Time to Blacklist the Russian Duma?

It looks like the honeymoon may be over:  A petition on the U.S. White House’s website asks for signatures in support of adding all the names of the Russian parliamentarians who voted to block adoptions of Russian orphans by American parents to the newly enacted Magnitsky law blacklist. It has already exceeded its goal of 25,000 by more than 1/3 and looks set to go much higher.

The Russian Duma’s Christmas present to Russia’s orphans, denying them U.S. parents and forcing them to remain alone and brutalized by the heartless and barbaric Russian orphanage system, is a new low in the annals of Russian history.  The fact that this measure was taken to pressure the U.S. to repeal the Magnitsky law, and thereby give the Kremlin unfettered power to torture and kill its political foes, indicates that Russia is a nation so sick it may be beyond saving.

And there could be no more emphatic proof of how Barack Obama’s so-called “reset” policy with Russia has failed than that his own government’s website carries a petition calling for virtually the entire body of the Russia parliament to be banned from U.S. shores.  Over on the mighty American Thinker website, LR publisher/founder Kim Zigfeld lays out the gruesome details.