Getting Russia Wrong

LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog takes pundit Fareed Zakaria and former Ambassador Michael McFaul to task for their horrendous errors misjudging the Putin regime.  Reading their work, it’s genuinely terrifying that the ravings of such miscreants were elevated over the prescient insights of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Had they been elected rather than Barack Obama and Joe Biden, it’s likely we would not see Russian troops annexing parts of Ukraine and Georgia.

Russia Today gives up on Journalism

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld reports on how the Kremlin’s propaganda network Russia Today has given up all pretense of journalism and accuracy and given itself wholly over to militant lies in support of Putin’s cause in Ukraine. A big part of its content in this regard, of course, is virulent anti-Americanism.

Michael McFaul, the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, has announced a boycott of Russia Today because he is so appalled by the gross distortions it is publishing, and many others have joined him. RT’s Marina Buinovskaya ‏ admits that it has become extremely difficult for the network to book foreign interviews.

McFaul Learns what “Reset” Really Means

Over on the massive Pajamas Media megablog, LR publisher and founder reports the breaking news that U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul has resigned.  McFaul, the architect of the U.S. “reset” with Russia, has now himself been reset. His policy of appeasement was a miserable failure both in terms of delivering Russian good conduct and in defending American values, so as with most things Obama and Russia the U.S.A. got the worst of all possible worlds. To top things off, Vladimir Zhirinovsky announced he was sad to see McFaul go, sure and certain proof it’s a good thing.

Obama as Enemy of American Values

On American Thinker, Kim Zigfeld pulverizes Barack Obama and his Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul for their craven support of   the Putin regime, which has helped Putin become president for life.  On a Washington Post blog, Jennifer Rubin points out that Obama’s government actually congratulated Putin on his “victory.” It’s a new low in American history.  And on Pajamas Media, Kim puts the hurt on the Western mass media for its repugnant misreporting on the opposition movement, exposed by the dominating return to power of Vladimir Putin. She explains that their desire to help Obama look good is part of the reason for their mis-reporting.

Obama’s response to Russian human rights atrocities in Syria, where it is helping to murder women and children by the hundred, and Russian human rights atrocities at home, where it has just conducted a rigged election and anointed a proud KGB spy as president for life, has been truly shocking and outrageous. Instead of condemning these Russian atrocities, Obama responded by rewarding Russia by promising to repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which was passed to punish the USSR for its own similar human rights atrocities.

America stands without moral leadership, helmed by a figure similar to Neville Chamberlain who will sell out American values to her enemies in the hopeless search for appeasement.

Michael McFaul is an Obama-Sized Idiot

“All in the open, all the time. Secrets only reinforce stereotypes. Cold war over long ago. Our time to do differently.”

That was one of the first tweets by America’s new ambassador to Russian Kremlin, Michael McFaul. Just before that, he’d tweeted: “This is going to be fun.”

One has to wonder what news sources McFaul has been reading, if any.

Not his own country’s official mouthpiece, the Voice of America, surely. If he’d read that, he’d know that Russia was threatening war with the United States if the latter dared to send any troops to Russia’s bosom pal, Syria.

Nor the Washington Post, which reported that Russia was making similar threats in the event of any military incursion into Iran, Russia’s other bestie in the region.

Also not perusing Time magazine, which revealed that the Kremlin was accusing the U.S. of shooting down peaceful Russian spacecraft, just for spite apparently.

In fact, the news virtually overflows with conclusive proof that the cold war is far from over. Russia is ruled by a proud KGB spy who spent his life learning how to hate and destroy America. He is rehabilitating Stalin, he is restoring the Soviet national anthem, and he is engaged in an all-out assault on American values. He is massively increasing Russia’s military budget and aggressively seeking to reestablish the Soviet empire.

In fact, the only one who doesn’t know the cold war is still being waged is Barack Obama, whose propaganda line McFaul is eager to reiterate to anyone stupid enough to listen. Talk about an ugly American!