Everywhere you Look in Putin’s Russia, Catastrophe Greets You

The horrific bad news inundating Russia in recent days has been truly breathtaking.

First, Georgia’s new president Georgy Margvelashvili declared that it is his intention to pursue the same pro-Western course followed by the departed  Mikheil Saakashvili, much despised by Russia for his pro-West policies.  Just like Ukraine,  Margvelashvili  wants integration with the EU and NATO membership for Russia.

Then, Russia’s only doping laboratory was embroiled in a massive scandal just months before Russia is to host the 2014 Olympics, another devastatingly humiliating blow to Russia’s reputation.

And finally, yet another passenger airliner dropped out of the Russian skies, killing more than four dozen people. Reuters reported:  “IATA said last year that global airline safety had improved but that accident rates had risen in Russia.”

On top of all this, of course, Russia is facing a massive economic downturn, and the Kremlin’s own economic gurus have admitted that it won’t recover within the next decade.

Russians asked to be ruled by a totally unqualified KGB spy, and these are the rewards they reap for that decision.

Russia Once again on Fast Track to National Suicide

The speed at which Russia is rushing to destroy itself is truly breathtaking.

Russia is simultaneously launching open war against both the United States and the European Union.

The ink isn’t even dry on the WTO agreement Russia signed and it is already violating it, and spitting poison at the EU rather than comply with its written treaty obligations.

And Russia is responding to the overwhelming passage of the Magnitsky Law in the U.S. Congress with cold-war attacks on the USA instead of reform.

This is the same crazed, blind, self-destructive policy we saw from Russia during the Cold War.  How it is possible for Russia to believe it can afford to provoke and confront both the USA and the EU is far beyond our mortal power of comprehension.