Elder and Ioffe, the Laurel & Hardy of Russia Reporters

There they go again.

Julia Ioffe and Miriam Elder, the two worst Russia reporters on the planet, are at it once again.

On her Twitter feed, Elder was shocked to find Russians making Georgian wine, that is until a Moscow Times reporter explained to her that “Saperavi” does not refer to a wine being Georgian, it refers to a kind of grape that anyone can grow and make wine with. It was as if she had accused California of cheating consumers by selling wine made from grapes they also use in France.


Interestingly, as an aside, what’s actually correct is that Georgian mineral water, the famous Borjomi brand, is no longer truly Georgian though made in Georgia, because the company has been purchased by Russia (the reason it was suddenly deleted from the Russian blacklist).

Then Ioffe reported on the New Republic website that Monday’s protest had begun with a moment of silence to commemorate the anniversary of the Bolotnaya uprising a year earlier.  In fact, as the LA Times reported, the moment of silence was for a worker who was killed while setting up the staging for the Monday protest.

This is the same comical pair who breathlessly reported a year ago that the protest movement was sweeping Russia and changing it forever.  Instead, what the world actually saw was the movement wither on the vine.  Barely a quarter the support is now turning out for public demonstrations, and not one real political objective has been achieved.  Navalny’s speech before the most recent throng was disjointed, incoherent and uninspiring to say the least, but we still don’t hear anything remotely like the full truth from either Elder or Ioffe, much less to we hear anything remotely like a mea culpa for past misreporting.

With “friends” like these, Russia needs no enemies.

Julia Ioffe’s List of Bad Things About Russia

Upon leaving Russia, here is Julia Ioffe’s list of the nation’s faults:

(1) Horrific drinking, including drunken “journalists”

(2) Psychotic “thinking” and “debating”

(3) Racism

(4) Antisemitism

(5) Misogyny

(6) Purging of Jews, lack of diversity in religion and race

(7) Total distrust of institutions and people

(8) Lack of fathers/husbands

(9) Virtually no good bars or restaurants even in giant Moscow

(10) Paranoid fear of cold water and other Medieval belief systems

(11) Bad plastic surgery and incompetent medical treatment

(12) Need to prove identity everywhere you go

(14) Totalitarian bureaucracy

(13) Aggression

(14) Rudeness

We find it rather odd that in leaving Russia Ioffe does not feel compelled to reflect even for a second on how badly she misreported the Russian protest movement, which she said was changing Russia forever when in fact it was disappearing. We also find it very strange that she doesn’t list Russia’s #1 fault, its people, people who have blithely handed power for life to a proud KGB spy and looked the other way at the murder of Ioffe’s colleagues, like Anna Politkovskaya.  People who embrace racism and misogyny and the invasion of Georgia and the Cold War and who will not exert themselves for freedom or democracy.

But we are comforted by the fact that the world’s Russia IQ will now rise considerably with Ioffe no longer reporting on the Land of Putin.

Julia Ioffe and her Campaign of Lies about Russia

Julia Ioffe


Julia Ioffe and her Campaign of Lies about Russia

If there were to be a photograph next to the paragraph in the Pajamas Media Wikpedia entry that explains why PM was formed, it should be a photograph of New Yorker “reporter” Julia Ioffe, who also writes for Foreign Policy.  She’s the very worst MSM Russia journalist on the planet. She’s the disease, and PM is the cure.

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