The Russians are Russia’s Worst Enemy

Once again, the craven denizens of Russia have shown that they are by far the greatest threat to the survival of their country. They make Hitler look like Peter I.

I could have said this was another election stolen from the people, but I won’t.  The people have stolen this election from themselves. Such a turnout is a disgrace and an incredible help to fraudsters.

So wrote Russian blogger Viktor Troinov of the recent spate of local elections held in Putin’s Russia.

Only one in twenty eligible voters went to the polls to support Yevgenia Chirikova’s bid for Mayor of Khimiki, despite a massive avalanche of publicity from the glitterati of the Russian opposition.  Nationwide, two thirds or more of the electorate stayed home and ignored elections which the opposition had claimed were their new focus.  United Russia brutally crushed the opposition virtually everywhere, winning massive landslides in all regional and gubernatorial polls.

In the time of Stalin, Russians turned a blind eye or informed on their neighbors. They did not resist, they did not fight for their country’s future. The result was that the USSR collapsed into rubble. And now Russians have learned nothing, and they repeat the same ghastly error.

Once again, the leadership of the opposition has been proved totally fraudulent.  Yet another promise has been broken. First we were told they would force new Duma elections. It did not happen. Then they would force Putin into a runoff. Nope. Then they would vastly increase their street demonstrations. They did the opposite. And now, when they claimed that they would make up for all that failure by succeeding at the local level, once again they have utterly collapsed.  And through it all, there is not the slightest hint of introspection, of a change in leadership, of reform.

It is the beginning of the end for Russia.  As Leonid Bershidsky has written:   “The October 14 polls sent an unmistakable message: Electoral democracy as we know it is dying a slow, painful death under President Vladimir Putin.”  And make no mistake:  It is the people of Russia who are killing it, along with their children’s hope for a better, different life from the disastrous failure of the USSR.