calling the life expectancy reversal “quite alarming” and a “harbinger of serious trouble.”  He doesn’t of course, acknowledge that he failed to see this coming after beating the drum defending Putin’s record on demographics for years and egregiously minimizing the UN data showing Putin had nothing to do with raising birthrates, which were entirely temporary. But the mere fact that even the likes of Adomanis acknowledges Russia is on the precipice of demographic implosion, even as it also faces economic stagnation at best, double-dip recession at worst, ought to send chills down the spine of any Russian citizen.

Russia’s Bird of Youth takes Flight

Russian Youth

Voice of America reports (Russia-language link) that the Russian government’s own statistics show that the country’s population of young people, aged 15-29, had declined by over 6% since 2009.  It reports that the country’s Federal Agency for Youth Affairs believes the decline will accelerate in the coming years, so that Russia will have only 25 million young people, one-quarter fewer than in 2009, by 2022.

The vast majority of this age range in 2022 will be those born in the Putin years.  Someone aged 15 in 2022 was born in 2007 and someone aged 23 in 2022  was born in 1999, when Putin took power as prime minister.  Only those aged 24-29 would be outside the Putin period. So Putin can’t possibly foist the burden of this decline on Boris Yeltsin, nor can he claim these are “russophobic” statistics because they are generated by his own regime.

Of course, if the Putin regime is willing to admit things are this bad, do you dare imagine how bad they really are?

VOA points out that one in five of Russia’s precious remaining youth want to emigrate from Russia, especially for school.  Russian universities routinely fail to register on the list of the world’s best, because they are plagued by corruption, low wages and low budgets.

Russia in a Nutshell: Burned alive in a Hospital

“Russia has a poor fire safety record, with about 12,000 deaths reported in 2012. By comparison, the U.S., with a population double Russia’s, recorded around 3,000 fire deaths in 2011.”

In nominal terms, you are four times more likely to be killed by fire in Russia than in the United States. In per capita terms, it is eight times more likely.

The world saw the horrific consequences of this terrifying Russian reality last week, when a psychiatric hospital in the town of Ramensky, north of Moscow, caught fire. 36 patients and two staff were killed, only three occupants escaped, and 29 were burned alive.

It took fire trucks more than one hour to respond to the scene.

This is barbarism, unchained, as only Russia can achieve.

For more than a decade now, Vladimir Putin has been increasing military spending and cold-war rhetoric in a pathological manner, and hoarding Russia’s currency reserves, instead of investing in making life better for Russian people.  This is not surprising, since Putin is a proud KGB spy and he is doing nothing more than copying the policies of his forefathers in the USSR.

Meanwhile, the craven denizens of Russia hand Putin unchecked power and allow him to act as he pleases, inviting more outrageous apocalypses like the one in Ramensky for themselves and their children to endure.

Putin, Krymsk and the Neo-Stalinist Meat Grinder

You hardly needed to read this report on the horrific flooding in southern Russia which has killed nearly 200:

Officials have acknowledged they were aware of the dangers posed by rising waters, but failed to deliver that information to the residents of Krymsk, the city of 57,000 devastated by the flood.

You already knew it was the case.

It is the same each and every time something like this happens in Russia, just as it was in Soviet times.  The government of Russia, embodied by the Kremlin and its hoard of proud KGB spies, simply does not care about the lives of ordinary Russians.

And it does not care for one simple reason:  Those ordinary Russians don’t demand to be cared about. They turn a blind eye as their government commits all manner of atrocities, from invading Georgia to murdering Anna Politkovskaya.

In fact, at best they turn a blind eye. At worst, they stand and cheer, or turn in their neighbors, actually carrying out such barbaric acts.  And they continue to elect and reelect Putin and his KGB cohort, and continue to allow them to roll the clock back on human rights.

Even as the reports of horror in Krymsk were rolling in, it was also being reported that the Russian Duma was putting the finishing touches on brutal new measures to block foreign human rights support and crush the Internet, the two last remaining vestiges of support for the Russian opposition movement. Also moving in the Duma is a law that would, in effect, make criticizing Putin and his cadre of demons a criminal offense, just as in Soviet times.

When Russians act this way, it’s very hard to feel sorry for them when natural disasters brutalize them.  There was a time when we saw Russians as innocent victims of their government, as oppressed by it as we were. But now, it’s hard not to see them as perpetrators, collaborators, and part of the problem, not the solution.

Russia’s Demographic Nightmare

On the American Thinker, Kim Zigfeld outlines Russia’s demographic nightmare, which will see it’s population go from 4% of the world in 1950 to 1% in 2100, and explains the horrific consequences of this catastrophe for the outside world:  Russia will rely more and more on terrorism as it becomes more and more irrelevant.

On Pajamas Media, Zigfeld cheers as U.S. House Speaker John Boehner finally stands up to the Obama regime on Russia, demanding that Obama’s cowardly policy of Chamberlainian appeasement cease.  Now, if only the revived Republican Party will translate words into policy, and if only American voters will respond to Obama’s failure appropriately, there may be hope of the US regaining the moral leadership it had under Ronald Reagan.

Watch Russia Disappear!

The nation of Russia (then USSR) in 1950 with its borders redrawn to show its relative population size compared to the other nations of the world (click to see full size)

Russia using the same technique in 2000, the year Vladimir Putin became “president.” Even though Russia’s population had increased by one-third since 1950, its share of the world’s population was cut in half because Russian population growth was so anemic compared to other countries.

Russia as it will look in 2100. Maybe you need a magnifying glass? By the end of this century, Russia’s share of world population will fall by half again compared to what it was when Putin took power. Its size will have been reduced by one third.

Source:  RIA Novosti.

For more information on Russia’s demographic crisis, click here.