Russia through the Peanut Hole

LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog exposes Russia’s latest neo-Soviet land grab, which this time takes place at sea.  Just as Russia is seeking to grab portions of the Arctic Sea, it is simultaneously and for the same reason, control of oil resources, seeking to plunge its grimy mitts into the Sea of Okhotsk.  Why grimy, you ask? Because as Kim shows Russia’s environmental record around the world is one of pollution and desecration, not protection and support which it falsely claims as a justification for its imperialism in Okhotsk.

Putin the Communist

“We want and will live in a democratic country, where everyone has the freedom and space to contribute talent and labor, his efforts.”

You may think those are the words of Lenin or Stalin, but they were the words of Vladimir Putin (whose name sounds suspiciously like that of his Communist forbears) during his inauguration address to the nation on Monday.

So now we have a clear understanding of what Putin means when he says “democracy.” He means the same thing Lenin and Stalin meant. Not that people can choose their rulers and their nation’s course, but that they can deliver their labor to the nation’s service unfettered.  Mind you, not a word is said about receiving compensation for that labor, only about providing it to the nation.

That is exactly what they said in the USSR.