The World is Turning Against Russia

“The Russians don’t qualify for the term ally or friend, I don’t think.”

That was German Constanze Stelzenmueller, a senior transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund, talking.

She was echoing how, in stunningly bold way, Germany has aggressively turned against Russia. It even published a brutal attack on the Kremlin by the son of Putin’s most hated personal foe, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  Germany has decided Russian barbarism is so appalling it can no longer be tolerated politely.  It is leading Europe into open revolt against Russia, and not only on the human rights front but also, most crucially, on the energy front.

Meanwhile, in an even more shocking move, France recognized the legitimacy of the rebel forces in Syria and called for arming them, directly flouting Russian policy towards one of its last remaining allies in the Middle East.

Even the U.S. Congress is getting into the act.  Ignoring the agenda of Russia’s best buddy Barack Obama, Congress is pushing forward with the Magnitsky human rights bill, and Russia is screaming bloody murder.

Remember what happened when Russia invaded Georgia and annexed Ossetia and Abkhazia? Remember how not one single nation in Europe recognized the annexation, and how Europe has remained united on that point to this day?  Russia’s barbaric course has unified Europe in horror, and now Russia is going to take the consequences.