An Ignorant Braying Jackass Called Christopher Buckley

Writing in the New York Times, someone called Christopher Buckley states:

Yes, Russia still has a Communist Party; some myths really do die hard. [Communist Party Leader Gennady] Zyuganov runs for president on a regular basis, making him the Harold Stassen of Russian politics, only snarly and frightening.

Umm, no.

Harold Stassen never once ran for president.  On numerous occasions he ran for the Republican presidential nomination, in other words for permission from the Republican Party to run for president, but he never got it, not once. On the other hand, he did run for and win the governorship of Minnesota on several occasions.

Christopher Buckley, Braying Jackass

Zyuganov has never been elected to any office, ever, but he has appeared on the actual ballot for president many times. And Zyuganov has done very well when on the ballot for president of Russia. Last time, for instance, he came in second with over 17% of the vote, more than twice the total of his next-nearest competitor.  In his wildest dreams, Stassen never came in second in a national election.

What’s more, Zyuganov says that there was massive election fraud and he should have done even better. Besides that, the actual winner of the last election in Russia was Vladimir Putin, a proud KGB spy.  Putin has enacted policies like bringing back the national anthem of the USSR, rehabilitating Joseph Stalin, ending direct election of governors and senators and wiping out independent national television.  Many believe he has murdered, tortured and arrested his political opponents (Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Anna Politkovskaya  and Galina Starovoitova, to name just three).

So the point is this:  Buckley is a very, very ignorant, ridiculous little man, and his ignorance is typical of the filth-ridden sewage published by the New York Times about Russia.  The Communist Party isn’t a silly joke or footnote in today’s Russia, it’s front and center. The KGB has power. Soviet symbols are all over the place, and a neo-Soviet crackdown is well underway.  And part of the reason this is happening is that the New York Times generally, and maniacs like Buckley (and Ron Paul, and Pat Buchanan, etc.), have misled the world about what is happening and caused it to fail to recognize the need to confront and challenge neo-Soviet evil.