Russia is Hospice Nation

The City of Boston has four times more chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous than the entire nation of Russia.   Yet Russians drink 70% more alcohol per person than Bostonians do, and have a far more serious problem with alcohol fatalities than just about any other country in the world:  As just one example, more than half the children in a typical Russian orphanage suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome.

Russia’s horrific problem of alcoholism combined with its childish refusal to even try to address the problem is typical for this basket case of a country, and a clear reason why Russia doesn’t rank in the top 125 nations of the world for life expectancy.

But, the Russophile hoards will scream, that story was reported by the Boston Globe, and as such it is confirmation of nothing other than rabid Western racism against Russians!

How would the Russophile hoards explain, than, Elizaveeta Aleksandrova-Zorina’s most recent article in one of Russia’s most widely-read daily newspapers, Moskovsky Komsomolets (“MK”)? In it, she concludes that Russia is “not a country but a hospice” because it ranks 175th in the world for physical security.  She writes: “Cancer at 30? A heart attack at 40? Those who live to 50 in Russia must be given an order, and for men, reaching pension age is more unachievable than the kingdom of heaven. Male mortality has assumed the dimensions of a national tragedy,”

Are these articles both part of some massive anti-Russian conspiracy?  If so, it’s the same conspiracy that was spotted by Stalin and Brezhnev, the same conspiracy that led Alexander Solzhenitsyn to be jailed and then expelled from the country to keep him from talking about it.